Random Shots
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It was the middle of the night where everyone supposed to be sleeping soundly.

Yerim who was tossing and turning in her bed couldn't seem to fall asleep.

After some more endless tossing she let out a groaned as she sits up and decides to get up from her bed.

She walks out of her room, heading towards the kitchen to fetch a warm milk.

Her Mama did always says drinking warm milk helps you to fall asleep.

Though she's not sure if that was professionally proven but hey trying the idea won't hurt, right?

As she was nearing the living room, she saw the tv was on, a movie was playing on the screen but there was no one in living room.


Did her parents forgot to turn off the tv?


She thought as she walks futher to the spacious living room to search for the remote to turn off the tv.


She calls out to the woman who was comfortably lying at the spread out matress on the floor of their living room.

The coffee table was set aside give more space for the woman to occupy.

The woman glances at the teen, raising her left brow as she ask, "Hey, why are you still awake?"

"I can't sleep. Decided to get up to fetch some warm milk"

"Oh okay"her Mama nodded before returning on watching the movie.

"Why are you lying there? Do you plan to sleep in the living room?"

"Its quite comfy here though"she said, patting the matress.

Yerim shook her head, "You're weird"

Her Mama Wendy chuckles at the comment.

"Do you want me to get you anything from the kitchen?"Yerim ask, making her way to the kitchen.

"I'm good. Thanks love"

Few minutes later, Yerim return with a warm mug of milk in her hand as she took a seat next to her mother.

She glances at the screen that plays a movie that she knows both her mother really love to watch.

She took a sip from her mug, stealthily stealing glance at the older woman sitting beside her.

Truth to be told there was something bothering the teen, the reason why she cannot seem to fall asleep.

She tried her best to hide it to not get notice by both women because she doesn't want to worry them.

That is why she forced herself to appeared cheerful when her Umma picked her up from school and until dinner time comes.

But when she went to bed, the thoughts kept invading her young mind. She tried to stirred her mind out of it but imagining the situation happening in their household and to her parents makes Yerim feeling sad.



"You and Umma won't be getting divorce, right?"

Wendy quickly snaps her head, eyes widening looking incredirously at her daughter, "W-what?! Where in the world that came from?"

"I-I just.."Yerim hesitated, gazed fixated at the drink in her hand.

Sensing something serious was bothering her smart daughter, Wendy scooted closer to the teen, playfully nudging Yerim by the shoulder, "Hey, did something happen? You know you can always tell Mama right?"

Yerim sigh and look up to face the worried look of mother, "Remember Saeron? My classmate?"

Wendy nodded, "That girl who visited our home last week?"

"Yeah. That's Saeron"she nodded her head.

"What about her?"

"S-she..she's been absent from school these past few days. I'm worried that something bad had happened to her. I tried calling but she won't answer any of my calls"

She glances at her Mama to see her intently listening to her, waiting for her to continue, "Then this morning, some of our classmates were talking about her. I heard from them that Saeron's parents are getting divorce and she might transfer to a new school"

"Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that"she comforted the teen by pulling her for a hug then gently patting her head.

"Tell me Mama, you won't leave me and Umma, right? You won't get divorce like Saeron's parents"

Yerim stared at her mother with her glistening eyes.

Just the thought of her parents going on their separate ways made her heart ache.

She can't imagine living in a house without either one of her two mother.

Yerim knows she doesn't have the perfect family, she sometimes got bullied because she got two mothers instead of a mother and father that in the eyes of the society are the perfect example of a perfect family.

Yerim couldn't be bother by the weird looks people throw at them, the whisper of gossips that goes around whenever people see the three of them happily walking hand in hand.

But whatever they say, Yerim is just happy and thankful because she got a two loving mother and she didn't want either of them to leave her side.

"And where will I go without the both of you?"

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