Chapter 7

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Jong Kook is mad. The design that should be presented to the investors is still far from finish. The tension in the office escalates when he saw one or two employees slacking off. He tried his best not to yell at them, thinking about the design rather than reprimanding the staffs. When Ji Hyo is still employed in the company, she also coordinates with the other team in order to meet the deadlines. Ji Hyo is like an almost secretary to him. She is efficient in dealing with the team about projects and she can really work well under pressure. It stayed like that until she left few months ago. Work is hectic and since she went away, it was more chaotic.


Jong Kook is mad. Just after a busy day, the lady who allegedly carrying his child informed him that she needed money for a purpose he doesn’t even dare knowing. The lady knew how loaded he is, taking advantage of the opportunity to take so much from him. She threatens him about announcing it to public, using the unborn child as a weapon. Jong Kook knew how evil she can be that’s why as much as possible, he assigned his lawyer to deal with her. He just needs to wait for the time she gives birth which will be next month, so that he can do paternity test right away.


Jong Kook is mad. But this time, he is mad at his own stupidity. It’s still dark when he woke up from his slumber. He almost shouted Ji Hyo’s name, only to be reminded that she is no longer around him. It is a natural occurrence for him whenever he will wake up in an empty bed at the wee hours of the night, Ji Hyo usually go out of their bedroom when she couldn’t sleep because of anxiety. It is natural for him to look for her and bring her back to bed and they will spend the night in each other’s embrace. He is lying to himself if he yells out loud that he didn’t miss her. He really needs to get used to being alone. He wonders if apologizing to her once again can soothe the pain he caused her. Maybe it is the lack of communication too, but what happened was all his fault. He cannot seem to go back to sleep because he keeps thinking about her and how he can approach and talk to her. Calling and sending messages seem futile. He is thinking about going to her parent’s house, but still contemplating about it. He is afraid. Afraid of rejection and humiliation. And he is afraid to lose her over again. His mind brought him back to the day they got married. He will never forget the happiness in her eyes.He gives her happiness, but he is also the one who took it away from her.


“Ji Hyo-yah, I miss you.”


He whispered. In just one mistake, the person whom he promised ‘forever’ walked away.


Today is another scary yet exciting day for Ji Hyo. She is scheduled for another ultrasound, she can’t wait to hear Hera’s heartbeat. Yet she is also scared because they will do series of tests to determine Hera’s condition inside her tummy. Her mother was with her a while ago, but she immediately went back to the family shop because of some urgent matter. She assured her mother that she’s ok on her own but when her mother left her, around fifteen minutes after, her handsome friend randomly walks down the hallway where she is waiting.



“You look anxious. Do you want some water?”

“I am fine.”

“Take this. I bought this for you.”

“Strawberry milk? Am I a child?”


He just laughs at her reply. Hyun Bin is now seating beside her, talking about the food he made last night. He mentioned something about it being overcooked and he threw away the leftovers. Ji Hyo is listening, but her mind is somewhere. She can’t seem to focus because of nervousness.


“Ji hyo-yah?”


“The nurse called you in. Come on, let’s go.”

“Oppa, I can go alone.”

“Stop being stubborn, I will accompany you inside.”


“Shhhh… I am your doctor too. I mean, I am Hera’s doctor.”



Ji Hyo doesn’t have the will to argue. When they are already inside, the doctor started the ultrasound. Soon after, Hera’s familiar heartbeat can be heard. It is loud and strong. She can’t help but tear up hearing the familiar heartbeat that is music to her ears.


“Our little baby girl is growing well. Hopefully, she’ll continue to grow healthily until the time you have to give birth to her.”


While listening to the Doctor, Ji Hyo can’t t

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