Chapter 14

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Seeing Soya a while ago makes her worried. The thought of being acquainted again with the Kim’s makes her heart beat faster. Relax, it’s just Soya. She reminded herself as she tried pacifying her troubled mind. Soya’s presence gives the possibility of seeing him again. She is not ready for any possible confrontation with Jong Kook. Not when she is having a life of her own with her daughter. It’s been years but she can’t seem to make peace with that particular chapter of her life. Maybe she need closure, or she must simply forget about what went wrong with the relationship she had with him.

Few hours passed by and it is now time for Hera to finish the therapy session. Almost all of the kids are out from the room, but looks like Hera is enjoying her time inside. Ji Hyo is about to go in and check when Hera shows up along with Soya. Jong Kook’s niece is carrying the little girl and Hera seems to enjoy her time with her new found friend.



“You… You met her.” Ji Hyo said as she took Hera in her arms. The gaze of the little girl doesn’t leave Soya.

“She resembles Samchon a lot, that’s why I easily recognized her among the kids inside. She’s a good and pretty girl.” She said as she gave Hera’s bag to Ji Hyo. Ji Hyo is feeling a tad of guilt looking at Soya’s teary eyes.

“You can join us for lunch. I know a good restaurant nearby.” Soya nodded immediately in Ji Hyo’s invitation. But before they left the centre, she gave her auntie a warm hug. She can’t help but shed tears as she embraces Ji Hyo.

“I miss you, Auntie. You know that you are like a mother to me.” She said as she tried her best to stop those tears. She is not a young girl anymore and crying in front of her auntie is the last thing on her mind. But she truly miss her and now that she knew about Hera, she feel like she now have a baby sister.

“Aigoo. Stop crying, young miss. It will ruin your make-up.” Ji Hyo said as she wipes away the tears in Soya’s face. To cheer them up, Hera kiss her mom and Soya’s cheeks.

Ji Hyo is thankful that their conversation over lunch went well. Soya did not ask further question and she is glad that she doesn’t need to explain so much. During their conversation, Ji Hyo was able to know a bit about Jong Kook’s life after their divorce. Soya is careful with her words, but she can’t help but mention that his uncle is having a difficult time after Ji Hyo left even though the business is doing well. The Kim’s matriarch is also asking for Ji Hyo and Soya mentioned that the old lady would like to ask forgiveness on behalf of her grandson.

Before leaving the restaurant, Ji Hyo was the one who reach out and hug Soya. The young lady is also close to her heart and she can’t deny that she miss her too.


“I am sorry, Soya.”

“It’s ok Auntie. What is important is now that I found you and Hera. And I will do my best to keep the story a secret, as you wish.”

“Thank You. By the way, I can drop you off back to the centre. Are you living near the centre? Does your school provide accommodation?”

“Actually Auntie, that’s the issue. There was a misunderstanding with the hotel I booked with. Looks like I need to transfer in another place.”

“Would you… would you like to stay in my place?”

“Can I? Of course Auntie, I would love to!”

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