Random Shots
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"How about this one? How do I look?"

Joohyun have been changing outfit for the twentieth time.

Clothes are scattered everywhere in their room, trying to find the right outfit for the gala that she have to attend in like four hours from now.

Too many clothes but nothing really had caught her eye. She was not trying to look like those classy rich women that will also be attending the gala.

She just wanted to look presentable, thats all.

And beside as that one quote says 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'.

So a simple dress for a simple lady like her would be the best choice.

But she had been rummaging in their walk in closet after she showered and yet after half an hour later, she is still undecided of what to wear.

She only have a little time to prepare.

She still hadn't done her make up and her hair. Oh my god. Should have listen to Sooyoung to go to that salon and have her hair and make up done.

She sighed for the umpteenth time.

She was getting annoyed and her girlfriend who was sitting quietly on the couch muching some snacks while watching a cooking show was not helping at all.

"Seungwan, are you even paying attention to me?"

Seungwan turn her head to look at her direction.

"Of course, love"

"You sure? I've been into my twentieth outfit yet all I heard from you was, 'you look beautiful hyun'."

"That because you are"Seungwan quickly defended.

"You are just being biased"

"I'm not"

Joohyun narrowed her eyes towards her.

"Okay maybe I am. But I was just telling the truth. I mean, to my eyes anything you wear looks good on you. Though to be quite honest I prefer you wearing nothing at all"she smirked then wink greasily at her girlfriend.

Joohyun facepalmed herself.

Why did she even think her ed of a girlfriend could help her at this crucial moment?

She could have called Seulgi, Sooyoung or even Yerim they might be able to atleast help her.

She sighed and walk back to their room.

Will she even get to make a choice of what to wear before the event starts?

She was about to reach out for another outfit when she feel the arms hugs her from behind.

Seungwan rested her chin on her shoulder after giving her a kiss on her cheek.

"I still think you look beautiful in any dress you wear, love"

"Not helping at all"she deadpaned.

Her girlfriend chuckled.

"Okay, how about that blue one. You always look gorgeous wearing the color blue"

"Right. Not because it was your favorite color, huh?"she cocked her brows.

"Okay you caught me. But you really look gorgeous in my favorite color. Then how about that pink dress?"

"Too short. It kind of uncomfortable to wear"

"Uncomfortable? But you wore it when you attended my party."

Seungwan was talking about the party that she organize herself where she met Joohyun for the third time or it was the second?

"I was trying to get your attention"

"Hoo hoo. So you tryna

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