-Remember me again why I’m doing this-Sana groaned as she turned to look at Mina on the company seat of her car.

In front of them the Country Club seemed to be bigger than what Sana originally remembered but she blamed it on the very little time she used to spend there, going for expensive meals and to laugh at bad jokes was Mina’s thing when they were much younger… Sana never had such a vein for diplomacy and if she had to tell James Martin his breath stank whenever he was near them she was for sure not going to let the opportunity slip. That afternoon was different nevertheless, Mina insisted for the last two days her presence was practically mandatory in that lunch… more because she needed something to distract herself not to die of boredom in that place and Sana had proved to be more than effective in keeping her mind busy.

-Because you adore me-Mina hummed with a smile as she leaned over her seat to peck Sana’s lips tenderly. - Also you love to show off and you for sure will be the prettiest here.

-The second prettiest-Sana assured with a wide smile as she turned the engine off- That’s why we’re a hell of a couple.

Mina chuckled when Sana winked her eye before opening the diver door and hop out of her car with a soft smile.

It’s been two weeks since their first started their little affair and with the days Mina learned that balancing time wasn’t actually as hard as she thought at the beginning, the fact absolutely nobody in town could suspect what was going on between them under the surface for sure made everything easier, if Sana was a man she would for sure had serious trouble explaining why she walked out of her house with weak legs in the middle of the night but since she was not there was no need of even creating an excuse.

Crossing paths with Sehun was becoming less torturous then for Sana when she had to literally bit her tongue not to laugh at the man’s face, it didn’t matter whose ring Mina had in her finger, she was more than sure she had the blonde thinking about her more often than what she did with her own fiancé. Suddenly Evermore wasn’t as atrocious for her despite it could still be boring to death when Mina was taking care of her things away from her, their place beside the river had quickly turned into their little getaway spot once again and Sana found herself practically jogging to meet her lover there almost every afternoon.

Sana was for sure trying her best not to show how bored she was when Mina introduced her to her supposed friends; surprisingly she didn’t know any of them from the past and guessed they had to be from some wealthy families bored from their cities. Lunch was served in front of them by a suited waiter that looked more bored than Sana which she found hard to believe, she looked at Mina beside her ask about their kids and how were their husbands doing and for a split second the woman realized that was probably Mina's future. Going to the country club for lunch, talk about how amazing Sehun was despite he was actually not and brat about their babies... her thoughts were cut short by a tender hand landing over her tight under the table's fancy sheet.

-So Sana, right? What do you do for living?- A brunette asked from the other side of the table making Sana look up from her meal to meet her eyes with a polite smile, Mina's warm hand squeezing her leg softly.

-I'm a financial adviser in New York- Sana said as she leaned to take a short sip of her champagne- For the moment I have different clients but mostly I work for Park Jihyo.

Sana looked in delight how the women around her gasped in surprise, if someone could make a bunch of straight women fall to their knee that was for sure Jihyo. Park Jihyo was a fashion designer, la crème de la crème season after season and in the middle of that... she was also Sana's best friend. It was funny to think how Sana and her got to know each other, especially getting to be so close considering the very first time they met Sana was so rushed for her job interview she dropped a whole cup of steaming cappuccino over Jihyo's ridiculously expensive coat, she had to blame it on her cuteness for not getting an earful because when she started to nervously apologize and look for the closest whip to clean her clothes Jihyo simply couldn't help but calm her down with a soft laugh, ever since then they've been attached by the hip.

-Park Jihyo? - The blonde sitting beside Mina blinked in disbelief as Sana nodded with a smile- Oh my god Mina, you should ask her to design your wedding dress!

For a brief second Sana felt her chest ache at the mention of the wedding, some days she forgot it was still a possibility for the future, almost haunting her every time she thought about it. She couldn't blame Mina for not breaking up just yet with Sehun, in fact it was hard to believe she got to convince her to keep their affair going despite her growing fears of begin caught, Mina had always been a very organized person, she planed first and went with it after... quite the opposite to Sana, who hadn't actually figured out exactly what to do with all those emotions trapped in her heart.

Catching the rushed discomfort from Sana, Mina's hand squeezed her tight tenderly again as she smiled at her friend without saying nothing more about the weeding and quickly changing the topic to the lack of boutiques in Evermore. Those were the moments where fear crashed against Sana like a gigantic wave, almost washing all her will to keep Mina for her own and try to build something just for them to enjoy, away from that town and the fake people... away from Sehun. Dessert reached their table in the form of a slide chocolate cake that was so good it almost convinced them it was a good idea to assist to that whole lunch, Sana was in the middle of sipping her champagne when a light hand rested over her shoulder timidly making her frown as she turned around to look at the owner of the manicured nails.

-Sana, I knew it was you!- The blonde laughed softly when Sana's eyes widened out of pure surprise- Do you remember me?

-Jade Tyrell! of course I remember you!- Sana laughed as well as she stood up from her chair with a wide smile- Wow, it's been so much time, how have you been?

How could Sana forget her? Jade Tyrell was her girlfriend for a season when Mina decided she was going to give James a second try, of course everything was as secret between them as it was with Mina but Sana for sure enjoyed almost every second of it. The years suited her as she smiled at Sana out of honest joy, her blonde hair falling in waves around her tanned face and her deep blue eyes focused only on Sana's in front of her.

-Are you here alone? Do you want to join us? - Sana wondered looking back at the table only to find out Mina was staring back at them in silence.

-Hi Mina, I didn't see you at first-Jade giggled as she leaned to hug the sitting blonde quickly. - I'm by the balcony with my parents but you're welcome to join me when you finish your meal. - she invited and Mina almost jumps from her seat when her hand landed over Sana's arm to squeeze it for a brief second- It's a pleasure to see you again Sana, you look gorgeous.

Mina knew she had no right to be jealous but when Sana smiled at the other woman brightly as she pushed a lock of hair behind her ear she had to bite her tongue not to ask her lover to go back to her seat next to her. Jade was beautiful, she's always had been and Sana of course didn't seem to miss that fact as she looked at the blonde walk away in a blue summer dress, nobody other than Harry and Mina knew about them and that afternoon the younger Japanese wondered for the first time who else could have gotten tangled in Sana's sheets without anybody else hearing about. Evermore was a tiny town but Sana had a gigantic mind, Mina was sure she could have hooked up with the whole cheering team in high school and not even the members between them would have known what she was doing.

After all she got to be with Mina for years and not even their closest friends got to hear a thing out of it if it wasn't for that one time Sana told Harry in the excitement of her drunken state. Sitting back on the table Sana had to fight the sudden need of kissing Mina's cheek when her eyebrows furrowed and her eyes focused on her cake without turning back to look at her even for a short second, even if it was something so tiny as a kiss on the cheek she knew any type of contact with Mina outside of the safety that brought their loneliness was strictly forbidden and Mina made sure to make it more than clear for her after her hand not-so-accidentally fell in her lower back as they drank a beer in the pub last weekend.

-I'll go catch up with Jade-Sana announced with a smile as she finished her champagne with one long sip before turning to look directly into Mina, she knew what she was doing.- Take your time to talk about the wedding, I'm sure they're dying to hear about it.

The wedding was the only thing that took Mina's free time when she wasn't busy chasing Sana around her house, the ceremony was taking place in two months and despite Mina's hard work there was still plenty of things to take care of. When Sehun insisted on planning the wedding Mina expected to divide the work between both of them yet she soon found out all the work was hers to carry, she picked the hall for the party, talked with the catering agency, chose the flowers... One would think a wedding was a thing of two but every grain of energy Mina placed on creating the perfect moment for her and Sehun made her know she was the only one between them who carried enough to try and make everything work.

