Dude, Where's my cat?



Kyuhyun and Hongki live together in a small apartment, and on a Kyuhyun’s birthday, Hongki gives his friend a kitten. He calls it Sunny. For eight months of every year she turns into a human, and gradually both honki and kyu fall for her, but which one will she chose?

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Kyuhyun POV

Tomorrow I was turning twenty one. It wasn’t such a big age in terms of importance, but my roommate Hongki said he had a surprise for me. It couldn’t be a car, could it? Probably not, he didn’t have that kind of money. But what could it be? I was so excited!

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Chapter 19: Ahh!!! Authornim update soon!!! Please.. >///_///<
CRAP! I CAN'T BELIVE ITS BEEN TWO YEARS!!!! i've had a lot going on with college and stuff so im not sure when i'll be able to get back to writing this >.< SORRY!!!!!
Chapter 19: YOU NEED TO UPDTAE, 2 YEARS IS TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
erm... did you wanted a background? Cuz you requested for a character chart. Please credit us.
AnythingwithSunnyLee #5
Sunny, please Come Back! .. you still need to clarify a lot of things. hehe.
AnythingwithSunnyLee #6
i love the conflict. Makes it more interesting and not boring. Great job!
LOL how in the world can Hongki's tummy rumble and Youngwoon sneezing at a critical moment like that??
ploykz-sunny #8
poor kyu
new reader here
it's going to be sunkyu right?????????????????
Omo what happen ?? don't do bad for kyu please.
Update soon