Chapter 5

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Jong Kook is a fool. Some months already passed by, but their wedding picture is still where it is. Nothing changed in the house they once lived together, Ji Hyo’s framed photograph is still there as well as her sketches. He doesn’t have the heart to remove it from the wall, because every time he will look at it, the hope of getting back together can’t be extinguish in his heart.

Jong Kook is a fool. One drunken night, he tried calling Ji Hyo’s number repeatedly but as expected, she doesn’t give a damn to pick up his calls. Well, they are lawfully unrelated anymore. Ji Hyo must be starting her life away from all the memories. Besides, it must be too painful for her to linger. It doesn’t help that just yesterday, the young lady whom he allegedly impregnated, informed him that the result of the ultrasound is a baby boy. Funny, he doesn’t seem to feel anything but annoyance after her call. He can’t wait for the day he can perform the paternity test.

Jong Kook is a fool. He felt like going after Ji Hyo and win her back again. Last night, his niece Soya told him about accidentally meeting Ji Hyo. Soya told him that his ex-wife cut her hair short and as per Soya’s scrutinizing eyes, Ji Hyo seems to be fine. In fact, his niece even informed him that she noticed that her auntie Ji Hyo gained weight. He felt relieved hearing that. It makes him feel a bit better knowing that she is taking good care of herself, physically.



“Jong Kook?”

“Oh, Omma.”

“Drink this tea. It will somehow help you sleep.”

“Thank you, Omma.”

“I heard that the baby’s gender is a boy.”

“I can’t wait to have the paternity test, Omma.”

“You are old enough, so I’ll leave the decision to you. By the way, there is a package for you. I left it in the living room area.”



There’s no return address but he knew the package is from Ji Hyo. In a small note, it mentioned that the clothes inside the box are mixed up with the clothes she took away when she left their house. Jong Kook scrutinize the content of the box one by one, not only clothes but his gifts to her are also in it. The pandora bracelet with limited edition charms, a pink apple watch and a Gucci purse that he gave her as an anniversary gift. In the bottom, there is a handwritten note.


‘I am giving these things back to you. I don’t need them anyway. I wanted to start anew, and these things reminded me of the past. I hope you live well. Can I have one last request? If in the future we meet again, please treat me as a stranger. In case I call you, don’t ever answer my call. Don’t ever look for me even if I beg you to find me. I would like to go on with life without the remnants of you. Besides, we made it clear that we are no longer together, the divorce paper says it all. Take care.’


Jong Kook is a fool. Because that night, he cried himself to sleep hugging that letter. He is indeed a big fat fool.


Shopping baby stuffs become the latest hobby of Ji Hyo. She is in her second trimester and so far, everything is going well. A while ago, she bought a pink rocking horse. However, it needs to be assembled. She knew that she isn’t good it stuffs like this, but her parents are still busy with their family business and it left her no choice but to assemble it on her own. It is not in a hurry but she’s too excited to see the finish product. Who says that only dads can do these? She thought as she intently read the instructions. But as she read further, the complexity becomes too serious for her to do. Maybe, she will just ask her father to do it.

The sudden ring of the doorbell startled her. She is not expecting any visitor, not when she is busy doing stuffs for baby girl. The intruder rings the doorbell again, she can sense urgency each second. She checked first who it is and then she opens the door slowly.


“Hyun Bin-sshi?”

“Yah, I told you to call me oppa. Why so formal?”

“What are you doing here, Doctor oppa?”

“I am just here to give these to you.”

“Feeding bottles?”

“Don’t look at me like that. I got these from my seminar yesterday. They are free, I just took it. Besides this is the latest innovation of feeding bottles. Hera will like it for sure.”

“Ah, you shouldn’t go here. You are busy, right?”

“Me? Busy?”

“Don’t pretend that you are not busy. Your clinic is like a blockbuster every day. You are the infamous paediatrician.”

“Oh, don’t flatter me. By the way, what are you doing? Where is uncle and auntie?”

“They are in the shop. I am learning how to assemble this rocking horse on my own.”

“Ahh. But I guess you are confused, right? You can always ask my help, you know.”

“I can do it.”

“I don’t think you can. This is quite complex to assemble. Ok, let’s say that you did assemble it, but what if you forgot about some parts? We don’t like little Hera to be hurt.”

“Ok, ok, you won!”

“Give me the screwdriver.”

“I don’t like.”

“Ji Hyo! Song Ji Hyo!”

“Okay, fine.”

“Hera’s mom is stubborn, huh?”


Hyun Bin. Ji Hyo’s former neighbour and schoolmate. After specializing as a paediatr

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