When she first started to date Sehun he wasn't as cold as he was then, Mina convinced herself she liked him walking around her house in underwear after five months together, she decided it wasn't that bad to move her paintings from the guest rooms to the garage and that she actually enjoyed almost every part of the relationship with him. Looking at it then, with Sana in the middle, she felt sorry for herself because not even once in those five years of relationship with Sehun he was able to make her feel at least the half of the things Sana did in the last two weeks. Love with Sana was intense and almost non-stopping, it was like standing in the middle of a chaos and somehow knowing for sure there was nothing going to happen to you at the end, she felt safe and warm but dangerous and almost too delicate to touch. Sehun on the other hand was something stable, steady; Mina could deal with his pace easier than what she did with Sana who successfully could swipe away her attempts to control the situations around her.

One meant passion and the other meant safety, a sure future and stability... Mina didn't quite know what she should give up to yet. Sana mentioned once the possibility of her moving into her apartment all the way to New York, but that was a brief mention in the afterglow as she laid under Mina's sheets... those could be easily empty words, sweet nothings mumbled to Mina's ear just to make her feel especial, to make her feel loved and unique because that was exactly what Sana did with people. Far from being manipulative and done out of pure instinct Sana could easily made almost anybody fall to her feet in the matter of minutes, all it took was a few smiles and a couple of light touches of her fingers and she made people around her feel like there was absolutely nobody in her life more important than them.

A part of Mina was scared of her, scared of the amount of power Sana had over her and her heart in such a little time. Sana felt like everything she's been looking for, like inside her was the key to every secret that kept her in such a dark state before their encounters but what was given could be easily taken as well and Mina didn't think she could recover if Sana decided to leave that town and shut their relationship as a meaningless affair, just another adventure for her list. Everything could end in the blink of an eye and Mina wasn't open to be left with nothing to hold onto if Sana decided to leave with the coming winter breeze leaving her behind to freeze alone.

Turns out Jade and Sana still got along quite well as the foreign accepted the second glass of wine by the hand of the blonde with a bright smile, she mostly sat in the balcony to hear about how she was doing as a single mother after her divorce and was delighted to see how adorable her son was when he ran to his mother just to announce he was leaving with her parents. Jade was then more beautiful than when they were younger but Sana guessed she herself looked a little better than when she was sixteen, the pair of green eyes looked at her with attention every time it was her turn to speak and every comment was quickly met with one equally smart just to keep the conversation easily going between them in the table.

-Excuse the interruption-Mina's soft voice sounded from her right side making Sana and Jade turn to look at the blonde with gentle smiles.- Sana, I have to go back home now if you're not too busy.

-You two didn't change a bit-Jade pointed with a chuckle making Sana turn to look at her with a fun gaze, if she only knew- Mina congratulations on your engagement by the way, I heard it from Joshua just yesterday.

-Thank you so much Jade- Mina said out of pure politeness as she smiled at the woman with her lips pressed together- It was nice to see you again.

-You have my number already, It'll be great to meet again-Sana's hand fell over Jade's on the table and Mina could have suddenly wished she could shot arrows from her mind- Have a nice day Jade.

When the blonde leaned to kiss Sana's cheek Mina had to fight the need of pulling her lover closer by the waist, to make everybody on that stupid place know Minatozaki Sana was only hers and that was something they should be respectful about, the only problem was Sana was not hers and she wasn't Sana's to keep neither. Sana wasn't surprised by the tense silence floating between them as they made their way towards her car, she knew what was going to get out of her little chat with Jade and despite a part of her hated to see Mina angry at her it felt nice to know she still was able to make her feel jealous, no matter how childish it was, Sana needed Mina to know how it felt for her having to see her kissing and hugging Sehun almost daily, how hard was for her to constantly hear people congratulating Mina for something that was breaking her heart from the deepest.

Sana couldn't understand why it was so hard for Mina to leave that empty life behind, was she not enough? What could Sehun offer that Mina couldn't find with her? It was the first time in her life where she found herself in such position, their relationship didn't feel like Mina was cheating on Sehun but cheating on her and on days like those it was especially hard to accept for Sana that she had to share the love of her life with somebody who didn't even worth Mina's attention. The silence ruling in the car was interrupted by the soft buzzing of Sana's phone in the middle of their seats, picking it up without answering she read the name in the screen and simply placed back in place without caring to answer the call.

-Aren't you going to answer? - Mina wondered as she looked down at her phone, "Nayeon", the call was hanged and the same name showed up again in another call a moment later.

-No, I'm with you now-Sana stated simply lifting her shoulders as she focused on the road.

-What about it? Is she your girlfriend? - Mina wondered as she picked the phone from the middle of their seats.

-What are you talking about Mina? I don't have a girlfriend- Sana groaned, her hand moving from the steering wheel to push her hair back an away from her face.

-I'm not so sure about it-Mina couldn't stop the comment from slipping out of , she knew she made a mistake when she turned around to meet Sana's eyes, much different from their usual color they suddenly looked dark.

-I don't cheat Mina-Sana pointed and she saw how Mina's face lighted in anger, a bitter laugh escaping her lips.

-I guess that's my thing, isn't it? - Mina chuckled making Sana frown as she forced herself to look at the road instead of the blonde on the company seat.

-I don't want to fight Mina-Sana breathed and she sounded so honestly tired that it almost shook Mina's temper.

Fights between them were always hard to go through despite their normally easy-going nature, if Sana believed in what she was saying then not even Mina could take her out of the topic and she knew that pushing her into a fight would probably end up with her feelings getting hurt by Sana. Mina didn't know what she was trying to do with an argue in that car, she should have held Sana's hand over her tight before it was removed or maybe she could have leaned to kiss her cheek before her face twisted in a pissed frown. Something about seeing Sana with Jade woke up a spark of anger inside her, she knew there was no right for her to claim Sana in front of absolutely anybody and her position was too far to criticize her lover for flirting with other people when she quite literally lived with a man.

Mina couldn't wrap her mind around the idea of Sana with somebody else, despite she admitted it was a selfish thought the idea of someone else having the chance to enjoy Sana like she did was particularly hard to deal with. What assured Mina she was really single and there wasn't any kind of wonderful woman waiting for her in New York? Mina was too old to be played with.

-What are you doing? - Sana asked through gritted teeth when Mina unlocked her phone with ease.

-I'll tell Nayeon you're driving and you can pick up the phone-Mina decided lifting her shoulders for a second yet Sana could see she opened the gallery.

-Mina quit it with the phone-Sana said with a frown as she extended her hand towards Mina, her palm open- Give my phone back.

-Why are you so scared? - Mina laughed bitterly as she opened the first album, a smiley Sana with a bunch of girls appeared in her screen. - Anything to hide?

-Just because you're a cheater doesn't mean we all are-Sana spat turning to look at Mina with a cold gaze then when the car was parked under a red light.

Sana whined and Mina blinked in disbelief at her own actions when the sound of a slap echoed in the silent car. It was almost like she could hear a whole mountain coming down over them when Sana turned to look at her with wide teary eyes, what have she done? Mina left out a shaky breath when she looked at the hurt expression on Sana's face, her stomach twisting when she noticed the reddish mark of her hand over her porcelain skin.

Nobody ever was willing to hurt her so easily and for Sana the fact it was Mina who dared to slap her was even worse than ten other punches from somebody else.

-Oh my god-Mina breathed as she looked how Sana turned to the front with her jaw clenched tightly. - Sana I'm...

-Shut the up Mina-Sana spat gripping the steering wheel, her heart beating in her ears as she parked the car only a meter forward-Get out of my car.

-Sana please, let me...-Mina tried as her hand lifted in a poor attempt to reach Sana's forearm, her wrist was quickly trapped by a hand as Sana looked into her like she was nothing but a stranger.

-Don't you ing dare to touch me-Sana sounded so firm that it was hard to believe there were tears rolling down her cheeks as she looked at Mina who practically shook in front of her- I see why you're engaged with Sehun, you two are really meant for each other.

She didn't need to say it out loud for Mina to know that was her quitting, that was the moment when Sana decided to hop out of their train and she couldn't blame her for it.

