Chapter 13

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Ji Hyo woke up early to prepare for the day. Jessi is not around and today, Hera will have an occupational therapy session near the children’s hospital. She doesn’t know why she feel a little bit edgy since the moment she wakes up. Maybe because she sleep a bit late last night reading some documents from work. She is in the middle of preparing the bread and milk when she felt a gentle tug of her night dress.


“Good morning Hera. Oh, wait for a while, breakfast is almost ready.”


But Hera keeps on tugging her Omma’s dress, an indication that she wanted her Omma to carry her. Ji Hyo lifted her and carried her in one arm as she continues preparing the food with her other hand. Hera lean her sleepy head in her mom’s shoulder, and she keeps on yawning while her mom continuously talks to her.


“Hera, we will be going to see Teacher Lee today. Are you excited to meet other kids?”



Hera nodded as Ji Hyo fix the high chair and carefully put Hera. The little girl eats on her own while Ji Hyo’s gaze doesn’t leave Hera. After what happened last week, Hera has been in and out of hospital for further test regarding her allergies. Last night, she cried herself to sleep because her left arm was aching due to the skin test she had the other day. Thankfully, today Hera is in a good mood. Looks like the pain relief makes wonder overnight.

Just after breakfast and after a long shower, Ji Hyo and Hera are ready to go. The little girl is wearing a pink dress and a pink shoe with matching pink headband. Ji hyo is wearing a simple white dress, she’s planning to go to the aquarium park after their therapy session. They are about to leave when Hera tug her mom’s hand.


“What’s wrong, honey?”


Hera pointed to the door. Ji Hyo easily understood what she wanted to convey. They go back to the house and Hera ran off to her room and took the tiger plushie that she loves a lot. The tiger plushie that Jong Kook gave Ji Hyo some time in their honeymoon. It has been Hera’s favourite since she’s a baby. Whenever she’s going to the therapy session, Hera always took Mr. Tiger with her.


“Are we okay to go now, Hera?”

She nodded and settled in her car seat. Ji Hyo took a glance at the rear-view mirror and double check Hera’s seatbelt. She’s placing a blanket on Hera’s lap when the little girl kisses her mom. Ji Hyo replied by kissing and tickling her Hera. It will be a wonderful day, Ji Hyo said as she drives away.


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