Random Shots
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Seungwan stirred from her sleep at sound of the alarm resounding through the quiet room. 

She groaned covering her ears with the pillow to somewhat blocked the noisy sound as she snuggle further on the comforter.

She was hoping the person lying next to her could shut off the alarm so she could go back to dreamland but a few minutes later, the alarm hadn't stop. 

Seungwan shot an arm to reach at the bedside table where the annoying device situated, grumpily shutting it off. 

She let out sighed when the room quieted.

She was about to go back to sleep when she feels someone hover on top of her, showering her face with feather light kisses and heard her giggle.

Seungwan doesn't need to open her eyes to see who that person might be.

There is only one person who loves to in the morning like this.

She can't help but smile when she kisses her nose before slightly biting at it. She scrunches up her nose that made the woman above her let out another giggle.

"It's time to wake up, love"

Seungwan wrapped her arms around the slim waist holding the woman tightly as if she could slip out on her hold.

"What time is it?"she asked, voice still lace with sleep. 

She hadn't really open her eyes yet knowing that the sunlight that reflecting in their bedroom will greet her the second she opens them which she definitely hated. 

But the woman in her embrace love the crisp sunlight in her mornings so Seungwan couldn't argue much.

 Besides how can she argue when the latter uses her iness and promised her a night full of pleasure that had Seungwan a stuttering mess and could only nod in agreement. 

A sly smile spread to her face remembering that night.

It definitely worth it. 


"Eight O'clock and why are you smiling? You're thinking some ed things again don't you?"

"I'm not"

"Really? I can feel you squezzing my , you know"

She ignored the protest and just sigh contentedly when the latter snuggles closer to her.

"Why you have to be a morning person?"she asked, caressing the smooth black tresses.

"And why can't you? You used to take an early walk at the nearby park. Getting old now are we?"she teases.

Seungwan opens her eyes to be greeted by the teasing look of the woman above her.

"You do remember that you are older than me right?"she snickered but winces a few seconds later when she felt a pinch on her stomach.

"Love.."she whined pouting her lips to complete the act,"That hurts you know"

"You deserve it"

"But you started the whole age talks"

"Whatever Son Seungwan"

She chuckles.

"Lets go back to sleep hmmn. Its still too early"

"But I need to cook breakfast. I thought we could take a walk around the park before we head to the mart. You promise me last night you'll accompany me"

"I did but it still pretty early. Can we have twenty more minutes? Or before the little mischief wakes up?"

"I just check on her. She still very much in her dreamland"

"Good. Now my twenty minutes starts"


"Hush love. Let's sleep"she kisses her wife then get ready to fall back to sleep when tiny little footsteps echoed from the connecting room.

Seungwan let out a groaned while covering her eyes with her arms.

Joohyun giggles seeing her wife being grumpy "Gue

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