Nothing could have hurt her more deeply than what Mina did, it only lasted a second and it was enough for her plans to come crashing down to her feet like they never existed to begin with, her cheek burning and itching as the thick tears rolled down her skin. That slap told everything she needed to know about Mina's opinion on her, you don't hurt the people you love and that brief second was enough to let Sana understand her position in Mina's life wasn't more important than her dog's or her television, she was simply used as a distraction and despite she thought it wasn't going to hurt so badly when Mina disappointed her, Sana felt her heart was begin ripped out of her chest.

Sana knew she didn't deserve to be treated that way, she knew there had to be something better for her than to be treated like a dirty secret hiding in the closet.

Mina made the decision for her the second her hand lifted to touch her cheek; they were over.


Mina was dangerously close to her peak as she looked at Sehun's back from her place in the kitchen counter.

It's been four days since the last time she saw or even heard from Sana, too afraid of knowing she ran back to New York to even ask her parents when they met hers last weekend. Without her everything that used to be ordinary seemed to be suffocating, like looking how Sehun prepared their breakfast for example. Guilt was a dangerous thing to keep for a heart and the memory of Sana's eyes when she asked her to leave her car was still haunting Mina's thoughts ever since, her last words echoing in her mind as she took a sip from her steaming coffee.

It was impossible for her to hold in the tears that pooled in her eyes at the thought of her, the only thing honest and pure in her life and somehow Mina had found a way to ruin it, to rotten any tender feeling Sana could be growing for her. Waiting to be hurt turned her into the worst kind of person she could be and suddenly she couldn't come up with the proper idea to let Sana know who stupid she was for hurting her, how bad it hurt her too what happened the last time they saw each other. Sehun didn't hide his worry when as soon as he turned around found his girlfriend's face stained with tears as Mina cried quietly over the kitchen counter on his back, trembling hands covering her face when she found out she was seen.

Mina felt like the dirtiest person when the man wrapped his strong arms around her tenderly, grounding her back to her life as an engaged woman with a family to plan and a clear life settled in the future and away from the version of herself that was blinded by love and rushed into any path without thinking twice if it meant meeting Sana on the other side. Sehun didn't deserve her cheat and Sana didn't deserve to be treated like a dirty lover hiding inside Mina's closet, what was she doing with her life? Who has she become?

-It's okay baby-Sehun mumbled in confusion against Mina's hair, her arms holding her tightly against his bare chest.-I'm right here.

A sad whine left Mina's trembling lips at the words, no matter how strong Sehun could be those words were nothing compared to Sana's voice saying them. Those arms weren't the ones she wished to have holding her together like every piece of her was made of gold, she didn't love Sehun and she could tell simply because no matter how hard the man tried nothing about him was able to calm her down.

Nothing about him made her feel at home.


After locking herself for almost five days straight in the safety of her house Sana had finally re-gained her courage just enough to walk into O’Malley’s that Saturday night, knowing that the chances of meeting Mina there were horribly high considering the last time she was there with Harry and Mina showing up with her best smile beside Sehun. With some luck any superior power would hear her prayers and could keep Mina and Sehun away from her night, the idea of having the blonde enough of her was enough to make her stomach twist as she sipped her whisky with a light frown.

Sitting on opposite side of the table Jihyo and Nayeon looked at her with fun smiles, it only took a call from the Japanese and the next day she already had them standing in the other side of her doorstep with bags and all. Sleeping in her bed was for sure a challenge then when she didn't count with her king sized mattress like in New York but it was for sure more comforting than trying to sleep by her own, Jihyo had showed how effective she was with parents when she made Sana's mother fall in love with her in the first hour of their visit and Nayeon was making probably the best work possible to keep Sana's mind from thinking about her broken heart.

They didn't know the whole story about why exactly Sana felt so heartbroken but they heard enough to know it wasn't like any other time in the past. Even when she spent the first day after her fight with Mina angry, four days after she's grown a bitter feeling of disappointment, not only on Mina but also on herself for trusting her heart to her with such ease. Jihyo and Nayeon didn't need to know about her playing around, they didn't need to know about the slap neither, they heard about how she was engaged and a few little details Sana was barely able to give by the phone between her sobs and sniffs in a call that ended up with Jihyo crying with her as well.

Trying to keep her mind from thinking about her was probably the hardest thing Sana had to go through, after meeting almost daily for two weeks suddenly finding herself without Mina made her feel lost, something was once again lacking in her life and Sana didn't want to admit how attached she actually was to the other woman. Her hand lifted without realizing to cup her right cheek with a frown as she chewed the fries Jihyo fed her with, you don't hurt those who you love, Sana repeated to herself over and over again, it was insane to believe one single thing was able to break so many others in the blink of an eye, the violence and rawness of the act itself was beyond Sana's understanding.

-Sehun over here!-A male called from somewhere in the bar making Sana tense up and lower her head inmediately.

-Is that her? The blonde? - Nayeon whispered as she leaned forward over the table, her eyes looking behind Sana.

-She’s the only person who fits your type here; I see why you like her so much-Jihyo commented tilting her head to a side to look at the stranger as well before looking back at Sana, a soft smile on her lips before continuing- But still not pretty enough to break your heart.

-We all know that’s a lie, she’s stunning-Nayeon mumbled making Jihyo pinch her arm at the indiscretion, Sana chuckled as she shook her head slowly.

Sana had to admit the fact she still missed Mina after what happened between them scared her more than what she would like to admit, there was something about the other woman that could easily cloud her reasons and the amount of power she was willing to give Mina over her emotions was terrifying. No matter how hard her mind was shouting to avoid any contact with her again, the mere idea of not getting even the tiniest apologize from her made Sana felt sick from the stomach, give such a bitter end to their story could chase her for the rest of her life and probably into any other relationship she tried to build in the future, whatever happened between her and Mina had the potential to leave a remarkable scar in who she was as a person and Sana had the impression Mina couldn’t mind less about it.

-She’s looking at us-Jihyo almost choked with her drink when she spotted the pair of eyes looking at them from the other side of the pub.

She couldn’t stop the sudden need to turning around to see if it was true quickly realizing it was a mistake only when her eyes met Mina’s. Her memory didn’t make justice to the woman standing meters away from her, her hair tied on a high ponytail and her reading glasses over her face almost like she had been too tired to try to put any make up over her already perfect face, pearly white teeth trapped her lower lip on a tight hold as she looked back at Sana like the rest of the people didn’t exist. How much would have Sana gave for Mina to walk directly towards her, for her to apologize and promise nothing could break them apart again but things always seemed to work the opposite of her wishes when it came to Mina.

-Let her be, we got here first-Sana mumbled as she turned to look at her friends with a tight smile.- I think I’m going to need a whole bottle of this- She chuckled pointed at her whisky making Nayeon nod in understanding, Jihyo leaned forward over the table to hold her hand softly- I’m okay, really.

Everybody on that table knew it was nothing but a filthy lie, one so big that not even Sana was able to believe it herself. The idea of going back to New York crossed her mind a few times before that night, the thought ran around her mind enough for her to know by heart that running away from Evermore and Mina was only going to make everything worse from her, there was no reason for her to run away from her place like she was some kind of criminal or she was the one who made a mistake. Sana had to deal with the of Mina being ashamed of her, the fact that Sehun seemed to be better than her for the only woman she’s ever really loved and she couldn’t compete with him no matter how much she tried to.

Mina simply didn’t love her.

A bottle of whisky was settled in the middle of their table by Nayeon a moment after before balancing a tray with tequila shots over it, if Sana wanted to drown her sorrows in alcohol she at least could count of them to walk her back home safe and sound. After three more drinks and two generous shots of Tequila Sana suddenly felt her emotions were falling back into place at least momentarily as she heard Nayeon ramble about her last hook up date that ended up with her hiding in a closet for almost an hour, seems like breaking relationship up wasn’t only on Sana’s new hobbies.

