Random Shots
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"Say Mommy.."

Joohyun walks in the kitchen to her wife feeding their little girl.


She stopped by the doorframe to observe her two favorite person in the world.

Seungwan shakes her head, "No sweetheart. Its Mom-my.."she says as she wipes her daughter's mouth.

The little girl stares at her mother with her big round eyes before letting out a cute giggles pointing her tiny little finger as if teasing the woman.

Seungwan pout then acted to bite the little finger, that got her daughter squealling, hiding her tiny hands behind her back.

Joohyun smiles at the cute interaction.

A week ago, their daughter had just learned how to say her first word.

It got Joohyun ecstatic when she first heard the little girl mumbled 'Umma', a little bit incoherent but she knows her daughter was calling for her.

She immediately called her wife and tells her about it and Seungwan couldn't not be more happier and proud of their daughter when she heard it herself.

And so for their daughter to differentiate them or maybe because Seungwan is a little bit just a little bit -need to empasize the little here mind you- jealous, here she is teaching the little girl to call her as mommy.

It amazed both mothers how their little darling learns new things everyday.

Joohyun remembered a month ago, how little Jisoo took her very first step.

She took her tiny and wobbly steps towards a teary looking Seungwan seeing their precious daughter slowly getting closer to her makes her a bit emotional.

Her wife, despite the strong aura she carries around the people on the company she builds, she is the most softest and kind human being Joohyun ever met.

From the moment they decided that Joohyun will carry the baby and gone through the hardship of the process, her ever so dependable wife never once left her side.

The first few months after the successful process of getting pregnant was quite difficult for Joohyun and Seungwan as first time parents.

Morning sickness and the sudden cravings of foods in the middle of the night that she didn't even think she'll ever eat in her life.

Then came the insecurities when her baby bump was suddenly became so visible, a changed in her body to accomodate the growing healthy baby inside her.

Childish tantrums and small fights occurs to the point that Seungwan takes the comfort of the couch because Joohyun won't let her in their bedroom.

However, when she woke up her wife was holding onto her so tight making Seungwan chuckles.

And when that time finally came, the time for them to meet their little daughter.

Joohyun thought marrying her childhood crush was the best thing that ever happened in her life but seeing Seungwan carefully holding their baby in her arms,

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