Strange Coincidences


Chanyeol is in an emotional tumult and needs reassurance from his best friend, but since he tends to act before he thinks...well, he smashed the number into the number pad and just calls. But it isn't Junmyeon who's picking up the phone. The person is not even close to his best friend.


strange coincidences – as per official request from C, but i just stole it and wrote it myself for her because i love her very much and because others disregard this great prompt. please love me, i hope i did its justice and it’s kinda the way you wanted it to be. LOVE ME; GODIN FEUDAL !!!!

and it's kinda lighthearted but also not?


twt. i upload pretty neat exo tarot cards there, but you can also come and talk to me there.

also-also: comments are very, very, appreciated, this fic cost me a couple of years of my life with how stressed i was (my own fault tho 🙃).

also-also-also: unbeated.

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