For a brief moment Sana forgot they weren’t in New York and that her heart had turned into shattered pieces of glass in her chest as she moves to seat next to Nayeon on the booth when Jihyo excused herself to go to the bathroom. Sana’s head falling over Nayeon’s shoulder out of pure habit as her hand landed tenderly over hers on the table, Why was it so different then than ten years behind? Why didn’t feel as empty as her after she left? What seemed to be making breathing for Sana a hard task in hand didn’t even seem to bother Mina as she laughed on the bar under Sehun’s strong arm around her shoulders like he had any type of control over her, like Mina didn’t play with both of them for weeks like they were nothing but children chasing a shiny prize.

A consuming flame of the bitterest anger crashed against Sana like an unstoppable wave, Mina didn’t break her heart she did it herself when she allowed her into her life knowing that in five years on their past Mina wasn’t even able to introduce her as her girlfriend not even once, she never gave Sana her place next to her, she never allowed Sana to feel like she wasn’t something she was ashamed of. Seen in the new light Mina was nothing but cruel, the sharpest dagger hidden in a garden of roses, how was it that she never noticed before? How was it that she never stopped her before Mina hurt her even more?

Mina’s gentle eyes landed over her and Sana saw her smile drop when her eyes met with hers, she wondered if she could guess what was running inside her mind even when there was so many people around them in a dim lighted pub, she wondered if Mina knew she was making her hate her.

-Kiss me-Sana asked as she turned to look at Nayeon with a frown, the older blinked in confusion. - Kiss me Nayeon.

Nayeon nodded with a hum before lifting her hand to cup Sana’s jaw tenderly, it wasn’t new for any of them, with Sana it was almost a must-happen when they drank so when Nayeon leaned to capture her lips in a tender kiss there wasn’t something odd about it in any way. Sana surprised her pulling the neck of her blouse to keep her in place when the older woman tried to lean back, her tongue sliding against Nayeon’s lower lip so slowly it was almost a torture making her whine at the unexpected deepness the kiss was taking. Sana giggled when Nayeon pulled the short hairs of her nape when her teeth nib the soft full lip against hers.

-What was that? - Nayeon chuckled looking down at Sana who simply smiled at her lazily, her lips reaching her cheek softly a few times as Sana tilted her head towards the bar to lead her eyes towards the blonde looking back at her in amaze. - Is that how you want to deal with her?- she said looking at Mina swiftly with a smirk before turning to look at Sana over her shoulder, her hand lifting to place a lock behind her ear softly.

-She deserves some mind games too-Sana mumbled as she played with a button from Nayeon’s Channel blouse.

-Let’s make it right then- Nayeon hummed with a mischievous smile as she leaned to peck Sana’s lips again before turning to look back at Mina on the bar.

Sana couldn’t hold her laugh when Nayeon lifted her whisky in a delicate manner towards the blonde in form of a toss that made Mina almost jump in her place meters away from her. When Jihyo came back she didn’t even have to ask when she found Sana’s legs over Nayeon’s on the booth, both welcoming her back with a pair of fun smiles like a kid who just did a trick and got away with it without consequences.

Fingers tangled in her hair as Sana heard Jihyo and Nayeon speak about the latest rumor on their circle, barely moving away on Nayeon to casually sip her drink like she wasn’t conscious about the pair of eyes almost drilling a hole to her head from the other side of the place. In the alcohol rush and launched by her own anger and pain hurting Mina didn’t sound like the sin she convinced herself she couldn’t commit, maybe she didn’t love her, maybe it was simply a trick from her mind refusing to let go of the best time of her life compared to how empty and monostich it was then when the only happy moment she had was being by her friend’s side and those were becoming rare with their schedules.

Sana was so convinced she was the best choice, that nobody else on that town could be enough to march into Mina’s heart that she didn’t even contemplate the possibility of it being a lie, it was her ego what pushed her so deep into that hole. She should have treated Mina like any other adventure, she should have made her way in that stupid town and leave a trace of broken hearts behind but then it was her heart the one breaking and Sana didn’t know what to do with to fix it enough to function again.

-I’ll go to the bathroom-Sana mumbled with a lazy smile as she stood up carefully not to stumble with Nayeon’s feet on her way out of the booth.

The music seemed to be suddenly louder than what she originally remembered as she tried not to fall or crash into somebody else on her way towards the restrooms at the end of the pub. Maybe her body remembered the place more than what her mind actually did, smiling out of pure kindness at the woman who walked out of the bathroom in front of her Sana barely got to place her hand in the knot to open the door when a solid body pushed her in like a wave, the click of the lock of the knot sounding behind her and for a minute Sana sworn she was ready to fight the stranger when a familiar hand cupped her jaw from behind.


-What the are you doing!?- Sana fought pushing her away- Are you insane!?

The bathroom was barely big enough for Sana to give two stumbling steps away from her, the white bull over their head revealing Mina’s blushed face looking back at her with her pink lips pressed together in anger. Sana knew that look like the palm of her hand and she didn’t need Mina to speak to know she was in trouble, big ones, but for the first time in maybe her whole life she couldn’t mind less about Mina’s opinion.

-What are you doing? - Mina groaned back pointed at her with a frown. - What the was that with that woman?

-Ha! Don’t tell me you’re jealous Mitang- Sana chuckled tilting her head to the side, she wanted to hurt her. She wanted Mina to feel how deep her wound was. – I thought you were too busy with your little fiancé to mind who the I got in my sheets.

-You were the one talking about loyalty and how you never cheat, What about her? Is that Nayeon? - Mina spat harshly as she gave a step forward towards, Sana smiled at her in a mock making her blood boil in anger.

-I might have many of them walking around-Sana hummed leaning against the wall behind her- You should be proud Mina, it means you’re one hell of a teacher.

Mina thought she was going to be the one in a winning position when she pushed Sana into that bathroom, she thought there was no way Sana could push her even more into her anger but what surprise did she take standing in front of the lover’s new attitude. A shaky breath leaving her lips when an embarrassing loud whine escaped as Sana’s hands pulled her firmly by the waist to crash their bodies together, in the blink of an eye and before she could even understand what was happening Mina found herself trapped between the wall and Sana’s firm body pushing her against the cold surface. A Hand lifted to hold her neck and push her face up as Sana’s lips brushed against the shell of her ear, Mina had to bite her tongue not to moan when the hold around her neck tightened choking her carefully in the process.

-You were the one who tough me how to girls without telling- Sana whispered in a raw voice against Mina’s ear, her leg placed between Mina’s just on time to feel her tights trying to press together. - Weren’t you the one who didn’t want others to know Mina? You went around with all those boys and at the end of the day; you always came back to me.

Suddenly the oxygen on the tiny place seemed to be drained when Sana’s lips wrapped around the lob of her ear sliding her tongue around the small golden earing on Mina’s ear. The hand that wasn’t around her neck quickly ran down Mina’s back until Sana d her through her jeans roughly making Mina groan, the vibrations crashing against her lover’s lips tightly pressed against her pulse point under her ear.

-Pretty little Mina-Sana mumbled, her teeth sinking in the flushed skin of her neck, Mina’s nails dig in her shoulders trying to hold onto something before her soul flew out of that place. - Always the good girl- Mina wasn’t even trying to hold herself back anymore when rough spank echoed in the bathroom, her moan making Sana laugh darkly against her skin.- Undress.

For Mina, Sana was more powerful that any drug and more intoxicating that any alcohol she could ever taste. When the woman gave a step back and away from her reach she could have sworn she almost falls to the floor, her head spinning when her eyes met Sana’s dark gaze focused on her, looking at her like she was nothing but an instrument for her wishes and desires. Mina knew she should have stopped her, she knew a simple negation would have been enough to pull Sana out of that bathroom like nothing even happened between them but before she could even think about it a little more her trembling hands were already pulling up her shirt out of her torso eager to feel the soft hands wandering around her body like she’s the only woman on the planet.

-Are you this obedient with your boyfriends? - Sana hummed as she walked closer again a moment after Mina freed the button of her jeans with a shaky breath.

