Lost & Found I N-CITY #10

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Date someone who makes going to a grocery store feel like an adventure. 

Date someone who makes you feel loved without having to tell you the three magic words. 

Date someone who thinks you're amazing despite how simple you think you are. 

Date someone like Hendery. 


“Can you give me your number?” He suddenly asked, innocently while I tugged on my jeans that were by the side of the doorway. “I think you’re very nice.”


“I kind of saved you last night. You owe me.” He pointed out and I frowned. If he knew I was drugged, why did he sleep with me? “You can buy me lunch—”

“Hendery, about last night—”

“Yeah, Johnny’s ready to tell everyone because of what had happened to you. He was very mad when he found out. He came in and saw you trying to crawl back on the bed but you were on top of me because I think my legs gave way.” Hendery rambled and my jaw dropped.

Holy , Johnny saw us about to work it?

Yikes. And he’s ready to tell everyone?

“Oh, and here is your bra. You took it off last night.” His eyes were bright and his lips pushed out into a smile that was far from cute because of the situation I was in. “Can I have your number?”


“What are you thinking?” Hendery asked, stepping closer. I blinked, not knowing what to say.

“I’m confused.” I admitted and Hendery smiled, his eyes on mine.

“What’s there to be confused about?” He asked, tilting his head at me. “I like you very much. Can’t you tell?”


"Look, I.... I don't know, dude. I keep asking him, are we together? Are we dating or are we just seeing each other? Why does he treat me so well? He shows up every morning, made friends with my friends. He brings me to places and he every time he kisses me on the cheek, it goes closer and closer to my lips but when I ask him to clarify our relationship he goes-- "I like you very much! Can't you tell?"" I groaned, my roommate munching on popcorn as she listened to me. 

"Very curious." She mused and I narrowed my eyes at her. "What if he's just playing you? What if-- Is Hendery a boy?"

"Jeez. I don't know. That's the thing. Is he being nice to get into my pants? Is he... and the whole "I lost my wallet" thing. It's just a bit weird, isn't it?" 

"I say go for it. It's not like you like him, right?"

I paused. "I mean, I guess?"

"Well, . I know what that means. Good luck to you."


Hendery flicked my forehead, an amused smile on his face when he caught my reaction. 

"You were jealous, weren't you?" He asked and I flushed red, Hendery chuckling and bringing me closer to whisper in my ear. "Don't be. Everyone here knows of the story. I lost my wallet but then I found you." 


Oh oh, feeling out of control, beautifully souled
Whats coming over me?
It's a total eclipse of rationality

I don't usually say this
I don't usually play this game
Yeah I know I'm not faded
But it kind of feels that way
I don't usually say this
But I think I should let you know
The day but baby, I don't, I don't wanna go

- Crashing, Illenium


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