Just Be Natural

Couple Vibes



It's a random Saturday afternoon over at Jongin's family home, and Jongin's currently laying down starfish-style on his bed--just scrolling through Instagram on his phone when Kyungsoo comes back from the kitchen and plops down next to him.


"Hey, look at this," Kyungsoo says before whipping out his own phone to show Jongin a text he got from the group chat that they're in with their other friends. "Gosh seriously, I can't go one in' day without them saying that you and I must be like secretly dating or something..."


Jongin feels his stomach drop at that and quickly looks away while frowning, already knowing that them dating will probably just stay in his dreams.


So, he simply replies with a hum before he goes back to scrolling through his phone--though this time he's not really focusing on anything. But then, Kyungsoo slightly nudges his arm to get his attention, and like the lovesick man that he is, Jongin instantly gives him his attention again.


At most, he just expects Kyungsoo to rant a bit more about all of the teasing that their mutual friends give him in that damn group chat that Jongin had to mute himself. But instead, Kyungsoo surprises him with his next words.


"Ya know what...I kinda wanna mess with them now," Kyungsoo says before looking away and lifting an eyebrow as he begins mentally scheming. And Jongin in his own bottom lip at that because he loves when Kyungsoo gets that look.


After a good moment, Kyungsoo then jumps up from his bed to stand and looks down at him. "Okay, get this! What if--" Kyungsoo suddenly falters a bit as Jongin gazes up at him and starts rubbing the side of his neck. "--um, what if we...um--" His voice gets quieter. "--fake dated each other for a day?"


Jongin chokes on his spit and raises his eyebrows as high as they can go at that and Kyungsoo lets out an awkward laugh before continuing. "'Cause like um, i-if they think we're actually dating then--then the teasing would stop and uh..."


"...Huh?" Jongin finally responds after a moment.


"N-nevermind, um forget I said anything," Kyungsoo replies, before adjusting his round, black glasses and looking away.


Jongin frowns at Kyungsoo's expression and instantly drops his phone as he gets up to stand too. Kyungsoo then looks back up at him, and Jongin's heart starts beating faster as they stare at each other for a good moment.


There's so much that he wants to say (and well, confess) but instead he ends up asking, "Are you sure about this, Soo?"


"I--of course!" Kyungsoo replies, looking so adorable as he furrows his thick eyebrows up at him. "I've been thinking about this on and off for a while anyway."


Jongin's eyebrows raise again at that while his cheeks get warmer. "Y-you have?"


And this time, Kyungsoo's ears get noticeably red as he blushes too. "Y-yeah. I mean--like, ya know how I tend to overthink well, everything. So, being with you, um, or well fake-being with you--it--it wasn't an exception, Jonginnie."


Jongin tries to control his amazed expression and Kyungsoo continues. "But, I only wanna do this if you're comfortable with doing this too. Um, we don't have to fake kiss or fake hold hands and all that if you don't wanna. It could just be you and me like we always are but um, with a different albeit fake title for a day? Um, tomorrow when we hang out with the others to be exact ehe?"


"...But what if I wanted to do all those things though?" Jongin mumbles.


Kyungsoo tilts his head a bit, seeming to not have heard. "Hm?"


"Nothing. Um..." Jongin begins running a hand through his hair, pushing it back as he thinks of the pros and cons. And unsurprisingly, it only takes a few more seconds to come to a decision. "So...do you wanna start now then? Um, fake dating me and all?"


And he can't help but feel a bittersweet punch to his gut as Kyungsoo grins with delight at that. "Wait, so you'll do it?"


Jongin nods. "Anything for you, Soo."


And at that, Kyungsoo cheers and practically jumps on him as he hugs him and ends up taking a surprised Jongin down with him onto his bed. The two of them end up laughing at that but as Kyungsoo apologizes and then gets off of him, Jongin thinks back to what he just agreed to and instantly feels both elated and conflicted.




