Chapter 3

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In the drama, whenever the husband and wife separate, normally one of the them will still chase their ex-partner like a stalker. But this is reality and that is not happening in Ji Hyo’s case. It’s been just 24 hours of being divorced and she is now in the salon, ready to say goodbye to her long black hair that Jong Kook adores so much. Well, it was only last night that she decided to have a haircut. It’s like a defence mechanism- dramatic hair changes are way of shedding the past and moving on. She doesn’t want to be reminded of how Jong Kook caresses her long and soft hair, she doesn’t want to be reminded of how he looks at her after their insatiable love making and her hair splayed on the pillow, basking in the aftermath of . No, she doesn’t want to be reminded of that. There is no Jong Kook in her life now. No one to give a damn about her hair or whatsoever.



“Miss, are you sure you want your hair cut short?”


“Would you like to go for a hair color?”

“No, I am okay. I am pregnant so I’ll skip hair coloring for now.”


Pregnant. The word still seems foreign to her. It still gives her a weird feeling thinking about her situation- pregnant. In few months from now, she’ll be giving birth to her baby. Her baby. Hers alone. Her initial fear was replaced by anticipation. How can she not anticipate this blessing? She’s been having the hardest time, visiting fertility clinic within South Korea but the result is always futile. She can’t help but cry last night thinking about the timing of her pregnancy. Maybe it is God’s way of giving her hope after the storm.


This morning, she observed her self in the full view bathroom mirror, she didn’t realize until today that she is having a small baby bump. It is still unnoticeable if she is wearing loose shirt or dress. And even now that she is wearing a white blouse and a long skirt, no one can tell that she is pregnant.


“The short hair suits you. I guess you will be having a baby girl.”


Says the hairdresser who look at her with fascination. Ji Hyo’s thoughts are interrupted by her remark. A baby girl? Her heart skips a beat upon imagining a tiny human being

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