-No Sana-Mina whispered when a soft hand ran against her side, short nails dragging her skin down leaving red marks behind there where Sana touched.-Just for you.

Sana smiled at her at the words but it was different from all the other times, a smile she’s never seen before from her lover. Something that screamed danger, something so further from Sana’s usual gentleness that Mina couldn’t even explain what kind of feeling woke up inside her. Lips kissed her way down her neck like feathers, all the way to the cup of her black lace bra… Mina felt her soul leave her body when three loud knocks interrupted their moment.

-Mina!?- Sehun called from the other side of the door and Mina felt her heart stop for a second.

-I’m here!-Mina answered after clearing , her eyes closing not to meet Sana’s eyes looking back at her.- I’m almost ready, wait in the…

In a matter of second Sana’s hand pushed the cup of her brazier down and before Mina could even react sharp teeth dig in the soft flesh of her right next to her , her hands reached Sana’s hair to pull it roughly in a poor attempt to stop her as she bit her lip hard enough to feel the metallic taste of blood in before a moan escaped in the middle of her sentence.

-Love, Are you okay? - Sehun wondered again in clear worry as he knocked the door again.

-Yes honey, just…- Mina barely could breathe when Sana’s tongue ran down the deep red mark her teeth created in the porcelain skin.-Give me a minute, okay? Go with your friends!

-You call him Honey too-Sana whispered looking up at Mina with a blank stare; every emotion seemed to be taken away from her.

Creating all the distance the small room could offer her; Sana stood back picking Mina’s shirt from the floor with a frown. Looking how Mina rushed to close her pants again her lover’s eyes landed on the marks over her skin, she’s never done anything similar with Mina, she never dared to leave a trace of her presence behind but that night she for sure seemed to have forgotten about their rule as Mina looked down at the red biting mark over her chest with a deep frown.

-Shut up, I don’t want to hear you-Sana interrupted lifting her hand for a second when Mina opened , she handed her the old shirt. - Good luck explaining that.

When Sana’s chuckle echoed in the bathroom Mina understood everything, suddenly she knew the meaning of those stares and the new smile the woman was throwing at her only seconds ago; Sana was simply playing with her. She was nothing but a mock and by walking behind her into that bathroom Mina did no other than to confirm all the power her lover had over her.

Mina left her behind like a broken toy, the door slamming shut on her face as she stood in the middle on the bathroom in silence.

Sana was glad she left before she could see her cry.


Looking down at her bare chest in front of her bathroom's mirror the morning after Mina's eyebrows furrowed as she stared at the only remarkable trace of Sana's touch over her body, the bite was almost violent, something so far from Sana's way of loving her before that day and it was clear for Mina then when the alcohol have left her body completely that there had to be a meaning behind her change, she needed to know if the hate she felt coming from her at the end of their encounter was simply made out of her own guilty thoughts of it she really pushed Sana so far into her game without realizing that she ruined any chance of forgiveness she could give her.

Mina couldn't remember the last time Sana hated somebody for real but she for sure had more than a reason to make her the first on her list. Groaning her hands picked the sweater from the bathroom's cold floor to throw it over her body carelessly with a frown, luckily Sehun didn't push too much the night before and she got to slip away with her secret for a little longer. The ghost of Sana's touch over her skin haunting every thought Mina could form that morning when her head ached at the amount of beer she drank the night before to ignore how happy and comfortable her lover looked between arms that weren't hers and kissing lips that seemed to welcome her with a familiar ease.

Walking down the steps she found Sehun sitting in the kitchen counter with his laptop in front of him, a baseball cap over his dark hair as he sipped coffee from Mina's cup. She used to love him, she remembered feeling excited every time he kissed her and hold her between his arms, she still could hear herself giggling out of pure joy every time he invited her out... What changed then? Why was impossible to even think on cheating on him before Sana walked into the frame? Sehun was normally tender and loving, he managed to get Mina in a comfortable position on their relationship but comfort could be easily mistaken with love and Mina couldn't help but wonder if that had been her case.

Sehun didn't make her heart jump in excitement when he smiled, there wasn't a trace of need when he wasn't around or even the mere feeling of missing him even if she didn't see her in days... Was it because of the time? Mina knew marriages and long relationships went through hardships but she was too smart to trick herself into thinking it was because of how many years they've spent together; their only hardship had a name and drove a Mercedes only a street away from them.

-Are you okay? - Sehun wondered looking back at Mina with a worried frown catching the pair of honey eyes over him.

-I'm just looking at you- Mina forced herself to smile dumbly like her thoughts weren't doubts about her love for him. - Any plans for today?

-Did you forget? - Sehun smiled back at her with her eyebrows lifted in amaze, he always trusted Mina's memory more than his. The blonde walked pass him into the kitchen to pick a mug from the cabinet. - I'll go fishing with the Jenkins, I told you last week.

-Sorry, I don't know where my mind has been- Mina mumbled as she poured her third cup of coffee that morning.

Another lie, everything that went out of had turned into nothing but empty words, lies that hurt not only others but herself in the process. Mina had turned into a lie herself, everything about her was fake and plastic, made to fit and please others, to please her parents, to please Sehun but... What about her? What about her own happiness? Mina had realized that the only person she's capable to be selfish with is Sana and the amount of harm she knew she was causing made her want to cry there in the middle of her kitchen that Sunday morning. You don't hurt the ones you love but Mina seemed to be only capable to do so when it came to Sana, the only person who she loved with such intensity that it made her like a kid once again, stumbling around the wrongs and rights of life with her eyes closed and carelessly.

Strong hands wrapped around her waist making her jump out of her thoughts just to feel Sehun's lips brushing against her neck slowly, her stomach ached in a mix of guilt and disgust, How was it that he didn't see she was crumbling down? Why didn't he know there was something horrible happening inside her?

-I'll be out until Thursday-Sehun mumbled against her neck, his body pushing Mina against the kitchen counter. - Won't you give me something to remember you?

Mina trembled between his arms with her eyes shut close, her lips pressing together to hold the screaming forming in . Nothing about him woke up anything inside her, not even when his hands ran down her sides like Sana did just the night before, no matter how light his kisses were his body still felt too heavy against her almost suffocating. A foreign hand got lost under Mina's orange sweater and by the time Sehun's fingers cupped her there were already tears rolling down her cheeks.

Why didn't he see she was completely broken?

-Sehun- Mina sniffed gripping his arm and digging her nails softly into his skin. - Stop.

Why didn't Sana see how deep her wound was too?

-Stop Sehun-Mina said again when the man didn't move away from her, instead holding her tighter between his arms- I said stop! - The shout was so loud she even surprised herself.

-Jesus Mina, What the ? - Sehun spat as he practically pushed her away from him like she's got the worst case of flue he's even seen. - What the is wrong with you?

He almost regret his words when Sehun spotted the thick tears streaming down Mina's eyes like a river, her face blushing furiously as a strangled cry left pass her lips, Why didn't they see her? Didn't they care about her pain? When Sehun tried to walk closer to her, his hand extended in an offer of piece Mina pushed it away in disgust.

-Please don't touch me-Mina cried, her eyes shut close as she held herself tightly.- Don't you dare to touch me.

- Mina, I'm sorry baby-Sehun tried softer this time, yet ignoring the request when his hand landed over Mina's trembling shoulder.

-Stop! - Mina shouted again pushing his hand again.

-Have you lost your ing mind Mina!?- Sehun shouted back making her whine loudly, her eyes opening to look at the man in front of him blushing in anger, his hands closed in thigh fist to his sides.- What the is wrong with you now!? Don't tell me you're turning into one of those pathetic housewives already for sakes.

Mina found herself standing in front of a different version of Sehun; the change was so strong it was hard to believe he was the same man she's seen the last five years. His eyes looked darker as he breathed roughly through his mouth like an animal waiting to attack, his chest moved up and down in front of Mina and she realized how helpless she would be if she pushed Sehun deeper into his anger.

