A Christmas Miracle

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Just when Jongdae thinks today can't get anymore worse, the universe delightfully proves him wrong.

At least he got a meet-cute story out of this ty day.


Written for EXO On Ice Fest, prompt EOI18- "Jongdae is doing some very last minute Christmas shopping when he nearly gets mugged. Fortunately, the most adorable little Santa's helper comes to his rescue. Just call him Kim Minseok, Santa's little helper by day, professional kicker/savior of Christmas by night."


Thank you to the mods, for doing this fest, and to the prompter, who put up this lovely prompt.
I had loads of fun writing this. I tried my best to incorporate humor into this, since it was a 'cookie', and I tried my best with the elf costume but, it might not translate very well.

Anyway, I hope you like the way it turned out, and enjoy reading as much as I did writing it~


 This is the legendary tumblr post of the 'parking lot burrito', if anyone is interested.

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