Random Shots
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Seulgi was about to shoved a spoonful of her late dinner in when she hears the sound of her doorbell.

She quickly glances at the clock hanging just above her TV that now playing a korean drama she started to binge watch.

Its not that late nor early, but she wasn't expecting anyone visiting her at this time of the night.
She wondered as she stood up and head towards the doorway.

"I'll be borrowing your couch for tonight. Thanks Seul"

First thing that greeted her as soon as she opens the door.

And the intruder quickly walks past her without even waiting for her answer.

Seulgi stood by the doorway, dumbfounded.

A mere seconds later, finally snapping out of her trance, she closes the door and headed to her living room where she watch her bestfriend slash neighbor -Son Seungwan- getting comfortable on her couch.

She heard Seungwan sigh, as she put an arm to cover her eyes.

"Have you eaten?"Seulgi ask, taking her previous seat on the floor in front of her coffee table.

"I'm not hungry"came the curt reply.

Look like Seungwan doesn't want to be disturbed so she decided to let her rest while she get back on the drama she was watching.

Seulgi was trying to focus on watching but the heavy sigh that keeps coming from behind her was too much of a bother not to notice.

She pauses the TV and faces her bestfriend who hadn't move an inch from her position.

"Would you please stop sighing?"she says but got no responds from the immobile woman.

"Okay, tell me whats wrong? I'd tried to not disturb you thinking you don't want to talk about it but hearing you sigh every seconds makes me think that you wanted me to ask what is bothering you"

Seungwan suddenly sits up with an unreadable expression on her face that Seulgi don't quite decipher.

"Joohyun kicked me out"she whispered softly that the monolid eye woman barely heard.


Heaving a deep sighed, Seungwan faces her bestfriend.

"Joohyun kicked me out"

Seulgi furrowed her brows. "Why? What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything"

"If you didn't do anything, there is no way Joohyun unnie will kick you out without a reason"

"I promise I didn't do anything. I was just trying to help"

"Again what did you do?"

"I-.."she begin hesitantly, "She look so tired and I was bored and got nothing to do so I kind of did the laundry myself"she mumbled.

"Seulgi, I promise I was trying to help her but she made a big fuss about it and then bam, finally kick me out"she quickly continued.

If not of the seriousness of the situation or maybe the atmosphere in her apartment right now, Seulgi might be laughing her of right now on how silly the reason why this couple -who she called friends by the way- fight.

"You do know not to mess with the laundry when you are living with the Bae Joohyun, right?"

"I know. I just thought-"she didn't even get to finish her sentence as she leans back on the couch.

"You among people should understand her better Seungwan-ah"

Seungwan stared at her with sad expression written all over her face.

"You promised to take care of her, right?"

Hearing no responds from the latter, Seulgi continued.

"And I remember you saying you'll do anything for her"

"I did, remember I stop using the coffee machine in our apartment the moment she said she doesn't like the smell of it. And when I visited the nearby cafè to take my dose of caffeine I brushed my teeth more than twice before I kiss her"

Seulgi chuckled.

"Last week she said she hates the smell of my shampoo so I got rid of it and used the same shampoo she uses"

Seungwan ruffles her hair in frustration.

"I did everything I can, Seulgi-ah. It's just that even the smallest thing, she gets irritated quickly. I don't know what to do anymore"

"Wan-ah listen okay, let me just remind you something. Joohyun unnie is pregnant. You should understand her more, she's carrying your baby afterall. Sooyeon unnie did warn you about what to expect right?"

Yep, Seungwan did remember all of her wife's OB had said. Its just that she didn't expect it to happen quickly like in just a blink of an eye.

They were just doing fine last week, cuddling while thinking of a name for their first born or guessing the gender of their baby.

But this past few days, Jooh

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