Just a Little Less than Ideal

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In which college student Kang Seulgi realizes that people rarely end up with their ideal types.

(or, she never thought it would be Bae Joohyun of all people).


DISCLAIMER: I write just for the sake of writing. Will not be engaging with comments, nor will I ask for upvotes, subscriptions, comments, etc. (Feel free to if you want to though). Characters in the story are not intended to reflect the actual individuals; this work is pure fiction.

This is original work. I do NOT allow converts, translations, or postings on other platforms. If I find that you've ripped off my work, I will report you on that platform, even if I have to make a million accounts.

A kind twitter soul let me know about the feature (shoutout to twt user seulgom23)! Thanks for loving this story despite its flaws and please give lots of love to my other works too!
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