The Transfer (RV Version)


Hogwarts AU - Wendy Son, 7th year transfer from Durmstrang Institute. Irene Bae, 7th year Slytherin who simply can't stand her. An enemies-to-lovers and a fake dating au as well!


Hogwarts Wenrene AU - Yet another ememies-to-lovers, but also an eventual fake dating au!

** Note: This is a conversion of my ongoing 2jin (Heejin/Hyunjin of Loona) fic, the original couple I intended the story to be for. It will have some differences in order to fit wenrene a bit better. So, now you can either read the wenrene or 2jin version (or even both if that's what you'd like)! **

 Some background info:

 - My version of Durmstrang will be of that from the movie not the book, so in this story Durmstrang is an all-boys school however Wendy was the very first and only female student... well at least until she decided to transfer to Hogwarts.

- All main characters, unless stated otherwise, are in their 7th year.

- Artists of other companies will make appearances!

Million thanks to everyone for the congratulations and it warms my heart knowing how much love this fic has received. I started this over a year ago and never imagined this to happen. Thank you and I hope to see you all when this story comes to an end <3

- S
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