Either way, they continue on like usual after that for the rest of Kyungsoo's visit; with them just playing some couch co-op video games, laughing, raging, and playfully shoving at each other for a few hours. Kyungsoo also stays for dinner, and everything feels like the complete usual until Jongin sees Kyungsoo off at his car.


It's always been his thing to just wave at Kyungsoo as he gets in his car, but this time, Kyungsoo asks if he can walk with him to it. So, with a quick Sure, Jongin dons on his slippers from the shoe-rack near the front door, and walks out with Kyungsoo to the latter's car.


It's a pretty cold mid-December night, so he ends up shivering a bit as they walk, and Kyungsoo frowns and takes off his soft, blue knit scarf to give to him.


"Wha--? No-no, I'm good, Soo," Jongin says, waving the scarf away with a smile. "I'll just have some hot cocoa once I get back inside, I swear hehe."


Kyungsoo gives a half-smile. "Ha, you said that the last time, Nini, but okay."


He then keeps walking towards his car and heads to the driver's side while Jongin almost trips over himself in shock before walking faster to catch up with Kyungsoo.


"Did--did you just call me 'Nini', Soo?" Jongin asks breathlessly. "You haven't called me that since elementary school!"


Kyungsoo doesn't respond and simply unlocks his car to get in just as Jongin reaches the driver's side too. "Wait, go around so we can talk," Kyungsoo then says, doing a twirling motion with his left index finger.


He then closes his door and Jongin mumbles to himself Talk about what? as he complies and goes around the car to the passenger's side. Once he unlocks the door and gets in, Kyungsoo asks if he can close the door and Jongin notices that the car's heat is already on now as he does just that. But more importantly, he notices that Kyungsoo's rubbing his hands up and down his thighs now--something he only really does when he's overthinking something.


So, without a thought, Jongin moves to put a hand on Kyungsoo's right arm, and thankfully Kyungsoo stops to look at him.


"What's bothering you, hm?" Jongin gently asks.


"I-I dunno. I just..." Kyungsoo sighs. "I started thinking of this whole thing again and just--are you completely sure you wanna do this? Fake date me, I mean? 'Cause like, what if you find someone beautiful or handsome and fall in love with them tomorrow but--but you gotta be by my side acting like my boyfriend, hm? I-I don't wanna mess up your chance at true love, Nini. Like you deserve the best, not some fake- relationship with me..."


He then looks down at his lap and starts rubbing his thighs up and down again, and Jongin gently pats Kyungsoo's right hand to get his attention again.


"Hey, ya know I wouldn't just say yes if I didn't think this thing through too. And there's no way I'd meet someone by tomorrow and fall in love with them like that."


Not when I'm already so in love with you, he thinks.


"You sure?" Kyungsoo softly replies.


"Oh my gosh, I'm gonna add that to the list of phrases never to use around me again, Soo."


And at that, Kyungsoo finally relaxes and chuckles as he says, Okay, alright.


Jongin smiles back and the two of them stay like that smiling for another moment before Jongin asks, "So, is 'Nini' what you're gonna be calling me all day tomorrow then?"


Kyungsoo pushes up his glasses. "Um, well only if it's okay with you."


Jongin's smile widens. "Heh, if it's you, Soo, then I'm good with practically anything."


And Kyungsoo ducks his head as he blushes. "Gosh seriously, how do you manage to say such cheesy so easily?"


"Wha--But it's true!"


Kyungsoo just chuckles at that and Jongin playfully shoves him while smiling some more. And it's times like these especially that Jongin wishes that he could freeze time and see Kyungsoo's cute heart-shaped smile forever.


But, he can't, and time goes on as Kyungsoo begins calming down from his laughter.


"Heh, so tomorrow then we'll start, okay?" Kyungsoo says. Jongin simply nods his head, and Kyungsoo looks at him for some seconds longer than normal before looking away. "'Kay, well um, g'night then, Nini."