-Haven't you thought you're the one to blame here? - Mina suddenly mumbled making Sehun chuckle darkly at her. - You're acting like a ing idiot Sehun.

A loud whine filled the kitchen when a slap landed on Mina's cheek hard enough to throw her body against the kitchen counter.

Sehun gave an step back with a shaky breath but the harm was done, everything they've fought for was thrown away in the blink of an eye as he looked at Mina slowly curling in the corner of the kitchen in front of him, her trembling arms hugging her legs tightly against her chest as her face hide behind her knees. The weight of the world suddenly crashed against Mina's back, not because of the itching pain on her cheek but because she realized how Sana felt days behind. The overwhelming feeling of being lost mixed with the physical pain was too much, everything was simply too hard to handle for Mina anymore.

She heard him apologize from the other side of the kitchen like her head was pushed underwater, the faint steps walking away from her and the door closing harshly behind the man left Mina alone with her pain. Ten years and for the first time Mina wasn't okay with the idea of having to go through it all alone, the fact there was nobody else she could count of with broke her heart even more. So many years pushing herself to be different for others to like her, so many years wasted being miserable and what for?

-Hello? - Sana's voice reached her from the other side of her phone as Mina's shaky hand held it against her ear.

-Sana-Mina cried so desperately that Sana's eyes almost fill with tears at the sound- Please come, please Sana.

-What's wrong?- Sana rushed and Mina could hear her moving around on the back, she imagined her almost running down her steps- Are you hurt baby?

-I can't do it alone Sana-Mina whispered between sobs, she even through her pain she could notice the fear floating in Sana's words. - I can't do this anymore.

-I'm on my way Angel, I'll be there in ten minutes-Sana promised as softly as her emotions allowed her to- Stay in the line, okay baby? I'm really close to you, don't be scared.

No matter what happened days ago, no matter if she should hate her, the only thing bigger than her own pain for Sana it was Mina's. Mumbling sweet nothings into the phone her hand gripped the steering wheel until her knuckles were pale white as she heard Mina crying into her ear from the other side of the line, sobbing her name like Sana was the last hope she could hold into. It was unbearable, like her chest was being ripped open every time a weak word came out from Mina's lips between her sobs.

Nothing ever was going to be capable to stop her from helping Mina, not even Mina herself could stand between Sana's love and her need of protecting her. Hearing her was painful but nothing could be compared to what the picture Sana found as she rushed into Sehun's house without even knocking the door.

Sitting in the floor of their kitchen Mina looked at her with the most heartbreaking expression Sana had ever seen, her hand over her lips to hold back her cries as she threw her phone away without carrying anymore as she studied the woman in front of her between her tears. Mina was scared to death, scared of Sehun, scared of herself and the turns she had to take but everything seemed to vanish around her when Sana's arm pulled her up to her feet before covering her hurting body in her embrace tightly, her hand pressing Mina's head against the crook of her neck with a trembling sob.

-I'm here now love-Sana whispered closing her eyes shut as the tears started to roll down her cheeks as well, her arms holding Mina tightly- You're safe Mina.

-I'm sorry-Mina cried gripping the back of Sana's blouse desperately, her tears creating a puddle on her shoulder as Sana kissing her head in a poor attempt to push her bitter thoughts away.-I'm sorry for hurting you Sana, I'm sorry, please forgive me.

-Baby you've always been forgiven-Sana assured against her ear in a whisper before kissing Mina's wet cheek- I love you so much Mina- her words came out in the form of a whisper that almost gets lost in their crying.

But even then with Sana kissing her face softly and holding her still in her embrace to assure her everything was fine between them, that there wasn't better shelter to her sorrow than being next to her... Mina couldn't help but wonder, how long was it going to take for Sana to hate her too?

-It’s okay Mina-Sana whispered against her ear, her arms holding her tighter, grounding her to the last string of trust she had to offer- I’ll get you out of here Angel, we’ll be fine.

But promises were always easier to make than to accomplish and Sana knew better than anyone that the future was still uncertain with her lover in the middle of a growing storm none of them knew how to conquer.


By the time Mina woke up there wasn’t still a trace of the sun outside, the night seemed to be as heavy as her heart as she looked around her room until falling in the sleeping body next to her, curling against her side Sana held her to her front almost like she was scared of Mina tip-toing away from her in the middle of the night. Mina couldn’t resist the temptation of running her fingers across the silky brown locks of hair as Sana’s steady breathing crashed against her shoulder like the best calming method Mina could ever think of, closing her eyes the smell of Sana’s perfume seemed to wrap around her senses like a lullaby as she leaned forward to kiss the top of her head.

After walking into her house with Sana following her closely Mina found out she was way too drained to stay awake much longer despite it was barely the middle of the morning the day before, Sana insisted on staying and she didn’t find enough strength on herself to deny the petition to her lover who basically refused to leave her alone for longer than a couple of minutes and strictly if Mina asked or if it was purely necessary. After a light dinner and a movie neither of them was interested in watching they found themselves tangled under the blankets once again, Sana dressed head to toe with the first pajamas she could find hanging in Mina’s closet and the other woman had to admit that seeing her using her clothes was probably the most endearing thing she’s seen in the last ten years.

There was something about begin with Sana that give Mina a strong sense of belonging, like she turned into a better person simply because she got the other woman to love her with enough intensity to forgive all her errors in the blink of an eye. Sana could have had anyone she wanted in that town, in New York even and somehow she seemed to refuse to let Mina go as much as Mina did with her, something about being with her gave Mina a sense of purpose, a type of strength nobody else could have woken up inside her.

After seeing him leave Sehun didn’t cross her thoughts until that very moment hours after, she didn’t know if he left or if he was expecting her to come back crawling home like a soldier coming back from war. The realization of her reflection in Sehun’s actions hurt her more than any amount of hits he could have given her, to see herself in his position and placing the love of her life in the other side of the sharp blade like she did with Sana only days ago. Her arms held her tighter against her side for a second making Sana hum in her sleep practically melting against Mina’s warm skin under the blanket, Mina knew she had to make a decision at some point, she knew there was no way she could keep allowing herself to hurt Sana without facing consequences about it.

Her decision was beyond picking between Sana and Sehun; Mina had to decide which version of herself was going to allow her to live the rest of her life in peace. Mina knew that staying with Sehun after that day wasn’t going to be the same as the last five years of relationship, something broke between them when he decided to hurt her that morning, there was a piece of her trust that never could be gained again after his actions and she wished Sehun knew that too but even when the decision seemed easy after placing Sehun next to Sana who seemed to have come down from heaven simply to hold Mina in her sleep, Mina knew much better than that.

Ten years was enough for many things to change, Sana and her seemed to be in love with each other like not even a year passed between their relationship but at the end of the day Mina had to consider the possibility of it happening because of a golden rush, the excitement of being forbidden, the promised land hidden behind immeasurable dangers. The real question was; was she really going to be able to forgive herself if she allowed Sana to slip away from her again? Sana seemed to be her only ticket out from a hell she built herself without even realizing; a train that was only passing by in her life once and Mina knew that if she didn’t hop into it on time she was going to be left behind without Sana ever looking back at her again.

Was she really going to keep placing her life on hold just to fit?

-Baby-Sana whispered against her neck before tilting her head up for a moment to look at Mina’s deep eyes with hers barely open.- Is everything okay? Do you need something?

Mina looked at her without rush, printing in her memory the picture of Sana looking at her ever so tenderly as the light from the street showered her in a grace that even the heavens should be jealous of, her pink lips parted as she breathed slowly almost like she was afraid of any sudden move could scared Mina away from her.

-I’m in love with you Sana-Mina said softly for the first time in ten years, the only true she’s allowed to pass her lips in the last three weeks. - I love you- she whispered as she felt a freeing emotion filling her heavy chest as Sana’s eyes filled with tears.- I didn’t stop loving you, not even a single day Sana, I promise.

