What A Great Day to Be Single

"That's it for today, class dismissed." Hayoung smiles at her students. "Goodbye, class."


"Goodbye, Professor Oh," they say simultaneously, and one by one the students start fixing their stuff and getting out of the classroom.




Hayoung turns from her desk to the door. Her colleague Joy is standing there, leaning against the door, arms crossed.


Some of the students greet her. "Hi, Professor Park!" The girls admire her and the boys blush when she gives them a little wave. "Hey, not-so-kiddos. Go home already, semis are starting next week!"


"Yes, ma'am," some shyly mumble. Hayoung watches as Joy's charm works its way through her students. Some students give her timid nods as they pass by her, some give her bashful giggles and "hellos". But Joy always gives them the same gummy smile.


No wonder Joy was always everyone's favorite college professor. 


Eventually when every student is gone, though, does Joy start stomping towards Hayoung, the "cutest-professor" image of hers gone. "She's ignoring me!"


"Who?" Hayoung asks without looking up from her desk as she fixes her things. "The new one?"


"Yeah! The one you helped the other day! I'm very much into her, and I made it clear to her! But now it's like I don't exist to her! Zero! Nada!" Joy huffs and plops herself down on one of the chairs. "Who doesn't like me?"


"Professor Oh!"


Joy and Hayoung turn towards the door.


"Dr. Son! Hello!" Hayoung smiles and approaches the new professor. She throws a quick "shut-up" glance at Joy, who tenses up.


Hayoung grins back at the short-haired blonde. "So, uh, Wendy, right? What brings you here?"


"Yeah." Wendy smiles, looks at Joy, then back at her. "I was looking for your friend over there." She giggles.


Hayoung looks back at Joy and smirks. "Professor Park?" Then turns back to Wendy. "What for?"


Wendy reddens slightly. "She kinda made it clear that she's into me so... I wanted to ask her out for the Christmas Ball... If that's okay with her..." She whispers the last bit.


Hayoung grins. "Well, why don't you--" "Oh my god, yes!" Joy runs towards Wendy and holds her hands. "I thought you were ignoring me." She pouts. Wendy cups her face. "I just didn't want to get you... hyped so fast, I guess."


Hayoung rolls her eyes. Great. What a great day to be single!


Then Wendy turns to her. "Thank you so much, Hayoung! Uhm, this might be weird, but I got you a partner for the Christmas Ball too!"


Oh, wow. Hayoung widens her eyes at Joy, and the said girl merely gives her a thumbs-up. Oh, wow. As if she wasn't so pissed at the squirrel-like girl for days.


Wendy's phone rings, and she fishes it out of her pocket while speaking to Hayoung. "She's a doctor too, she's got a degree, but of the medical type. She's actually coming here today to pick me up, she's my cousin and--hello?" She picks up the call.


The voice is muffled.


"Yeah? Oh really? Yeah, the door's open!" Wendy chuckles and turns to the door, and if it weren't for Joy shooting her a "be-nice" glare, she would've slung her briefcase at the small girl--


That is, until she sees the lady wearing a doctor's coat enter her classroom, her stethoscope still hanging around her neck.


"Hayoung, this is Naeun!" Wendy chirps, and Hayoung's jaw literally falls. "She's my cousin, a neurosurgeon at Seoul Central Hospital." She turns to Naeun. "C'mon, say hi!"


Naeun pulls back her long, gorgeous hair and smiles at Hayoung, holding out her hand. "Son Naeun."


"Oh Hayoung." Hayoung shakes her hand, and oh, god, her hand is so soft, it's like she doesn't wanna let go.


They shake hands and look at each other a second too long, and Joy clears , making them pull back. Naeun smiles. Hayoung glares at Joy.


Joy meanwhile, pretends to not notice. "So, uh, Naeun." She says. "You're a neurosurgeon but why do you have a stethoscope?"


Hayoung glares at her. 


What a stupid question!


The pretty girl looks confused for a second. "What?" And then she looks down at herself. "Oh! Oh, god, I forgot to leave it at the hospital again!" Naeun shakes her head. "God, I'm so clumsy."


"Yeah, clumsy but cute," Hayoung mumbles to herself, then looks up. 


Naeun is looking right at her.


Did she say that out loud?




"So, anyways, of course I have a stethoscope. I have to check my patients first before we do a procedure. You know, check-ups." Naeun smiles.


Her smile!


Hayoung is whipped. Her eyes literally may have had "I'm gay" written across them.


"Oh, look, it's already 5:30. We have to go, Nang." Wendy says, then turns to Joy. "Walk with me?" Joy nods and they head outside.


Hayoung turns off the lights and air conditioners in the room, then walks to the door. It's so awkward, Naeun's just standing there, watching her every movement.


"Are you nervous?"


Hayoung turns to her. "W-what?" 


Naeun grins. "Yeah, you are. Stuttering, jittery hands, and... you're probably not even thinking straight."


The professor looks down at her hands.


They're shaking as if she's in Antarctica.


"Yeah, well, maybe because I'm not straight," she mumbles.


"You also talk to yourself when you're nervous. That's cute." Naeun states.


Hayoung puts her hands on her hips. "Do you always read people like that?"


Naeun shrugs. "I also studied psychology."


"Yeah, I bet your patients got so scared of that." Hayoung snaps, then she freezes. She looks at Naeun.


The neurosurgeon looks amused. Then: "The ual tension in this room is absolutely intense. Walk me to my car?"


Hayoung laughs. That's a good one. "Sure."


When she finally locks the doors, Naeun links her arm through hers as they walk down the empty, seemingly eerie hallway. "I'm not straight either," she whispers to Hayoung.


Hayoung nods. "Yeah, okay, TMI. So are you still trying to read me?"


Naeun laughs, a melody of happiness in the air. "Yeah, I guess. You're an interesting book to read."


Then she leans close and whispers, "But I'd rather read you at night."


Hayoung swallows. 


Okay, maybe she'll have to thank Dr. Wendy Son.


"Go out with me, then." Hayoung smirks, and Naeun doesn't even bat an eye. "Getting brazen, are we?" Then she smiles and nods. "But sure."


What a great day to be single.

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