Chapter 8

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It is Ji Hyo’s dream to be a mother. When she was just a child, her parents asked her about her dream when she grow up, she immediately replied about being a mother someday. A dream that became closer to reality when she married Jong Kook. However, it is not an easy dream. Being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, the journey to motherhood is like almost a miracle. She got pregnant after two years of being married but it ended up in miscarriage even before reaching the fifth month. To say that she was devastated was an understatement. She had sleepless nights and her emotions were in chaos. She wanted to be alone during that time, even the sight of her husband made her more miserable and guilty.


It took months for her to finally cope and get over with grief. That time, she was supposed to have a baby boy. They tried having a child again after some months, seeking assistance from fertility clinics and even going out of the country for a therapy. But the result is always heart wrenching, series of negative pregnancy tests pile up in their bathroom bin and her motivation goes down the drain. She blames herself for it. No amount of consolation can pacify her sorrow.


When she knew about Jong Kook’s fathering a child, that’s where she lost it all. It is like pouring salt in an open wound. Ji Hyo thought is was her fault to begin with. Maybe Jong Kook can’t bear being childless all these years. She felt utterly useless, totally irrelevant and her ego was severely wounded. She’s mad at her husband when she left their house that night but she’s mad at herself the most. She can’t seem to forgive herself because of her shortcomings. Maybe that’s why her husband impregnated someone because she can’t even bear his child.


But that circumstances changed the day of her divorce. To learn that she is pregnant on the day she severed ties with Jong Kook was surreal. That fateful day, everything fell apart until that unforgettable trip to the doctor. She’s pregnant. Three months. She’s pregnant without her knowing it. She’s pregnant during those times of crying in agony because of Jong Kook. She’s pregnant while she nursed a broken heart and a broken relationship. The baby stayed with her during those difficult times. The baby even made herself known after her conquering the storms in her life.


Having a child at this stage is like a beginning. Though her marriage ended, a life is growing inside her womb. A miracle that she will forever treasure because in every ending, surely there’s beginning. Sometimes we are not just aware of it.


No parents wanted to see their child suffering. It is their greatest nightmare. Inside the hospital’s deserted hallway, a couple is crying not just for their unconscious daughter but also for their grandchild.


“Yeobo, do you think we should inform Jong Kook? Afterall, he is still the father of the baby.”

“I don’t know. What I care about is Ji Hyo and the baby. What can we say to her when she asks about her child? At this stage, Jong Kook is still a dilemma for her. I don’t want her to continue hurting because of him. Besides, without you knowing, I tried calling him yesterday. But looks like his number is no longer working. I phoned his company, but they informed me he is away for a business trip.”

“Aigoo. Our poor Ji Hyo.”

“We should be strong for her. She needs us the most.”


When they were ushered inside the recovery room, Ji Hyo is still unconscious. Her doctor informed them that she’s out of danger. They thought that Ji Hyo will be in coma as the doctor immediately informed them of the complications she undergoes. Thankfully, she was able to get through it.


“Ji Hyo-yah, this is Omma. You need to wake up my love. Your baby…”

“Yeobo, you

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