Jongin half-smiles and murmurs a Good night, Soo before he gets out of the car and walks back towards his home. He can't help but take a look back as Kyungsoo starts his car and begins to slowly drive out of the parking spot, and all of those mixed feelings come back to Jongin in full force as he turns back around and heads inside.




The next day, during the afternoon again, Kyungsoo comes over to pick Jongin up so that they can head downtown together to meet up with their mutual friends at the movies. This one spy thriller movie came out last week Friday, and with all of them having free time on a Sunday for once, all twelve of them have planned to see the movie together.


And when a miracle like this happens, best believe that even if someone gets sick with a cold, their friend Baekhyun will drag said person's out of bed himself because they all haven't hung out together as twelve in like three ing months. Or well, that's what their friend Chanyeol apparently told Kyungsoo through text earlier as Baekhyun had apparently stopped by his house, dragged him outta bed, and told him to take some tylenol and stop whining like a little . (Kyungsoo and Jongin both had a good laugh at that.)


Anyway, once Jongin gets dressed and ready, they say bye to Jongin's mom who tells them to have fun and stay safe from the living room. Then, they end up chatting about their friends some more as they get in Kyungsoo's car, and Jongin can't help but grin at how excited (and extra fine) Kyungsoo looks today.


Then, as Kyungsoo drives off and they continue chatting, the topic soon goes from their friends and how cool the movie will probably be, to the whole fake dating situation.


"So...um...when we get there um, do you wanna be holding hands?" Jongin asks at one point, while 'casually' turning from looking out of the passenger window to Kyungsoo.


"Yeah, that'd be nice," Kyungsoo simply replies, eyes still on the road.


And Jongin's heart beats faster at that as his gaze moves from Kyungsoo's face to his hands on the wheel, and suddenly he gets those unsaid thoughts of those hands being on, well, certain parts of his own body before he quickly looks away.


"So, when we get out--we're holding hands. Got it," Jongin replies, looking out of the window while his cheeks are raised as he blushes.


"Hehe...Just be natural, Nini. We've got this."


And that's the thing. It's easy for Jongin to be natural about his love for Kyungsoo...he just doesn't know if his poor lovesick heart could handle the reverse happening.




Around a quarter hour later, they finally reach a spot in the parking garage near the movie theater and get out after Kyungsoo stops the car and locks it. Jongin then waits for Kyungsoo to walk around the back of the car so that they can walk together hand-in-hand, and Kyungsoo looks up at him with slightly raised eyebrows as he reaches him before he holds out his left hand for him to hold.


Jongin quickly looks away to not show his raised cheeks and grabs onto Kyungsoo's hand before adjusting his fingers so that they interlock with Kyungsoo's.


"You ready?" Kyungsoo then asks with a small smile.


Jongin internally swoons. "Yeah, let's go."


And so, the two of them walk together towards the elevator that'll lead them to the main road and thus the movie theater.


It's chilly as today like it was last night, but both of them have thick jackets on this time (and scarves after Kyungsoo brought over one of his many soft knit ones to lend him) so they stay relatively warm. And as they walk and Jongin feels the warmth of Kyungsoo's hand against his, he can't help but grin even while his heart flip-flops between delight and confliction over this whole thing.


Then, as they reach the elevator and wait for one to come up to their level, Kyungsoo lets go of his hand for a moment to adjust his own scarf before he reaches for his hand and interlocks fingers again. He then looks up at him with those beautiful eyes of his behind his glasses and gives another small, adorable smile.


"Isn't it kinda funny how well our hands fit together?" Kyungsoo then asks.


And Jongin's eyes widen while his heart beats faster. "W-why would it be funny?"


"Okay, not funny but just...interesting," Kyungsoo responds, still smiling.


