Addicted To You

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Baekhyun is a 26 years old vibrant, wealthy, young man who falls in love with Seoyeon, a 30 years old independent woman who happens to hate men due to her past experience with her ex husband.





Characters name and age introduction.

*Lee Seoyeon

Age: 30

*Byun Baekhyun

Age: 26

*Kang Jane (Baekhyun's childhood friend)

Age: 25

*Jinwoo (Seoyeon's ex husband)

Age: 39

*Jung Yunho

Age: 45

*Sana (Jinwoo's new wife and Seoyeon's cousin)

Age: 34

*Kim Jongin

Age: 26

*Jin Minhee

Age: 32

*Mrs Byun Jinhee (Baekhyun's mother)

Age: 55

*Byun Minwoo (Baekhyun's father)

Age: 58

*Byun Sunny (Baekhyun's elder sister)

Age: 31

*Kang Miran (Jane's mother)

​​​​​​Age: 55


This is a story about love, age, society, power, fame and status differences. This story is going to be a long story with many chapters. 

I am not a er for lengthy chapters, so please do ask me to make the chapter longer.

This story is going through a beautiful edit by a sweet and amazing sister and writer Shrysea  Please check out her stories.

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