Sana felt her heart squeeze in a overwhelming wave of emotions crashing against her still half sleep brain, Mina's hands cupped her cheeks so tenderly she could have sworn the touch was purely her imagination as her hands started to tremble against Mina's tummy. All the town had to offer for Sana was Mina, all she ever wanted from the day she turned back to that place was to gain the piece of her that was left behind years ago, the trace of a happier her, the version of Sana that didn't need to kill herself working every and each day to distract herself from her emptiness but the one who laughed like a little kid out of pure joy, the version of herself Mina grew up loving like there was nothing else meant for her.

She waited for the moment since they first kissed in a rush weeks ago, a piece of her always wished for Mina to whisper it to her when she thought she was asleep laid in her sheets with her warm skin pressed tightly against her in the after-glow of . Mina was beyond Sana's understanding, everything about her seemed meant to confuse her and her aching heart but she couldn't think about a sweeter poison than her lips kissing her face like it was the last remain of art in the whole wide world. Between her tears Sana still saw it, the overflowing sadness buried in Mina's eyes looking back at her with all her attention. All those years Sana thought she was the one who ruined everything, the one to blame for the pain in both of their hearts and Mina allowed her to think that, knowing damn well it was mostly her blame to take... Until that moment.

-Sana, I'm so sorry for hurting you-Mina mumbled holding back her own tears as her thumbs swiped Sana's bitter tears away.- I'm sorry for daring to hit you in your car, I'm sorry for never giving you your place in front of other people.- She continued making Sana sob loudly, she sounded so broken and small Mina thought she was probably the most disgusting person in the world.

-I thought you were ashamed of me-Sana cried gripping the sides of Mina's shirt until her knuckles turned white.- I thought you never give me a real chance because I embarrassed you, You were always so happy to introduce your boyfriends but...- That was the first time in her life Sana allowed her to know what exactly she felt, how many harm Mina had caused without even realizing she did so.- You never introduced me, you never talked about me with anyone and... Why couldn't you? I grew up thinking there was a piece of you that hated to be with me, that I was not enough.

Mina's body shook as she pulled herself up dragging Sana in the process to sit in the middle of her bed, before the her crying lover could register what was happening Mina was already sitting on her lap with brown teary eyes looking back at her with the most sincere gaze Sana has ever seen. Her hands pulled Mina's waist closer to her body as a pair of warm trembling hands cupped her cheeks tenderly, Mina needed to let her know, Mina needed to release her from a weight she never knew she put over her shoulders.

-Sana-Mina called with a broken voice, her thumbs caressing the skin under her fingertips as Sana closed her eyes in a poor attempt to stop her tears.- You're the only thing that happened in my life that was honest and pure- She promised in a whisper as her lips pressed against Sana's forehead- You're the only piece of me that I love, you're more than enough, more than what I even deserve to have after all I've put you through.

It felt like all her life Sana had been waiting for those very words to leave Mina's lips, there was nothing wrong in her, there was nothing she should be ashamed about and Mina knew it was her fault for letting her think so poorly about herself for so long. Sana was braver than anyone she could know, she was stronger than any army but between Mina's arms that night she was nothing but a child again, like time had gone back to their teenage years when they had to whisper in the middle of the night for their parents not to hear their love promises. There weren't barriers around any of them anymore, their hearts were out for the other to see and any of them mattered if a rock was thrown towards them because nothing could be worse than being pulled apart.

-I love you Mina, I love you so much-Sana promised in a whisper as she looked into Mina's eyes.

Lips crashed against hers first tenderly and almost hesitating for a second before a warmer feeling surrounded them, Sana's arm holding Mina still in her lap almost like she couldn't believe everything was happening finally, after so many years of wait, she felt her shake under her hands as she ran her palms up and down her sides underneath her old shirt, Mina was hers. Hers to keep, to protect, Mina was Sana's to love.

-Please don't leave me alone again-Mina whispered shuddering as eager lips kissed down her jaw and .- Don't leave me behind.

-Never again love-Sana promised as nails dig into her shoulders in Mina's attempt to keep herself grounded to the real world as Sana's mouth her skin.- We'll get out of here together- the promises slip from with such ease that Mina knew she meant every single word, she looked up to meet her eyes as she held the edges of Mina's shirt.- Can I make love to you?

Mina's lips curved into a tender smile as her hand ran down Sana's hair softly, How could she deny anything to Sana? Her wishes were her owns, their minds and bodies seemed to flow in the same course as Sana freed her from her old shirt, lips quickly landing on her skin like Mina was the only source of oxygen she had in that room. Her lips kissed the purple-ish bite on her softly but eager, her tongue sliding over the mark almost as an apologize to her past actions with Mina's hands tangled in her hair.

That night lighted by the moonlight and the shadows coming from the street Mina looked at Sana strip from her clothes just for her before the desire consumed every part of her body, her head felt like floating as her lover's hands ran down her body like she was Sana's only desire and goal, like there wasn't a world outside that room and other people beside each other.

That night, for the first time in ten years; Mina was free.


A week went by between them like it was a matter of seconds and the next Saturday reached Evermore before they could even realize it. It was Mina’s rehearsal dinner for the weeding and in an interesting twist that Sana couldn’t help but find funny, Mina was stuck in her lap as they sat in the floor of her bedroom. The decision of breaking the engagement was taken but there was still plenty of things to take care before Mina could move forward with her plans, leaving Sehun wasn’t simply breaking a relationship, she also needed to leave everything in order with her parents and her house since Sana had proven to be more than eager about sharing her home with her.

-Stop moving around-Mina groaned with a soft smile as her hand applied a layer of pink lip gloss over Sana’s mouth.

-You’re distracting me-Sana mumbled as her hand ran down Mina’s exposed back.

Mina giggled as she looked down at her lover who smiled brightly at her after her lips were done, something about her finally sinking fully into Sana and all their possibilities had her feeling like an excited child all over the place. Sana wasn’t lying about being distracted, after all Mina seemed outstanding in front of her wrapped in her brand new red dress and her blonde hair perfectly tied on a bun, a part of her had to be glad with Sehun for being such a useless boyfriend because otherwise she couldn’t enjoy of the almost angelic sight in front of her.

The crack on Mina’s relationship with Sehun was so clear and deep he didn’t even try to fight or argue anymore when Mina walked out of the house with her backpack shamelessly hanging over her shoulder to march right into Sana’s car waiting for her outside. The marks and signals of their affair written in almost every wall of that forgotten town where nobody seemed to take care into them as Sana’s hand found its place over Mina’s tight in the safety of her car. Evermore seemed to be frozen in time and somehow Sana considered they both were as well, ten years was enough for Mina to forget her, to refuse anything she had to offer and stay between Sehun’s arms as she looked at her leave as lonely as she reached that place but that wasn’t the case, Mina still loved her, Mina still put her over anything else and somehow no even a year had passed by between them.

After all their stolen moments and hidden encounters, Mina and Sana were still the best part of each other and nothing could have torn them apart then when they allowed their hearts to open despite their blooming fear. Mina was convinced her lover reached her life again only to proof her how empty everything was before, how false was her happiness in that town, how lacking was her relationship as a whole, Sana had to be a miracle that happened once every one hundred years because otherwise she would have turned her heels 160 grades around and leave Mina without her second chance in the blink of an eye.

-You don’t have to do this-Mina promise softly as her hands picked Sana’s to kiss her knuckle.

-I want to-Sana admitted turning to look at her with a soft smile, the car parked in front of the restaurant. - Do you want me to leave?

-Of course no Angel-Mina assured with a frown before leaning to peck her lips- You’re more welcome here than anybody else.

Seeing her with Sehun was less painful then when he didn’t dare to even touch her hand for longer than a couple of seconds and since Mina seemed to have torn almost all her caution to the wind as she kept her closer than her own fiancé. The restaurant was considerably crowed and Sana could simply flow Mina as she greeted at the curious guests, she guessed it wasn’t really common for the bride-to-be to show up in the rehearsal dinner without the groom but thankfully everybody was too polite to ask her about his location so she kept for herself the poor excuse she created about work or the Jenkins.