Before Jongin can respond though, the elevator dings as it finally comes up to their level, and a few people step out before the two of them step on together. Kyungsoo then leans over a bit to press the button leading to the ground floor, and Jongin could melt into ing goo because of how close he is right now. And because of how much he wants to just hold Kyungsoo in his arms and never let go.


Kyungsoo then leans back over to his original position and the elevator doors close before it goes down a few levels and the doors open again. Then, they and the few other people in the elevator get out and walk towards the exit that leads to the main road.


And as he and Kyungsoo walk, Jongin starts imagining how it'll be when they sit next to each other in the theater, imagines them sharing nachos and churros like they always do, but with this new fake status, maybe he'd see a crumb on the corner of Kyungsoo's lips and kiss it away...


And before he knows it, they've reached the movie theater. His eyes immediately widen as he realizes that he'd legit crossed two whole streets with Kyungsoo while daydreaming.


"Oh good, you're back on earth with me," Kyungsoo teasingly says with a slight head-tilt and a smile.


Jongin just looks around again before he looks back down at Kyungsoo and asks if the others are nearby yet. Because leave it to their friends to be late (well, in moviegoing terms) or 'fashionably late' according to what their friend Yifan always says.


Kyungsoo then takes out his phone to check the time (and Jongin leans over a bit to see that it's a few minutes past two o'clock) and pockets it before giving Jongin a look as he says What do you think?


Jongin just giggles at that before he asks Kyungsoo if he wants to head inside then and buy some food in the meantime.


"Ha, you read my mind," Kyungsoo replies with a smile.


And so, the two of them head inside and walk past the people waiting in line for tickets towards the right where the stairs and escalators are at before they simultaneously let go of each other's hands.


"'Kay, on the count of three," Jongin starts, grinning as he looks from Kyungsoo to the flight of stairs.


And as is their little tradition ever since they were teens and came to this same movie theater together, Kyungsoo immediately puts one foot on the first step of stairs and smirks, and Jongin does the same. Then at Go!, they both race up the stairs while laughing and not caring about the looks from other people going up or down the escalators.




As is custom, whoever's feet touches the top step first gets to order whatever they want from the menu at the concession stand and the loser has to pay for it/them. And surprisingly, this time Kyungsoo reaches the top step first, so with a dramatic sigh, Jongin agrees to pay for whatever Kyungsoo wants to eat.


With a pat to his cheek, Kyungsoo grins and reaches for his hand to hold again and Jongin can't help but smile back before they head left and then left again towards the long line at the concession stand. And even though it's midday on a Sunday, it's pretty packed right now and Jongin doesn't fail to notice the way that Kyungsoo moves a bit closer to him as they near the crowd.


Kyungsoo, and big, loud crowds don't really mix, at least crowds like this that he can see. (Once they're in the theater though, with how dark it is and such, Kyungsoo'll relax fully again.)


So, Jongin gently squeezes Kyungsoo's hand and starts asking him what he wants (as if he doesn't already know) to try and distract Kyungsoo a bit. Kyungsoo looks around at the crowd, eyes a bit wider, before he looks back up at him and says, H-huh?


"You want some nachos?" Jongin gently asks.


Kyungsoo nods his head and says Yeah before looking around again and huddling even closer to him. He's so close that Jongin can smell that sweet jasmine perfume that Kyungsoo likes to wear sometimes (the one that he swears will make him never wear basic woodsy colognes ever again). And it's one of the smells that Jongin would say is his absolute favorite.


And so, he lets go of Kyungsoo's hand and Kyungsoo looks up at him with those wide eyes again before Jongin lifts his arm to wrap around Kyungsoo's shoulders.


Now this is a position that they've been in many times before, but today, Jongin takes it a step further and brings Kyungsoo even closer to him and leans in to whisper Just focus on me, okay?


Kyungsoo doesn't respond and just stares up at him, but Jongin can't take the time to dwell on it because they're next up in line. The cashier then greets them and vice versa before asking what they want, and Jongin gives them his order while Kyungsoo in his lower lip and looks at the menu.


