Hooligans Paradise.

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This is the story of a jaguar shifter, that was a rightous and a dedicated police detective at one point, until one day he was molested, humiliated and stripped off his badge and title, left with nothing but a litter of cubs in his belly, that he has no idea who the father is. That wasn't enough, he almost lost his life in the hands of humans that believed shifters– especially an omega– like him shouldn't exist. Being rescued by an unknown man at the brink of death, there Sehun met his grandfather that he didn't know he had and a sister that he thought he had lost. A whole new world opens for him. With the help of his family, he discovered a lot of secrets about the world, that wasn't as simple as he thought, which helps him becomes a better version of himself, stronger– powerful and wiser. Sehun vowed to protect his cubs and any other shifter out there that faced the injustice of their world. He realized the only way to survive in the society is to do things his way, imprinting fear into the people's hearts. Thus he became the leader of one of the notorious pack in Korea Hooligans paradise. His policy?  the government.

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Oh Sehun

Subgender; Omega.
Ability; shifter– Black Panther, Wind & fire Mage.
Mate; None
Children; Aurora, Jae'in and Dae'in.
Skills; good with anything and everything.
Position; Hooligans pack leader.

The only omega in Korea's recent history to become a pack leader. Sehun isn't your typical hooligan. He solve cases and help humans and shifters alike which the government couldn't. He's very protective of his family. His sister especially is his weakness. He's the rarest shifter of all times, until his cubs were born.

Kim Kai.

Subgender; Alpha
Ability; Shirter (White Lion)
Mate; None
Children; None.
Skills; Fighter.
A once great fighter turned feral, that Sehun rescued from being killed. Kai didn't know who he was and only knew one thing how to fight, to kill and dominate. He was best known as Jimseung (beast) or dongmul (Predator).


Subgender; Omega
Ability; Shirter(Cheetah), Earth Mage
Mate; Seulgi
Children; None
Skills: Chaser.

Sehun's younger sister. She's simple, protective, jovial and free spirited. The only thing she hated was being a cheetah; how she’s inadequate for being the smallest compared her brother and the other large felidae, her inability to roar, the fact she runs fast but in short bursts, her hunting by vision rather than scent, and her trouble with adapting to new environment. 

Kang Seulgi.

Subgender; Alpha
Ability: shifter 
Mate irene
Children none
Skills CQC.

She's selfish, yet loyal, over protective when it comes to Irene and would do anything for her mate. She was a skill fighter, that was lured by an omega at age of 17, later she escaped after 4 years but unfortunately was caught again, this time not to be a fighter, but was taken to a breeding house, escaped and once again captured by a psychopath and was almost killed, but for once her luck was good and she was saved by the Hooligans hours later. The thing she hated the most was; not being to beat Sehun, no matter how much she trained and improved her skills. In her opinion, Sehun as an omega shouldn't be so strong.

Kris Wu.

Subgender Alpha
Ability Shirter (Wolf)
Mate; Luhan.
Children: Mina
Skills; Bomb expect and super senses (Not shifter's level)
Position; second in command.

Sehun adoptive brother, a former police detective, that left everything behind just so he could protect Sehun.


Subgender; omega.
Ability; shifter(red fox)
Mate: Kris.
Children: Mina.
Skills; swordsmanship(That he leanred from Taehyung.)

A fox that was saved from being sold into a brothel. What Luhan loved the most are pups, and what he hated the most is his former pack– father that had sold him off.

Park Jimin.

Subgender, Omega.
Ability: Shifter, puma
Mate; none.
Children; none.
Skills; sniper

Don't let his cute appearance fool you, Jimin have the fierceness of an Alpha. He was once in the army, but unfortunately was dismissed from duty. Sehun's best friend, that's trying to survive in the harsh world. He escaped from the breeding house with the help of a friend, with a promise to save the other Omega, which become Jimin's life goal. 

Park Chanyeol. 

Subgender; Alpha
Ability: shifter, polar bear.
Mate; Baekhyun
Children; Yeojun, Beomgyu (stepson)
Skills: weapon expert.
Position; third in command.

Jimin's older brother, he was a gangster before joining the pack for his brother's sake. There he found love and a family he never thought he could. Even after finding an omega, he still couldn't stop loving Kris, which was unhealthy according to him.

Byun Baekhyun; 

Subgender; omega
Ability; shifter Lynx
Mate; Chanyeol
Children; Yeonjun and Beomgyu.
Skills: good with kids.

He was previously bought as a birthing machine before he joined the pack. He has a son that he wished to reunite with. He's devoted to his mate despite knowing he isn't the only one in the Alpha's heart.

Jeon Jungkook,

Subgender: Alpha
Ability: Unparalleled Mage, shape shifter.
Mate: None
Children; None.
Skills; Magic.

He's extremely loyal to Sehun, that has a thing for him, and also his close friend. He has unique lineage, part demon part human, which makes him a Mage that mastered all the four elements. And because of his lineage, people didn't understand him, he became feared and a pariah. Jungkook had been working for the old man for years and later swore his loyalty to Sehun when he become the leader. The most loyal person Sehun's ever met.

Min Yoongi. 

Subgender, Alpha
Ability: Shifter, Tabby Tiger.
Mate; None.
Children; none.
Skills; CQC expect.

Golden tabby tiger larger than the usual tiger shifter, with stripes and fur paler in color. One of the strongest alphas in Sehun's pack and a CQC expert, that trains the members in combat. He's also Kris' best friend and value their brotherhood with his life. A former NIS agent, that was once happy a man with his mate and cub, until everything was taken away from his grasp, they were killed by an unknown person and Yoongi was accused of being the murderer, he was labeled mentally unstable, and was sent to a feral house for a crime he didn't commit. He's the first member to join the pack. The first person Sehun broke out.

