Daylight and Night

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The two different personality that he, Sunoo has. 
When daylight, he's a innocent, happy and cheerful boy
But when the night comes, he's a criminal, dark and evil boy

His friend, is a girl named, Sooyun. 
Will she find out the true side of him, or will she continue her normal life? 



"In the Daylight you're innocent, but in the night you're a criminal." 


~ Sunoo x OC ~ 


The characters personalities aren't actually like this in real life! 

I was inspired from watching this Seungmin Oneshot: 

[Kim Seungmin ff] Daylight & night | oneshot

- Check it out if you want to! 


Main Characters/Protagonist: 

Sooyun(OC) | 18 years old (Korean age) 

Sunoo | 18 years old (Korean age) 

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