He then ends up listing off a bottled water, some nachos, a small pizza, and churros, and Jongin can already feel his wallet shuddering at the cost. But, before he can even take out said wallet to pay, Kyungsoo stops him with a hand and says that he'll pay for both of their food.


"Wha--but you won--I-I mean--I thought I was gonna pay," Jongin responds, dropping his arm from Kyungsoo's shoulders.


"You can pay for me next time then," Kyungsoo responds with a small, flirty smile, and Jongin's breath hitches.


He then looks back at the cashier, who looks fairly amused about all this, before they take Kyungsoo's card to swipe and then hands it back to him.


"It'll take a few minutes for your food to be prepared so uh please head down to that line over there--" They point left towards the pick-up counter. "--for the time being. Thank you and enjoy your movie, you two!"


And so, the two of them thank the cashier before heading to said pick-up line while Kyungsoo puts his card back in his wallet and presses down on his other cards to make sure that they're secure.


"Really, you didn't have to pay for me, Soo," Jongin finally says while pouting. "I could've paid."


"I know, but like I said--you can pay for me next time," Kyungsoo responds with a smile.


Jongin just pouts some more and says Alright before they continue talking all the way up to the counter. Then, once their food's ready, they split up the food to hold while Kyungsoo takes out his online tickets as they weave their way through the crowds of people and head to the ticket taker who already knows their names and such by now.


The ticket taker, an older Indian woman named Anu, grins as they get closer and she greets them by name and marvels over how she saw the two of them holding hands just a while ago.


"Oh, I'm so glad you two have finally gotten together~" she says, clapping her dark-brown hands together. "Young love is such a beautiful thing to watch, my dears."


"Anu, you say that like you're sixty years old or something," Jongin responds with a laugh. "Didn't you just turn thirty-five like a few months ago?"


And at that, Anu waves her hand dismissively. "Oh, don't remind me."


The two of them chuckle at her dramatics before they chat some more with her until the security guard next to her clears his throat and reminds her that there's people behind them. She just smiles and dramatically clears her own throat at that before she goes back into work-mode and asks to see their tickets. Kyungsoo struggles to maneuver the food in his hands to show her said tickets before Jongin takes hold of the box of pizza and adds it below his two jumbo hot dogs.


Kyungsoo then smiles appreciatively up at him, and Anu dramatically coos at them as she checks the tickets and such, getting Jongin to blush and Kyungsoo to shyly laugh. Then, with a wave and an Enjoy the show!, Anu lets them past and they acknowledge the security guard next to her and head towards their specific theater.


"See?" Kyungsoo starts to say as they walk, fully seeming to relax now that they're away from that big crowd. "Even Anu thought we're actually together. Like do we actually give off vibes that say we look like a legit couple?"


Jongin doesn't quite know what to say to that so he just keeps quiet. And so, they continue walking close together in silence, passing by many displays and posters for upcoming movies, and occasionally bump into each other's arms. Some people that they walk past glance at them, a lot with just plain old curiosity and intrigue, and Jongin glances back down at Kyungsoo while wondering if there'd ever be a chance that this fake relationship could be a real thing for them.


Him and Kyungsoo. Romantically together. Hang-outs becoming dates. Playful shoves branching off into kisses and embraces...


When Kyungsoo curiously looks up at him, he quickly looks away again.




They soon reach their theater and a kind usher opens the doors for them to head inside. And as they walk in the dark little hallway leading towards the seats, Jongin looks back down at Kyungsoo before gasping softly when he notices that Kyungsoo was already looking up at him.


"Wh-what?" he asks, eyebrows raised. "Do I have something on my face?"


Kyungsoo shakes his head. "Mm-mm."


Neither of them say anything then for a bit as they turn to climb the steps all the way to the top/back row and scoot past a few people towards their seats. Once they've settled in with their food either on their laps/beside them and their seats reclined and whatnot, Kyungsoo finally speaks again while a preview for a comedy movie plays on the big screen.


