Random Shots
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Seungwan with a bottle of milk in her hand enter the bedroom and was greeted by the sight of her daughter sitting at their king size bed quietly playing with her favorite plushie.

"Here is your milk",she said as she approach the bed.

Yerim quickly scooted closer to her Mama as soon as the woman had taken a seat on the bed making Seungwan chuckles.

"Can't wait for your milk do you?"she teases, handing the bottle to which the girl eagerly takes from her.

Seungwan watches in amusement as the little girl, who was holding a bottle of milk in one hand, makes herself comfortable on top of her.

Laying her head in her Mama's chest was her favorite because listening to the steady rhythm of breathing lulled her to sleep.

Seungwan smiles seeing this as she was reminded of the person she had been missing these past few days, Yerim is sure a mini me of her wife even their sleeping habit are the same.

She lovingly caresses her daughter hair while hummimg a song to quickly put her to sleep.

But the little girl seems to have another plan for tonight rather than to sleep early.

She tosses her now empty bottle of milk carelessly on the side before looking up to her mother.

A frown visible on her cute little face she called,"Mama?"

"Yes my little darling?"she tucked the strand of hair behind her daughter ear.

"When is Umma coming home?"

Her wife had been away from home for a few days now because of work. It was supposed to be a two day business trip but got extended for one more day. Joohyun apologetically called her for her extended trip which Seungwan assured her that it was okay and Joohyun don't need to apologize for it.

"You miss Umma?"

Yerim nodded, pouting"You said I have to count three night night, then Umma will be home"

"That is correct"she agreed.

"Is it three night night yet Mama?",Yerim sadly asked, "I think its three night night now. I miss Umma"

"Aiigo, why my little girl is so smart. How about this. We go to sleep now then maybe Umma will be here when when we wakes up tomorrow?"

"Really? Okay"

"Bedtime stories?"

"No, sing. Mama sing for me please"

"Alright alright"


After putting her daughter to sleep Seungwan got startled when their bedroom door slightly open.

Her wife who was looking a bit exhausted but still manages to smile at the sight of her, was standing at the doorway.

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