Miss Right (KTH Book 1 BTS 2026)


"I don't know what force brought you to me, but I needed you, and here you are." 

It's 2026 and several of the members of BTS have settled down and started their families. Kim Taehyung always thought he would be married and possibly a dad by the time he turned 30, but now at 32, with his family back in Daegu, he's wondering when or if it will happen for him.  

no ships/no just looking for love and meaning in life.
There are 18 plus chapters which are labeled at the start and can be skipped.

Disclaimer: The characters represent the authors original idea of the members of BTS, and their imagined families, past and future. It's a work of fiction so the Characters fit the narrative of the story and are not meant to be real depictions.

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