"Nini," Kyungsoo starts, and Jongin quickly turns to look at him. "Um, so like...this is pretty ing random but um...would you...would you um, wanna practice kissing with me?"


Jongin's eyes practically explode out of his sockets from how wide they get at that. He ends up coughing out a What? and Kyungsoo awkwardly laughs.


"Y-you wanna kiss me?" Jongin asks, breathlessly.


"F-for practice, yeah?"


"Practice for what? When the others come? On the lips? On the cheek? Oh my gosh--I--what."


Kyungsoo just awkwardly chuckles again. "I-I dunno. The lips? It just--I just suddenly thought of--n-nevermind."


Jongin could scream at this, and feels his heart soar at the thought of Kyungsoo actually wanting to kiss him. Even for some stupid fake relationship. So, he quickly sets down all of his food on the seat next to him and leans his head in a bit closer to Kyungsoo's.


Kyungsoo's eyes widen but he doesn't flinch or lean back and he just stares at Jongin before looking down at his lips and in his own bottom lip to it. Jongin's breathing picks up without him even knowing it as they stay in this same close proximity, and he ends up looking from Kyungsoo's intrigued eyes to his pretty, plump lips before he gulps.


"Kiss me," Kyungsoo then whispers.


And Jongin doesn't have to be told twice as he leans in and closes his eyes as he presses his lips against his best friend's. An exhilarating shock runs through his body, and he could cry because this is a moment that he's imagined about for so ing long.


Kyungsoo then presses his lips harder against his and a warmth spreads in Jongin's stomach as he angles his head to kiss him better. He then feels Kyungsoo's arms wrap around his neck, and deepens the kiss even more to which Kyungsoo lets out a little hum--causing Jongin to easily start getting aroused.


They keep kissing each other for who knows how long until a preview for a movie with a famous female actor pops up and some people in the theater loudly ooh and ah.


Reluctantly, Jongin pulls away first and leans his head back in a daze to see Kyungsoo...with a dazed expression directed towards him! And without another word, Kyungsoo places a hand on his cheek and leans closer again to passionately kiss him once again.




Jongin doesn't know how long they've been kissing this second round, but at the sound of a few gasps and their friend Zitao loudly whispering a Yes! ing finally!, it must've been for a good- while since their friends are here now. They quickly pull apart, shyly smiling as they look from each other to their friends who crowd around them and dramatically congratulate them and whatnot.


Previews are still going on but judging by the loud chatter surrounding them in the theater, it's probably closer to three o'clock than two now. Jongin and Kyungsoo just laugh their friends' questions away as they all chat and such before the majority of them go to their seats, some in different rows, and their friend Yixing pats his pockets before realizing that he dropped something and heads back down the steps with a laughing Baekhyun's hand in tow.


The only friends that have seats right next to them are Luhan and Minseok, and the two lovebirds quickly get situated and move things around each other with a care and familiarity that Jongin hopes he can have with Kyungsoo one day. He then turns to look at Kyungsoo before the latter quickly looks away towards the screen, and he leans back into his seat a bit.


Tentatively, Jongin then reaches over to place his hand on Kyungsoo's and inwardly cheers as Kyungsoo doesn't move his hand away and instead turns his over so that they can hold hands properly. Then, with his other hand, Jongin reaches over to snack on his and Kyungsoo's nachos--and ends up getting close to Kyungsoo's face again every now and then to which Kyungsoo cutely grins at.


Soon, the movie begins and some other patrons start loudly cheering as that familiar spy theme starts to play, Luhan and Minseok included, and Jongin turns to smile at Kyungsoo who smiles right back at him.




