Blood Call [A Renaissance AU]


A tale of three people whose fates are entangled in the Kingdom of Formosus, where the full moon sees a lone wolf howls, piercing the dreams of one but attracting another out for its blood. Siwon is a merchant whose life revolves around the family business, Jongwoon is the prince defined by his appearance and Kyuhyun is a circus performer gifted with a beautiful voice. 





Chapter 21 up as of July 15th.


Some guidelines:

1. Please suspend all disbelief. I know it's a fantasy story and suspension of disbelief is a given but two things might still be jarring here: (one) the story is set in fictional Europe and places/ideas will have Latin names whilst titles/clothes are English-based and (two) characters retain their Korean names and for the sake of familiarity, also retain certain Korean etiquette and honorifics.

2. Glossary of foreign words will be provided at the end of each chapter.

3. Ending not determined yet, may or may not have character death.

4. This fic will not be rated M. If you're expecting 'rated actions', please be warned you'll be disappointed.

5. Be warned also there is no Alpha/Beta/Omega premise here; never did like such a thing, sorry!~




Aaaah, I'm swooning over this YeWon chapter, hehe... Dear brain, how do we proceed from here?
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