Beautifully Painful (BTOB Sungjae Fanfiction)

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"In my next life..."

"...I'll choose to love you again."

"I met you, I fell in love
That moment I was happier than ever
Please don't be in pain
I wish it was beatiful in your memories"

"I thought it was just pity that i'm feeling, but I was wrong..."

" was love;"

"It was love."

"I met my love, I said goodbye
For endless days, I cried and laugh
This times, This moments
They're so beautiful yet so painful"


Yook Sungjae loved Jung Yeonghui ever since they were kids, and will most probably love her until his last breaths.

However, Yeonghui's heart is owned by another man. 

But when the Yooks' business crumbled down to ashes, as a good friend, Yeonghui's family offered help to the dying company by engaging the two in an arranged marriage that broke the woman's heart. 

But what could she do, she cherishes her best friend very much. 

So turning her back on the only guy she will probably loved in this eternity and agreed to be married to her best friend. 

However, fate must have been tricking them because months before their marriage, Yeonghui was diagnosed to be terminally ill, and there's nothing they could do to prevent it from coming. 

Yeonghui have one wish on her dying state. 

To be with the one she truly loved.

Will Sungjae grant her last wish? 


A/N: HIIIIII it's me again!!!! hahahhaha. I've mentioned this in my feed a few days back and I'm writing it now hehehhe. This will be a short story for this December (and subtly a bday gift for myself) and because I miss our Sungjae baby from the army hahhaah. 

A Christmas gift for my lovely readers as well hahhaha. Just recently, BTOB4U appeared on weekly idol and it reminded me of how much I missed BTOB huhu

So, what do I do when I miss them out of the blue? 


Write a fanfic about your bias! 


anyways, enjoy~
Supposed to publish this last month, but I just have to be busy af, *rolls eyes. But no worries, this will be one of my new projects for the new year hahahah XD


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