Of Songs and Pieces.
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        jimin was a non-believer. if one would ask her, she'd prefer to fall in love with a person of her own will and not with the help of some mysterious force of the universe bringing two people together. that was just so scripted, so unnatural. therefore, when she began to hear music in her head when she was in her second year of highschool, she'd decided to only listen to classical pieces that could possibly convey her feelings to her soulmate—that she wasn't happy with the rules of the universe.

          some part of her though was actually willing to give them a chance, to get to know them better as a person and not as a soulmate if ever she was fortunate enough to meet them.

          however, that part of her did not last very long.

          because that day when she stood on the stage in front of the student body as the candidate for the president of the student council, with her eyes fixated on the blonde haired woman in the middle who was obviously nervous with the way she was fidgeting with her fingers a lot and the constant moving of the bump in . still, she composed herself as she graced the crowd with her smile that could put the sun to shame. her doe eyes that mirrored the galaxies itself, jimin could stare at them all day long.

          she was incredibly taken with her. the girl looked so ethereal, so unreal that it left her transfixed, unable to take her eyes off her.

          and when she heard her voice, she told herself; soulmates could really just go to hell.

          "hi everyone! this is kim minjeong from class 3a, and i am here to run for the position of the vice president."



          jimin personally met minjeong when they were proclaimed as the new president and the vice president of the student council. without any kind of preparations made, like what she would say or how she would act, she was shoved to face the smaller girl who was smiling shyly at her with her hand stretched to offer a handshake.

          "hello! my name is kim minjeong. i hope we get along for the rest of the term."

          and jimin just really had to malfunction right then and there. because instead of accepting the hand, she merely stared at it, afraid that if she would, the smaller girl would feel just how bad her body was trembling right at that moment. or how clammy her hand was because, kim minjeong looked absolutely breathtaking up close.

          "jimin yoo." a preset reply, as if it came from a programmed artificial intelligence. and when she saw minjeong retracting her hand in shame, she mentally slapped herself while muttering get a grip in her head. it was too late for that though, as she could already feel the awkward atmosphere settling upon them.

          she probably scared the smaller girl, left a really bad first impression on her since after they introduced themselves with each other, minjeong never approached her again aside from the occasional polite smiles and greetings here and there.

          and jimin couldn't be more frustrated as

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happy valentine's day! so, this bonus chapter is to just tell you guys how jimin found out that minjeong is her soulmate. it was short but i hope you liked it. thank you so much for reading this story :) i hope you guys will also support the story that i am currently working on!
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