Chapter 6

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The trip going home is uneventful. Ji Hyo’s mind is somewhere. After three more days in the hospital, the doctor informed her that she can continue to rest at home. When they arrived home this afternoon, her mother noticed how quiet she is. She spends her time in the nursery, staring blankly at the unassembled rocking horse that Hyun Bin started doing few days ago. That time, she didn’t know about her condition, and now her excitement is laced with fear, for her and her unborn baby. She promised herself not to cry anymore because being sad will not help both of them.

The nursery room is almost full of baby clothes and toys. The printed ultrasound scans adorned the wall and the name ‘Hera’ was placed neatly above the princess-like cot. Indeed, the room is ready for its occupant, but it is something that Ji Hyo expects around four months from now, not two. She knew the complications that the baby may face when born prematurely, she knew how it will affect her while growing up. And because of that, she can’t help but cry in agony.



“There you are, Ji Hyo-yah. Are you trying to assemble the rocking horse? I told you, I will do it for you. Don’t you trust me?”


Ji Hyo’s getting used to Hyun Bin’s presence. While she’s in the hospital, he barely leaves her side, always worrying about her and her unborn child. Even her doctor had a long conversation with him and that makes him the designated paediatrician of her baby. There are awkward moments too, the nurses thought that he is her husband, even addressing him as ‘Ms. Song’s husband’. He said he doesn’t mind but she doesn’t want them to misunderstand further. There is an instance that she needs to go to the toilet, but her mother is away, the doctor specifically informed her not to go to the toilet alone during that day, so she doesn’t have a choice but to politely asked Hyun Bin to accompany her. For him, it’s nothing but for Ji Hyo, she wanted the ground to swallow her whole because of embarrassment.


“This is almost complete, I can finish assembling this today. Ji hyo-yah, are you listening?”


Hyun Bin casted a worried look towards her direction. He can see the troubled look on her face while she discreetly wipe away her tears. Despite the doctor’s assurance that everything will be ok, her worried heart betrays her.


“Ji Hyo-yah, you are crying again. Did I made you cry?”

“Of course not. Sorry, I am just extra emotional.”

“Would you like me to go out of the room?”

“No. Just stay. You can stay, oppa. I might continue crying if I am alone again.”

“Ji hyo-yah, did I tell you before that I know how to bake bread and cookies?”


“I didn’t know until I tried baking. I can say that I can bake the best chocolate chips cookies.”

“You are not just creating stories, right?”

“Are you underestimating my abilities, huh?”


The conversation with Hyun Bin somehow distracts her from worrying. The rocking horse is almost finish when her phone suddenly rings.


“Ji Hyo-yah, why are you not answering the call?”

“It’s not important.”



Jong Kook. Kim Jong Kook is calling her. His number is still saved in her phone. After two unanswered call, Ji Hyo received a message informing her about the money that has been deposited in

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