Chapter 12

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3 years after...


Despite the whole day work, Ji Hyo’s whole body is restless. She arrived in the hospital in less than fifteen minutes. Usually it takes about an hour to reach Jeju Children’s Hospital, but Ji Hyo is there even before sunset. She almost had a heart attack when her cousin informed her that Hera is in the hospital. Moment like this is like a nightmare to her- this morning she’s perfectly fine and suddenly, she is in the hospital. She scanned the emergency room like a madwoman and thankfully she was able to find them in the farthest corner of the room. Panic is evident in the eyes of her dear cousin who is looking after Hera these days. The cousin who became a second mother to Hera when Ji Hyo is away.



“What happened, Jessi?”


Those words are laced with worry. She reached over and gently touch Hera’s forehead and carefully kissed her cheeks. There is an IV attached to her left hand and a breathing apparatus that adds up to her overflowing anxiety. She can’t help but cry because she feels like she is going crazy the moment she knew something happened to Hera. The word hospital is something that gives Ji Hyo so much panic. It’s like the world is falling apart upon receiving that call earlier.


“Eonnie, the daycare said it is severe food allergy.”


This is not the first time it happened. Hera is allergic to nuts and eggs and now they must determine another allergen. She’s quite sensitive with food, a consequence of being premature. But despite that, she is doing well in the daycare. She is now attending the daycare regularly. Skills like socializing and being independent are taught there. At first, she’s shy and doesn’t want to join the kids but as weeks goes by, she participates in the activities. Such milestones give overflowing joy to Ji Hyo as well as to Hera’s auntie Jessi.



“It scares me so much when Hera is in the hospital. My chest feels like it will burst upon knowing she was rushed here a while ago.”

“Thankfully, the doctors here are helpful. Not to mention they are so handsome. I changed my mind, maybe I prefer doctors.”


“Anyway, the cute doctor informed me that Hera will be transferred in a regular room after an hour. We’ll probably spend the night here which is okay for me. And they said not to worry because Hera is out of danger.”

“Thank You Jessi for being there a while ago.”

“It’s okay. I feel so bad that this happened to Hera. She’s crying a lot a while ago. If only I can take away the pain.”

“I feel like I am bothering you a lot. I am sorry. I think I’ll think about the job offer from Hyun Bin’s friend. That’s a job offer in Seoul. If I am there, my parents can take care of Hera too.”

“Even if you and Hera go back to Seoul, I’ll tag along for sure since it will be lonely living here alone. I don’t want to go back to the US yet. I stil

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