The movie's really ing entertaining, with witty lines and a cool intricate plot and storyline, and at certain points Kyungsoo exclaims over certain plot twists or makes fun of one of the main hetero relationships and the male lead's cheesy acting. Jongin nods his head as he listens and laughs, and at one point, Kyungsoo reaches over to rest his hand on his lower thigh and Jongin feels like he could skyrocket into orbit because of how elated he feels.


Later on, the movie finally ends and the credits start rolling to the sounds of several cheers and sniffles. Apparently, this movie's supposed to the last one that the main actor will be participating in and the end credits scene shows the cast and said actor taking one last, huge group picture.


But, as he, Kyungsoo, and their friends get up and pick up their trash and whatnot, Jongin still feels like he's on cloud nine as he and Kyungsoo head down the stairs first to deposit their trash in the bins near the theater doors.


They then wait outside the theater (while holding hands again) for their friends who catch up not too long after. And as they all talk and walk together towards either the restrooms or towards the escalators/stairs leading down, Jongin and Kyungsoo get positively bombarded with questions. Questions of when they officially got together, who asked who out first (and apparently a few bets were made on this) etc, but Kyungsoo just waves the questions away with a teasing smile to which Jongdae and Baekhyun dramatically whine Aw, come on, man~


And originally, the plan was for them all to hang out somewhere else for the evening, maybe to eat some dinner together or play billiards or something. But, a few of them are already yawning, Zitao and Sehun both mention something about a finals paper that they have to finish last-minute for their shared psychology class, Junmyeon's got some errands to run, and it's gotten way too ing cold now to stand around and chat. So, the twelve of them end up parting ways in pairs or solo not too long after they all get quick drinks from a nearby coffee shop and laugh/chat for a bit there.


Which ends up leaving Jongin and Kyungsoo by themselves again. So, the two of them walk back towards the parking garage after waving bye to their other friends, and by some kinda miracle, Kyungsoo hasn't let go of his hand yet either!


Neither of them mention fooling their friends or the kisses that they shared, and instead just talk about the movie and their jobs and other things of that nature as they wait for the elevator and even when they get to Kyungsoo's car and he drives them to Jongin's home.


Though it's only later on, once Kyungsoo's parked his car in front of Jongin's home again does Kyungsoo suddenly start rubbing his hands up and down his thighs, and Jongin asks him what's wrong.


Kyungsoo then looks at him, his expression so...distraught, that Jongin gets taken aback for a second. But before he can ask him anything else, Kyungsoo finally says what's on his mind.


"I--how do I even start, Nini?" Kyungsoo starts, his voice deeper as he mumbles. "Today's been so in' fun that I-I kinda don't want it to end, ya know?"


Jongin's heart beats faster at that. "What--what do you--"


"I never wanted to fake date you, Nini," Kyungsoo continues, and Jongin's eyes widen while it feels like his heart just got shattered. "I just didn't have the balls to ask ya out for real yesterday. Haven't had the balls to do that for like years now."


And Jongin's jaw drops at that while he stares, absolutely speechless.


"So um, as bad ing timing as this is, I just--I have to ask..." Kyungsoo bites his lower lip a bit. "Would you? Wanna do this for real sometime, I mean? Nothing would have to change, it'd just be us like we usually are but--"


Jongin doesn't even think as he replies with a teary-eyed Yes. Oh my gosh, yes. And Kyungsoo's eyes widen at that before he lets out a shaky breath and his face scrunches up. He then lets out another breath and moves to rub at his now teary eyes and whispers a , his glasses lifted higher on his nose now, and Jongin quickly alternates between wanting to hug him, kiss him, pass out from ing shock, or all three combined.


In the end, he reaches over for Kyungsoo's hand to hold, stopping him from rubbing at his eyes, before he just positively melts as Kyungsoo looks up at him with those beautiful eyes of his and softly smiles.


And with a soft smile of his own, Jongin leans in to kiss him and Kyungsoo kisses right back and places his arms around his neck again in a way that feels just right.




Thanks for reading and comments are always appreciated~ ❤︎

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