Random Shots
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"What?! Dad no!"Seungwan half yelled through her phone.

"But I thought you like girls?"came from the other line.

She massage her temple as she heave a sigh "But that doesn't mean you can set me up with the daughter of your long lost bestfriend!"

"Oh come on, Seungwannie. The first time I saw her I knew she is definitely your type"

"How do you even know she's my type. I haven't even introduce anyone to you."

"Well, maybe she could be the first woman you will be formally introducing to me"

"Dad this is ridiculous"

"Come on now my precious daughter give your old man a break"

"But Dad.."

There was a brief paused from the other line. Seungwan can imagine her father coming up with a reasonable reason that she can't refuse.

Few minutes later, she heard him sigh.

"Okay okay. Just meet her okay? If she is really isn't your type then I accept defeat"

"And?"she wouldn't fall for his trap for the second time.

"Fine. And I promise I won't set you up in another blind date"

"Wait, will you please say that again. I have to record it just in case you plan on doing this again"

Her father chuckles.

"Already said it kiddo, not gonna repeat myself"


He ignored the protest as he continue,"So, friday next week. Tell you about the location and time. Please be presentable atleast for me, okay?"

She heaved a deep sighed.

Her father is crazy alright.


"Good. Talk to you later. I'm playing golf with the oldies right now gotta relax before going back to work. Love ya kid"

She hadn't had a chance to reply when her father quickly ended the call.

"Work my . I've been managing this company alone while he enjoy himself relaxing somewehere around the globe."

Well, I guess he deserve some vacation after all the years he spent building this empire.

But she thinks her father might have a little too many free time in his hands that he even got a chance to arrange her in a blind date huh.



"So you are telling me Uncle set you up on a blind date?"

"How many times do I have to repeat myself, Seulgi?"

"I just can't believe it you know. I mean Uncle who was on a vacation to who knows where, manage to find you a girl?"

"Tell me about it"she sighed just thinking about it makes her head ache again.

"So, is she pretty?"

"How would I even know?"

Seulgi raises her brows "Well maybe he sends you a picture or maybe told you her social media account or something?"

Shaking her head she replied, "Nope. He didn't"
Then a realization suddenly hit her, she look up to her bestfriend with wide eyes "Wait, what if--"

"She's grumpy and crinkly old woman?"Seulgi finishes her sentence for her.

"Yah!"she yelled

"What? Isn't that what your thinking?"

"You just made it worse"she said, sending a glare towards her bear friend.

Seulgi smiled sheepishly "Opps, sorry. But since your father already said that she was definitely your type so I assume she must be really pretty then right?"

"That's the problem Seul. I don't think my father knows what type of woman her one and only daughter likes. I haven't introduce anyone to him remember"

"Okay, so what if she's pretty and young BUT like really very young"

"Nope, sorry but I prefer older woman. But not that old okay" she added quickly before Seulgi can even more.

"Hoo hoo. This is the first time I've heard the great Son Seungwan talks about what type of woman she was looking for. Please do continue. I'm all ears."

"I hate you. Do you know that?"

"I am well aware of that at this very moment. But don't try to change the subject here"

"I'm done with you. I'm not talking to you anymore."she stood up from her seat and walk towards the door.

"Oh come on!"her bestfriend whined.

"Bye!"she waved then closes the door behind her leaving her bear friend whining alone in the room.


Seungwan just got back from work and was surprised to see her dear cousin sitting on her leather couch in her living room snacking something that probably she got from her fridge while watching a movie.

"What are you doing here?"

"Can't I visit my dear cousin once in a while?"

"Nope not really. I'm sure you are more willing to invade Seulgi's apartment than mine"

"Not gonna deny that"she said, stuffing more of the chips in .

She took a seat next to her, flopping herself tiredly on the couch.

Joy move to her seat to face her cousin. "Is she pretty?"


"The one your meeting this friday?"


Right. Seulgi. Joy wouldn't know it if weren't for Seulgi.

She groaned. "Can you guys keep secret to one another for once? You don't have to share everything you know"

"Nu uhhu. Couples share everything, gossip and even secrets. So no. We can't. Right, you wouldn't know that because your single" Joy said with that teasing look in her face.

Seungwan groaned. "Thanks for rubbing some salt on my wound, Park Sooyoung"

"You're very much welcome. So, back to my initial question, is she pretty?"

"Urgh! I don't know

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