Random Shots
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Have you ever look into that special someone and wonder how you got lucky or what did you ever do in your past life to be able to call that special someone yours.


Because Seungwan, as weird as it may sound, up to this moment still wonder how Bae Joohyun became hers.

The Bae Joohyun--

The campus girl crush. The goddess who decended from above just to grace the human like Seungwan her ethereal beauty. The girl who have half of the population in the campus swooning over her.

And Seungwan could go on and on about the list to describe Joohyun.

But back to main topic here, how did she get lucky?

Or where in the world that luck came from?

To be able to call Joohyun her wife.

Her wife.

Just that thought itself make Seungwan smiles from ear to ear.

She must have save the world from a war to be able to get this luck in her present life.

Because if not maybe someone or more particularly a witch cast a spell to Joohyun?

Or what if it is cupid? Cupids are real right? Maybe they shot Joohyun an arrow that is why she fell in love to Seungwan.

Does that sound ridiculous?

Yeah? Well, can you blame her though?

Who in their right mind would think the popular queen bee would like a person like her?

Son Seungwan--

The school nerd. That kind of student that you only see in two places in campus a.k.a the classroom and the library. The girl who sit alone in the far end of the cafeteria. The leader of the anti-social club..nah just kidding. But yeah she is pretty much a nobody in the campus. And she prefers it that way actually. She always told herself she is attending school to study and to learn not to socialize or befriend people.

Not until one day she bumped into Bae Yerim-- a freshmen from their college. A very sociable freshmen to be exact. And she is the younger sister of the one and only Bae Joohyun.

Seungwan can't remember exactly how she ended up being friends with Yerim but the girl seems to know everyone anyways.

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