It had been 4 years since Mark Tuan, an ex-NIS agent, had been in jail for the murders of his sister, wife; and attempted murder of District Attorney, Park Jinyoung; when his cousin, Kim Yugyeom, forged proofs to clear his name. The new out-of-prison Mark Tuan is cold, angry and seeking revenge for his family and himself. Amidst all this madness, why does Park Jinyoung suddenly proposes him for marriage? Is this the guilt for false-accusing Mark, or is he on a revenge mission of his own? What does Im Jaebeom, Mark's rich and powerful, cousin has to do with the events that occurred 4 years ago? A family-based saga of power struggles, fights for justice and rivalries for love...


There are going to be a few side and unrequited GOT7 ships along the way, but I can't reveal them right now, or the suspense will be ruined.

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