Looking at her from across the room once their ways parted Mina couldn’t believe how everything about her changed just for one single person, how fast was she able to throw herself towards the edge knowing for sure there were arms waiting for her in the other side. Her life had crumbled down like a house of cards taken by the wind but she couldn’t mind less, better things expected her for the future, the was a whole wide world of possibilities waiting for her after their left that town behind and looking at Sana’s bright smile directed towards her between the crowd a part of Mina knew there was nothing to be scared of.

She regretted not leaving before, she wished she could recover all those years she’s wasted expecting everybody else to think highly of her no matter how many pieces of her soul the behavior took away from her but then she knew that if that had happened she probably couldn’t count with Sana by her side. Love was the most powerful thing a person could feel, it had them swaying from the peak of their happiness to the dangerous edges of sadness but at the end of the day there wasn’t a thing they wanted to change on each other. Love was about understanding, about support and care and Mina couldn’t find someone capable to give her that and much more than other than Sana.

-Mina-Her mother’s face suddenly turned paler as she looked behind her daughter’s back.

Stumbling pass the restaurant’s door Sehun walked in with a half drank bottle of rum in his hand, behind him and almost pulling him out of the place the older of the Jenkins rushed following his steps with a nervous expression. The whole place seemed suddenly quiet as his eyes fell over Mina from across the room, his face red in a mix of anger and drunkenness Mina knew she had to be scared of.

-You! - Sehun pointed, his deep voice almost like a roar in the middle of the crowd making Mina tremble in her place. – How dare you!?

Frozen in her spot Mina saw helplessly how the man walked towards her with wide heavy steps, when a hand extended in front of her face in a poor attempt to reach her hair an arm pulled her back by the waist in one quick move, Sana’s soft groan reached her ears as she held her against her front pushing her away from Sehun’s reach. Mina felt like puking at the dizzying movement as Sana turned them around for her back to face Sehun as she grounded her lover steps away from the man; that slap was going to be the last time Sehun dared to lay a finger over Mina that way in Sana’s presence.

-I’m here-Sana whispered against Mina’s cheek before turning to look directly into the man’s eyes, fearless.

-What the are you going to do ? Try to seduce me? - Sehun laughed as he pointed at Sana who looked at him with sharp eyes, Mina closed her eyes in fear when she gave a step closer towards her.

-Listen to me Sehun-Sana started with a frown, only a step separating her from the man.- We’re between us friends…- She teased with a mocking smile as she tilted her head to the side as a mock, her voice turned into a whisper.- Do you really want the whole city to know I’m sleeping with your girl?

-Sana-Mina breathed behind her giving a step closer; she needed to be more careful with her words. - Let’s go home.

That moment hit Sehun harder than a punch in the face, Mina didn’t even care enough about him to try and stop him, she really cared so little about them anymore to try and bend things between them, instead all she could think about was Sana and her safety. When Mina’s hand lifted to hold the back of Sana’s arm, Sehun took his chance as an overwhelming wave of anger crashed against him, his hand gripping Sana’s hair and pulling her away harsh enough to make her whine loudly at the pain practically dragging her to stand out of Mina’s reach.

-You’re pathetic-Sehun chuckled darkly as Sana tried to punch him without any success. - Is this really the best you could found Mina?

-Mina, What is he talking about? - Her mother wondered with a shaky voice behind her, Mina didn’t tear her eyes from Sana’s crying face.

-Sehun let her go-Mina tried giving an step closer towards the man- You don’t want to hurt her for real, it’s been enough…

-I’ll tell you when I had enough!-Sehun shouted making Mina jump back for a moment. - How dare you to sleep in my bed when you were ing her!? Out of all the people, you did this to me with the filthiest you could found!

The room filled with gasps and exclamations of surprise yet Mina didn’t care about them anymore, any of them mattered as she heard Sana groan in anger under Sehun’s grip over her hair moving her head side to side in a poor attempt to free herself. How was it that she ever thought about loving that man? How was it that she never knew the type of monster hidden behind his surface?

-I never loved you-Mina said softly as she looked at the man’s eyes with a serious expression, all her emotions seemed to be kept lock somewhere in her mind as she thought about the best way of making him let go of Sana.- Not even at the beginning Sehun.

That was the first true she told that man in the last month since Sana’s arrival, suddenly her shoulders weren’t that heavy and she felt she could lift up her chin to face him without fear. The chaos was unleashed and there was no way to make it return to the place he kept in the bottom of their hearts, Mina’s decision was taken already and Sehun had to deal with the fact there was no way he could recover what they used to have, something he tricked himself to think was perfect.

-You disgust me-Mina said with a straight face looking how the man moved closer towards her.

His hand finally moving from Sana’s hair releasing her from his grip and making her stumble steps behind his back, Sehun was so blinded by his fury he didn’t even see it coming when Harry jumped from the crowd to throw him directly towards the floor. His body crashing against the wooden surface with a dry sound as the officer kept him down with his knee buried harshly in the middle of his back. Mina rushed towards Sana as fast as her weak legs allowed her to, taking advantage from Harry's interruption to reach her lover in a poor attempt to assure Sana what side she was on.

Mina didn't know how many strings where keeping her down in that down until she cupped Sana's cheeks between her warm hands, her thumbs swiping the bitter tears away from the tender skin making Sana know she was there for her, that they'd had to step over her for her to allow anything else to happend. Those people would have called them sinners, would have thought they were a shame and were the reason why Mina felt she should kept herself hidden in a molde no matter how rotten it was inside. They couldn't handle to face something a bright as their love, they couldn't understand the concept of being true to themselves the way Sana's always been.

-Let's go Angel-Mina whispered for only Sana to hear, her hands squeezing her shoulders softly.- I'll get you out of here.- she promised as she leaned to peck her trembling lips without rush.

-Mina!- Sehun called behind her but she couldn't care less as Sana nodded weakly in front of her.- Don't you dare to leave!

-Give me a second-Mina mumbled as she leaned to kiss Sana's nose with a soft smile, her hand falling in place over Sana's for a minute before taking her ring off.

Like a prisioner taking of the handcuffs Mina looked at the small ring held between her index and her thumb, Mina looked down at Sehun still on the floor, his cheek pressed harshly against the surface as he looked at her with nothing but fury. In the past Mina would have forgiven him, she wouldn't have dared to walk in that place with Sana by her side but those were things she was ready to leave behind her and mistakes she wasn't open to commit again. That windy night of saturday in the middle of nowhere Mina had her first taste of true freedom... and the only thing that could top that sensation of fullnest was Sana's hand softly pressed against the middle of her back, assuring her, she was there to hold her too.

-Goodbye Sehun.- Mina said blankly as she threw the ring to the floor in front of the man.

And Goodbye to the old Mina as well.

When she turned around to face Sana the first thing she noticed was the proud smile on her face, their hands locking together as their fingers intertwined to walk towards the restaurant's door like there was nobody but them inside. The murmurs of the people didn't bother them and even less Sehun's voice calling at Mina like he couldn't believe his eyes, Everything about Evermore was a chapter they both could finally finish because they hand in their hands the only treasure the place had to offer.

-I love you-Sana whispered as she leaned to kiss Mina's lips from the driver seat.

Sana drove into that town a month behind with nothing but an aching heart and an empty life to show and only four weeks after she found herself with everything she could have asked for and more as Mina smiled at her brightly in the company seat. Her hand over her tight like the distance between them as something impossible to reach, before Sana, Mina's life seemed to be nothing but a dessert and somehow, slowly and almost without realizing flowers started to bloom in the darkness of her nights, between the stolen moments of joy her lover gifted her with the purest intentions.

In a forgotten land where nothing was as it seemed, Their love bloomed in the darkness like the brightest sun of a warm summer.

-I love you-Mina answered with a bright smile.

Sana didn't need for her to said to know it was a promise; their promise of a forever. 


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