Kim Taehyung, 

Subgender; beta–omega
Ability; shifter (Snow leopard)
Mate; none.
Children; none.
Skills; tracker, Swordmaster ( He's good with any weapon you could think of) 

He was a trained assassin, and when he couldn't take it anymore, Taehyung escaped from his owners. Deciding to live an honest life, he found a job in a tech company but sadly a few months later he was falsely accused for hacking and stealing company funds. Sehun broke him out of prison not long after. He's actually an omega disguised to be a beta. 

Kim Seokjin. 

Subgender; Omega
Ability; Healer mage.
Mate; Kim Namjoon.
Children;.Huening Kai and Soobin.
Skills; super healing.
Chief medical examiner of the pack. He's from a very rich family that wanted to force him into a marriage with an alpha he didn't like, thus he ran away from home, in the process he met and fell in love with a shifter. Though his mate is a pack leader, but Seokjin chose to work for the hooligans.

Kim Taeyeon;

Subgender: Alpha
Ability; shifter (White lioness)
Mate; Jessica Jung.
Children; Soojung.
Skills; she's good with guns.

The eldest daughter of a very influential family also an NIS agent. She didn't want to fail her immediate brother, the way she had failed her baby brother, that was taken over 20 years ago and back then she was helpless to do anything, she was barely 8. Thus finding her other brother became an obsession. She's been in search of said brother for 5 years now. Even when everyone had given up, not Taeyeon, she believed her brother is out there and thus vowed to find him and bring him home no matter what it might take.

Jung Hoseok,

Subgender beta
Ability; Technokinenis Mage (a unique mage with the ability to manipulate technology.)
Mate; Ji Chang Wook.
Children: scott.
Skills: Tech expect.
Hoseok is in the midst of discovering his powers. Also a former government officer before joining the pack. He's a huge fan of Sehun's work and always feels the Omega is way better, smarter and effective than the government, hence he thought it was worth leaving his perfect life to join the shifters.

Ji Chang Wook,

Subgender; Alpha
Ability; shifter bear.
Mate; Hoseok.
Children; scott.
Skills; knife and gun fights

Chang wook was a gang leader before he joined Sehun's pack and become his bodyguard. 

Kang Daniel.

Subgender; beta
Ability; None, human.
Mate; none
Children; none.

One of those closest to Sehun and Kris during their time as detectives. Daniel is a good friend and had wanted to quit being a police for due to the injustice done to Sehun, but was convinced by Kris to stay. He stayed with the police just so he could provide Sehun with information.


Sehun's eldest daughter. A black panther(Jaguar) Just like her papa. Alpha, the fiercest among her siblings. Hot tempered but very protective of her family especially her brothers. She's the strongest cub anyone has ever seen. Despite being only four, she could fight and win against a teen shifter. She's smart but not as smart as her younger sibling Dae'in. Her favorite person Is Kris. She's also a Fire mage and a fashionista.

Jae'in and Dae'in. (Jae'in is blond).

Jae'in; Sehun's second born. A white lion. Alpha. Sassy but loving. He's the dullest of the triplets but has his own hidden talents. Mostly like to grate on people's nerves all the times. His favorite person is Irene. He's an Earth mage just like his Aunt.

Dae'in: Youngest among the triplets. A mix between a lion and a panther. They call him liguar. Dae is one of the unique shifters to walk the Earth. He's a rare occurrence because in most cases the cub will inherit one of the parents shifter gene like his siblings, but Dae has both. He's the most calm and reserved among his siblings and also the smartest despite being the youngest. Also known as the genius. Fire and Wood Mage.


Kris' and Luhan's daughter. She's a lovely and quiet girl, that mostly like to keep to herself. Mina only loses her cool when she in the presence of Aurora.

Kim Junmyeon;

Subgender; beta
Ability; water mage.
Mate; Yixing
Children; Stephan

Born from a shifter mom and a human dad,  he inherited his father's gene, but surprisingly he wasn't an ordinary human, he was born with strong magic running through his veins despite not having a mage in the family.  He's a the chief magical examiner of Mage Corp (Also known as magic task force), that sells information to both Sehun and his brother's pack, and also a younger brother to Kim Namjoon.


Subgender; Alpha
Ability: shifter, Wolf.
Mate; Junmyeon
Children; Stephan.

A forensic, that works at NFS. He's Kris and Sehun's friend. Yixing may always appear clear headed, but could lose his cool if poked at the wrong place. He's very protective of his family and friends. 

Kim Namjoon

Subgender; Alpha.
Ability; shifter. Leopard.
Mate; Seokjin.
Children. Soobin and Huening Kai.
Position; KH pack leader.

Junmyeon's elder brother, the master of stealth. He's an anti-breeder that ran an organization that helps and rescue omegas, especially those taken or sold to a breeding house. His pack and Sehun's often join hands on some missions and most Omegas Sehun rescued were sent to Namjoon's safehouse unless the Omega have a home to return to.

Jennie Kim

Subgender; Alpha
Ability: Shirter, white tiger
Mate: Lisa
Children; Jisoo

Jennie was once broken, abandoned and sold off by her brother to a fight house, until she almost turned feral and was once abandoned by her buyers. Fortunately she was saved just the moment she was about to take her own life in a feral house by Yoongi and he took her under his wings, treated her like a younger sister. Jennie would lay her life for Yoongi, that's how loyal she is.


Subgender; omega
Ability; shifter, striped hyena
Mate; Jennie
Children; Jisoo

She was used to lure alphas to her pack. An unplanned encounter with Jennie left her pregnant with a bond, but unfortunately Jennie didn't want that. Lisa mostly keeps to herself, the person she was most friendly with is Baekhyun and the person she fears the most Is Sehun and the pack Alphas.


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