Only Dream?

Keep Your Smile !


 Hara was sitting on a bench while reading the novel. She read the novel with great appreciation. Finish reading the novel half,she muttered to herself. "When I will get a man like in the novel ?" " Now u can get the man like in the novel." He keep smiling to Hara. Hara suprised to see man is  infront her. "Erkk ? ? Are u hear what I said?" "Must be. The man is infront u right now." He closed to Hara ,say ILOVEYOU and kiss her.

 Suddenly,Hara feel that her sat the bench just wet. Zzaapp! She dreamed again and she was urinating on mattheresses. "Ahh! Dream again ! I kiss him in dream,not reality !" Everyday Hara will get a beautiful dream but ended with the reality of bad. She was very unlucky.

 Like usually,Hara went to college on Monday. On the way to the college,she hit with a man. All books fall from her hand. "Sorry.. I'm very sorry.." Say him. "Erk never mind. This my fault also." Hara look at the man. 'OMG ! This man in my dream! Why he at here?' The man look weird. "Are u okay ?" Without wasting time , Hara run away. But, Hara forgotten to take her novel.


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