Chapter 4

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Jong Kook cannot sleep tonight. No amount of chamomile tea can lure him to sleep. He is at his bachelor’s pad, a place he rarely stays in after being married to Ji Hyo. He chose to keep this place as it is the very first investment he got on his own. So many memories are embedded in each and every part of this unit. This is where they shared their meal together, their first kiss, their first lovemaking and this is also the place where she said yes in marrying him. He knew he should let go of this kind of place and maybe start over in another house without the remnants of the past. But who is he kidding?

He is a fool for bringing home the box that contained Ji Hyo’s stuffs, it was her stuff from the Kim’s Company. It contained framed pictures of them together, Ji Hyo’s scribbles and post it notes that contains quotes from a random book she fancied reading. And in the wee hours of the night, he opened the box and found a small notebook. It is a diary type of notebook and he is hesitant to open it, he always respects her privacy, but curiosity caught him. At first glance, there is nothing unusual about the writings. Most of them are deadlines and reminders but one thing caught his eyes.



‘I want to have a baby. Our baby’s name will be Hera (for a girl) and Ji Ho (for a boy).’


An incessant pain hit his heart, he felt guilty all over again. Over the years of being married, they tried their best in having a baby. He remembered going as far as Jeju Island to seek help in one of the best fertility clinics there, but the result is futile. The tiny problem lies in Ji Hyo’s reproductive organ, something about having benign cysts and she’s also having irregular period. No matter how hard he tried to pacify her, at the end of the day, she will cry herself to sleep after series of negative pregnancy tests. They are very determined to have a baby until that fateful day when his world came crushing bit by bit. He doesn’t intend to hurt her, it wasn’t his intention to make her feel useless. It will forever break his heart hearing the word ‘divorce’ from . But he can’t blame her. It was his fault to begin with.

The unfortunate thing happens when he got unconsciously drunk one night. He was in Incheon for a business meeting. He met this young lady and had a brief conversation with her. It wasn’t a flirty type of conversation but after a drink or two, all he can remember was waking up the day after with nothing but a blanket covering his body. The lady claimed that they did it. Some months after, she dropped the bomb by telling him she is pregnant with his child. That lady knew who he is, even demanded to see him personally in his office. Hearing she is pregnant is a different story, so he casually met her in a restaurant to talk things out. Too bad, Ji Hyo and her friend were there too. Though Ji Hyo doesn’t confront him right away, he knew that a storm in their relationship is about to happen. He was able to tell everything to her a day after her birthday. Both are devastated but it was more heart-breaking and humiliating in Ji Hyo’s part. That night, she decided to leave their house, and weeks after, she called him asking for the thing he least expected, a divorce. Maybe it’s the lack of communication but also, he took the whole blame in the downfall of his relationship with Ji Hyo. On the other hand, he is still being bothered by the young lady, asking and demanding for money. Now he is starting to have doubts whether it was all lies. He can’t wait for that lady to give birth so he can do the paternity test. But one thing is too late, his Ji Hyo is no longer with him. He will never forget the look in her eyes in their last meeting in front of Seoul Family Court. Heck, she even addressed him formally.

At this bitter cold night, all he wanted to do is to be with her and maybe, just maybe, they can forget about everything and start over again. But that is close to impossible. Ji Hyo is no longer his.


Ji Hyo proves that pregnant women are having such an amazing pregnancy glow. She slays in her short hair, she gained a bit of weight, thanks to her midnight cravings. She is now working in a small childcare centre that her auntie owns. She enjoyed working there as the presence of the kids makes her happy. Also, she is not working full time, she just goes there

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