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welcome to
nostalgia !
( noun. ) a sentimental longing or a wishful affection for a period in the past.

we're a closed, mature, non au facebook agency in dire need of you!
total members: 

  rules & guidelines  
please, read the rules carefully and thoroughly

🍀  general  : (1) we're a closed community, do not add anyone that's not a part of the roleplay. (2) double accounts are allowed but with a few restrictions. reach to the admins for further information. (3) we're a mature roleplay which mean no muses under the age of 18 internationally are allowed. (4) internationals are welcomed.

🍀 inside character : (1) be active, at least, 4 days per week. do note that simply hiding in dms and/or changing profile aesthetics will not count as activity. (2) love is love, there's no restrictions yet beware to not simply join this place on the hunt for a s/o. (3) socialize and be welcoming. it's important to make sure everyone feels comfortable and at home in order to have a thriving community. pw is your first kpop song. (4) be respectful. bullying, harrassement and the usage of slurs will not be tolerated.

🍀 outside character : (1) leaving? needing an hiatus? do approach an admin first! (2) temporary character changes ( tcc ) and full character changes ( cc ) are allowed and unlimited. tccs have a duration of three days with a three day ban in between each and there's a two weeks cooldown in between each cc. (3) we follow the three strikes system, which means that three strikes and you'll be removed and blacklisted from the roleplay. (4) under no circumstance mix ic with ooc and refrain frorm causing any drama within the community. if any issue rises, do approach an admin.

read before advancing to the next section
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most active members: Nayeon & Naeun
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  how to join   

(1) subscribing it's a must and upvotes would be very much appreciated!
(2) make sure to check the masterlist and the wishlist before applying and do not that the admins hold the right to deny any application of a muse that doesn't fit our criteria and/or a muse that's taken.
(3) apply with the correct format!

  • faceclaim real/stage name
  • group/actor/other
  • uality
  • ic age
  • ooc age
  • password

(4) once accepted you have 48h to send in your fb link via dm to our base 00188800

we can't wait to have you around!
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 admin taken reserved tcc
blackpink + jennie rosé
bts + jungkook
cherrybullet + jiwoon
highlight + gikwang
Monsta x + I.m
itzy + yeji
nct + jeno
straykids + chan, felix, han, leeknow, hyunjin
twice + jihyo, sana

soloist + cl
actors/actresses + songkang 
others +
internationals neelsvisser cindykimberly

banned faceclaims: idols that are currently in a public relationship (eg. dawn&hyuna, crush&joy), married idols and/or with kids (eg. exo's chen, mad clown, etc.), idols that have requested to not be roleplayed (eg. jamie park, saay, son hwamin, etc.) idols that are and/or have been in controversies such as legal matters, bullying, etc. (eg. kris wu, seungri, aoa's jimin, etc.

* blacklisted usernames: Aliceofdeath, Yazukagirl
cindy wishes for ... the rest of twice, straykidz and got7!

I.M wishes for  ... kendall jenner, lucy hale, alexandra daddario and lily collins 

chan x felix (dating)

our lists are just missing you!
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