Random Shots
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Joohyun was sitting at the dining table quietly eating her breakfast as she watches her wife paces back and forth in their kitchen making a fuss all the while mumbling something to herself that Joohyun can't even comprehend.

Seungwan was checking all the cupboards searching for god knows what.The opening and closing of the cabinets echoed in the quiet space.

Its still too early for Joohyun's liking but as cliché as it may sound she just can't go back to sleep whenever her wife decides to leave the bed early.

Sleeping in a king size bed alone just doesn't sit right to her. She would rather get up and help her wife make breakfast than waste her time tossing and turning on the bed trying to fall back to sleep when she knows she couldn't.


Turning her head to her wife direction when she heard her speak, reverting her back to reality.

"Hyun-ah, have you seen where I put Yerim's sippy cup? The one I recently bought? Or the lunchbox with a big purple rabbit sticker? How about the spoon and--.."

Joohyun shook her head, seemingly getting dizzy now at her wife pacing and at the sudden questions being thrown at her.

"Seungwan ah, one question at a time? I don't really understand you right now"

Seungwan turned to look at her with a sheeepish smile on her face, "I'm sorry"she mumbled followed by a deep sighed that didn't go unnoticed by Joohyun, "Its just, I don't think I'm ready for this to be honest, Hyun"she said in all seriousness, leaning back at the kitchen counter.


Well this is a first.

Joohyun have never seen her wife this disoriented and unsure before. Not even when she have to deal with powerful businessmen or when she have to seal a multimillion dollar contract for her company. 

Seungwan had been a perfectionist, always got everything planned ahead of time and can quickly adjust to a situation if needed to.

Who would have known that the powerful and fierce Bae-Son Wendy of the business industry would act like this just because it's her daughter first day at the preschool.


Looking at the mess at the table made by her wife.

"I don't think Yerim needed this much anyways. They already have provided things there for the kids. And besides she'll just be there for a few hours"she says trying to reassure the woman.

Joohyun can't still believe it either, that their daughter have grown up so fast and today will going to be little Yerim very first day at the preschool.

She can still remember that time when she gave birth to Yerim all while shouting profanities at her wife because damn it hurts like hell to give birth, it still fresh in her memory like it just happened yesterday and now their daughter is all grown up and ready to explore the world.

Joohyun snapped out of her trance when she felt a soft touch on her forearm courtesy by her wife who had taken a seat beside her.

"Hyun-ah, are you even listening to me?"

"Huh? Sorry, what were you saying?"

"I said do you think our Yerim will be okay at the preschool by herself?"

Joohyun held her wife's hand,"Love, please stop worrying too much"

"Like you're not worried yourself"

"Well, sure I am too. But I think our daughter will be okay. The teachers will guide her. She will be making new friends too, I think that'll be good for her"

"But what if she cries? What if she looks for me or for you?"she asked, her trembling voice couldn't hide her worries anymore.

Just imagining Yerim bursting into tears and calling for her mothers breaks Seungwan poor heart. 

That is why it was always Joohyun who accompany Yerim at the dental appointments. She just can't bear seeing the tear streaked face of her daughter or she might breakdown too.

"Hey, it'll be just for a few hours. She will be fine. Just think of it like we just drop her off to Umma or your parents place?"

Seungwan shook her head, "But Hyun, that's different and you know it"


Joohyun raises her perfectly knitted brows at her wife, "What is the difference? We drop her off at your parents house, leave her there for a couple of hours then pick her up. The same goes for the preschool, love"

"They're our families, Hyun. I trust them in babysitting our Yerim but--"

Joohyun tapped her wife nose, cutting her off of whatever she has to say "You really are a worrywart, aren't you? To think that you're the one who chose this school and even visited it on your own for a few times"

Seungwan pouted which made her smile. She kisses the pout away.

"That's because Seunghee Unnie highly recommended it"

"If Seunghee Unnie said so then I guess we don't have to worry now hmm"



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