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There's a canned cola left on Minjeong's fridge and she doesn't even drink soda.


Also this story was supposed to be a oneshot to be posted last January but I got busy and demotivated and stuff so here we are lol.
Thank you for your reactions and everything, let's get through the end of the story together 🥺


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Chapter 13: HELLOOOO
Chapter 13: Hi!
highhihi #3
Chapter 13: Yeay you’re back! Hiiiii🤭🤭
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Chapter 13: Omg hi I remember this as one of my fav fics ty for reminding me~~
Chapter 13: Ok if this story never gets updated (although I rlly wish it will be !!) im happy the whole angst was just a dream bc wtf the story literally went from 0-100 when it happened😭 imma just pretend it didn’t tbh and the last part was just Jimin and minjeong slow dancing under the moonlight and being so in love and cute and bestfriends and are in love and they just suit so perfectly well ahhh
Chapter 13: Hi!!! Just finished re-read this bcs I forgot about the story. Can't wait to see your update!
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Chapter 13: dang you got me, i really thought we were getting an update
Chapter 13: fine i’ll reread this while i wait 😩
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Chapter 13: the way my heart jumped when I saw there was an update.. hello again :')
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