"The end of the semester approaches" "And so does our break!"

In a brightly lit room with sun shinning through the window, an alarm began to ring loudly. With a soft groan, Mark shifted in his bed as he began to wake up. He squinted as the sun light shines in his eyes. He sleepily sat up before grabbing his phone and turning off the alarm. He checked the time, 7:30am. He placed his phone on his dresser where it was sat before. He moved his blanket off himself, pushing it on the bed as he got up from his bed. He put on his slippers that was placed near the side of his bed. He then went to the bathroom, beginning his day as he always did to before having to attend his classes.

Once dressed completely in a white buttoned up shirt, black jeans and black sneakers, Mark went to the kitchen to grab the breakfast and lunch he had prepared the day before. He grabbed four containers; two breakfast and two lunches. He closed the fridge after grabbing the containers. He placed them in his bookbag, careful not to crinkle the few papers that weren't placed in any of his folders. He zipped up his bag with a small smile before grabbing his keys off the kitchen counter, tossing his bag over his right shoulder.

After locking the door his apartment, he made his way out the building to a near by bus stop. Less than 10 minutes passed when Mark saw the bus approaching. He got on the bus, paying for the ride and getting a transfer. He stared out the window, looking at whatever caught his attention before he need to get off the bus to enter another bus.

Finally, Mark arrived at his college. Quickly getting off the bus and crossing the street, he entered his college. He greeted the receptionist before entering the cafeteria. He was immediately greeted with a loud call of his name. He smiled brightly when he saw his best friend; Jackson, sitting at their usual table. Mark quickly approached him. "How many times do I have to tell you that it's too early for you to yell like that" he said, a smile still on his face as he sat next to jackson. "I can't help but be happy to my best friend, you know that" Jackson said as our his arm around marks shoulders, pulling him closer. Mark laughed softly as looked at Jackson's smiling face. He smiled at Jackson before moving to take off his bag, causing Jackson to move his arm off of Mark's shoulders. Zipping open his bag quickly, Mark took out the two containers of breakfast. He place one in front of Jackson then himself. "Are you sure it's not because your excited for the good I make for you every day?" Mark asked with a soft smile. Jackson grinned at him. "I do like your food, but I like you more" Jackson said playfully as he leaned a bit closer to mark. Mark shoved Jackson's shoulder playfully, a shy smile on his face as he rolled his eyes. Jackson laughed before getting up to heat up the food, Mark following close behind. Jackson microwaved his breakfast then carefully grabbed the container out, trying not burn himself. Mark then heated up his breakfast before they both sat at their table. They placed their container in front of them. Mark quickly got up, getting utensils and napkins for both of them.

As they ate their breakfast Jackson mentioned how he had gotten assigned projects in a few of his classes. "I have so much I need to work on" Jackson said, whining slightly. "Of course" Mark said, pausing before continuing. "The end of the semester approaches. We-" Mark wasn't able to finish his sentence when Jackson suddenly butted in. "And so does our break!" Jackson said happily, excited for the week and a half break that they would be given before the new semester. "Don't be excited now. We have a lot of assignments to do, especially you" Mark said before eating another spoonful of his breakfast. "But mark~, there's so much too do..." Jackson said in a slightly sad tone while whining. Mark sighed "it's because you keep slacking off. If you finished your work early you wouldn't have to rush last minute" he said. "I know but I'm not as smart as you, I also get distracted easily" "you do" Mark agreed quickly. Jackson pouted slightly before smiling "but I always hand in my assignments on time" Jackson said, smiling. Mark laughed softly "that's because I always help you" he said. "And I'm grateful to have such an amazing best friend like you, mark~" Jackson said with a bright smile. "Okay, okay~. I'll help you with some of your assignments during lunch" "thank you!" Jackson said, hugging Mark tightly. "Jackson, I'm trying to eat" Mark said between soft laughter. "Sorry" Jackson said before quickly letting him go and beginning to eat the breakfast Mark had made for him.I

As promised, during lunch man had help Jackson do a few of his assignments. He made Jackson start on of his assignments while they ate the lunch that Mark had prepared. Mark have Jackson a few tips as they finished their food and began to pack their things away, getting ready to headed to their next class. They got their class a few minutes early. They sat at their usual table located on the left side in the middle row, both of them sitting next to each other.

Weeks began to pass by slowly with Mark helping Jackson with his assignments while working on his own. Mark always tried to finish his assignments as early a possible. He had less to do than Jackson since he had finished all his projects ahead of time. He only had to focus on presentations, final exams and a few assignments. He was currently in the library of them college, sitting next to jackson at the computers. He watched as Jackson typed up the last bit of his accounting project. Jackson quickly saved his project before stretching in his chair and letting out a sigh of relief. "I'm finally done with all my projects..." Jackson muttered with a small smile. "We just have presentations and one more final exam" Mark said then quickly added "but you have to do this week's class discussion online". "Oh right, I forgot about that..." Jackson said with a slight frown. "We'll take a break after you finish that, okay?" Mark said with a smile, trying to cheer him up. "Okay..." "I'll buy you ice cream" Jackson smiled brightly "mark~, you're really my best friend" "yes, I know" Mark said with a smile. "Now be quiet and do your work, we're in the library after all" Mark said, still smiling as he watched Jackson nod cutely before doing his assignment.

After Jackson finished the class discussion, they packed their things and logged out the computers. They left the library and exited their college, going to a nearby corner store. Mark bought himself an orange icy while Jackson got a small container of vanilla ice cream. They went back to their college and sat in the cafeteria, eating their ice cream silently before Jackson began to speak. "We should hang out during our break, it'll be fun" Jackson said, smiling at mark. "We should, but I don't think could meet up every day" Mark said before eating a piece of his icy. "I know that" Jackson said, placing his spoon in the container of ice cream. "Promise me you'll spend as much time with me as possible over our break?" Jackson asked with a hopeful smile. Mark smiled, laughing lightly before saying "okay, I will". Jackson quickly hugged mark, almost making Mark drop the last bit of his icy on the table. "Jackson!" Mark said scolded with a giggle. "Sorry" Jackson said as he pulled away, smiling brightly at mark. Mark smiled sweetly in return, watching as Jackson are a spoonful of his vanilla ice cream. They stared at each other while smiling, enjoying the rest of their frozen treat.

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