Kiss me

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(momo's POV)

Ah, she's with him again. Why can't they just get a room and be affectionate some where else and not in front of my eyes? I used to be close with 'her', but that's before I realized that she was only using me for my money, only needed me to be there for her when she wasn't feeling alright and before, she found park jimin. Even through all the pain that she has put me through, I can't hate her. I love her too much to hate her.

"Hey momo, why are you so depressed?! We're on a school camp. C'mon break dance with me!" shouts sana over the music. Yup, it's school camp and yet, I'm still emotional over her. Maybe, it is time to dance away my pain. 


(Mina's POV)
Momo looks so hot, while dancing.  in her white v-neck, and black skinny jeans. She looks so serious, while break-dancing, but ends up smiling. I love that dork. I miss her so much. 

"Hey babeeee~" I hear jimin say, as he back hugs me. "Look at hirai momo and her ty dance moves. Even I can do better than that."

I was on the verge of slapping his face. Nobody bad-mouths my momoring in front of me, but my mind soon reminded me that if I did, my father would kill me. It wasn't always like this. Me. Momoring . Ignoring each other. I blame it all on my stupid father. All he cares about is his wealth, his company. He doesn't even care about my love life. He forced me to go out with jimin. Even though "hate" is a strong word to say, I "hate" him. 

"Hey babe, you there? Are you day dreaming or something?"

"Oh, hey jimin. I was just thinking about something."

"What were you thinking about? Me? Hahahah"

"Yes, you." I replied back with a fake smile. I had to play along with this jerk.


"Well, I'm going to go dance battle the 'Great' hirai momo. Let's see who loses." I chuckled inside my mind when he said that. Of course, my momoring is going to win.


(Momo's POV)

"Well, well. Look who it is. The 'Great' pabo. hirai momo. Trying to dance." I hear that evil voice that took away my love, park jimin ."Well, look who it is. Mr. Shorty." Everyone started to laugh, including his 'group of rich friends'. I look up and see my beautiful angel standing next to him and giggling. Ah, she's so cute. 

"I challenge you to a dance battle, pabo."

"Okay then, shorty. Just don't dance like one of those little boys on them vegetables ads." Everyone starts laughing again. I stand here looking at mina, clapping her hands and silently laughing. Her eyes beaming at me. 




"Well, blame your parents for giving birth to you and making you short

"Well, blame your parents for giving birth to you and making you Pabo!"

"Oh, you want to fight, huh?" 

"Ooh, a pabo girl challenging me to a fight. You're angry because I got your girl, right? Let's see what you've got."

Every single punch he aimed at me, I would dodge it. I thank you, Dad, for enrolling me into self defence classes. I tripped him, and made him fall to floor. He got up and slapped me across the face. The blood started falling down from my mouth.I heard a scream, “momoring!” It was no other than my Black Swan running towards my side. She started wiping the blood away from my face with her jacket. This has been the first time I’ve been so close to h

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