Chapter 9

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Jong Kook’s mind is still restless. The discussion he had with the international investors are still yet to be finalized. He is in London for almost four days already and sleep is not on his side the moment he steps foot in this city. He wanted to blame it in jetlag but who is he kidding? The main reason for his anxiety is the anticipation to know if he is the father or not of the young lady’s child. Apparently, he was informed by Dong Hoon that the lady gave birth two days ago and they were able to get sample needed to conduct the paternity test. His instinct is telling him that the baby is not his, but he needed a solid proof.

It doesn’t help that he received the final letter of their divorce days ago. He read it once again and he still can’t believe that it happened. All because of his stupidity. He wonders if Ji hyo got the letter the same time he got his. It doesn’t matter though. He shouldn’t think of her. Ji Hyo is doing well without you. His traitor mind told him as he gazes at her photos saved in his phone. They made it final few months ago. So, what’s the point of this lingering emotions? It will just bring him to depression and guilt.

Looking at the view outside his hotel room, he can see the flickering lights of the city, it might be dazzling and entertaining, but he feels empty. Is this karma? Karma for inflicting pain to the woman whom he promised the words ‘till death do us part’. He is confused. He doesn’t know if the fragments of emotions he is feeling are enough for him to chase her. It’s not easy to say sorry this time because she might not hear him out.


“Ji Hyo-yah, are you okay?”


He said in a whisper while looking at her smiling face, most of her photos in his phone were candidly taken.


“Ji Hyo-yah, what will I do? I think I miss you.”


His heart bleeds as he looks at their photos. It’s too late, he said. It is really too late.


In the right wing of the hospital, another pediatric section is located. There is a playground too, where children can play under the supervision of hospital staffs. Ji Hyo is just seating quietly in a nearby bench and watching the kids run up and down the slide. She is still in her hospital clothes, but she can walk on her own now despite the soreness. She loves watching the kids as they play. They look so carefree and happy. Their laughter is like a melody to her.

She can imagine her Hera growing up and playing in a playground as well. She will have the same smile as those kids have and she will be energetic for sure. But at the back of her mind, she’s afraid that Hera might not be a normal child. The doctor confronted her with the possibility of developmental delays and a possible con heart disease. It was hard to digest such possibilities. No mother can easily accept such reality. No matter how hard she told herself that it might or might not happen to her Hera, just the thought of it breaks her heart repeatedly. She’s blaming herself for it.


“Oh, patient Song Ji Hyo, what are you doing here?”


Hyun Bin approached her with a smile. In her stay here in the hospital, Hyun Bin is a constant companion. He is like a brother, a best friend whom she can rely on.


“Oppa! How did you know that I am here?”

“I just knew it. Are you bored? The doctor informed you that you must rest. And the NICU’s visiting time will be an hour from now. So, why are you here?”

“I am just watching the kids. See that child? I wonder if Hera will be as energetic as her. I wonder if she can play

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