Chapter 2

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Ji Hyo felt so lost after her trip to the doctor. Thankfully, she was able to go home safe and sound. Home means her parents’ house in Mapo-gu. To say that she had a long day is an understatement. Fatigue is slowly creeping up in her system and she can’t help but sigh. She just had a divorce and few hours after, the doctor confirmed that she is indeed pregnant. Expecting. The baby that she longed to have all these years is now growing inside her. She’ll never forget those painful moments whenever she will go out of her bathroom with a negative result from a pregnancy test. She’ll never forget the encouraging hugs and kisses from her former husband. Don’t worry, Ji Hyo-yah. We can try again. She can’t help but cry during those days and nights that she wanted to be pregnant. Initially, the doctor said that the chances of her getting pregnant is slim.


“Ji Hyo-yah, I prepared a bowl of soup and rice for you.”



“When you knew that you were pregnant with me, what was your initial reaction?”

“I am so happy. Your father can’t help but cry in happiness too. Why do you ask?”

“I think I am such a bad mom because when I knew just a while ago that I am pregnant, the first thing I said was ‘I can’t be pregnant’. I… I am selfish.”

“You are pregnant?”

“Yes, Omma. I just knew it today. Funny, right? He and I just had a divorce and here I am, pregnant with his baby. Fate must be mocking me.”

“Oh honey, no matter what and under any circumstances, a baby will always be a blessing. Did the doctor says how far along are you?”

“Three months. My baby is already three months. I feel so guilty because for the past weeks, I didn’t know that

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