Let Me Love You | XiaoDery

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Hendery And Xiaojun were best of friends since little. Xiaojun is a little introvert and Hendery is the opposite so that explains why Xiaojun loves to stick with Hendery.

However, everything changed when Lucas came. Hendery's cousin.

•XiaoDery/HenXiao Fanfic 


"Where are you going? You're leaving me?!" Xiaojun shouted at him the moment he turned his back. Hendery tried to ignore him and keep walking because if he'll stop, he won't be able to stop himself and run back to him and hug him.

"Yah! Why are you being like this?"

"Keep walking Hendery you idiot."

"YAH WONG GUANHENG!!!" Xiaojun cried. When he calls his real name, it means it's getting serious.

But still, Hendery keeps walking.

"I'm sorry, but you deserves better."

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