Chapter 11

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Jong Kook is in anguish. The last flight going back to Seoul has been delayed for five hours. Five hours of silent curses and endless glancing at his Rolex. He tried to ignore the nagging hunger as he waited for the announcement about the departure. Being in a first-class wont spare him the annoyance and the hassle of flights being delayed. He can’t wait to go back home upon receiving a call last night from his mother informing him that his dearest halmeoni is sick. Jong Kook knew so well that the Kim’s Matriarch can be troublesome whenever she is sick and the only way to soothe her mood is Jong Kook and probably, Ji Hyo.


“Hyung, good morning there. Wait, is it morning or afternoon?”


He picked up the call when he saw that Dong Hoon is calling him nonstop. He is still in the Airport’s first-class lounge, anxiety creeps in as each minute passed by. The incessant chatter of men and women around him doesn’t pacify the boredom he’s currently experiencing.


“It is still morning.”

“Hyung, Madam President is looking for you and Ji Hyo. She said that she wanted to visit her in your previous apartment but good thing, Soya was there to distract her attention. How long will you keep it a secret from Madam president?”

“I’ll tell her once I am there.”

“Okay, hyung. And hyung, I don’t want to intrude but you are aware that I manage your personal bank account as well. I just noticed that Ji Hyo withdraw a large amount of money. Don’t get me wrong, of course the money in that bank account still belongs to her but it is a bit weird that she took such a large amount.”

“Really? I’ll look into it, don’t worry. By the way, when I call last night in facetime, I think I was too drunk to remember how I finish off the call.”

“Hyung, don’t you remember that you called her?”

“I called who?”

“Ji Hyo. You called her and you sounded so dramatic. I tried to intervene as much as I can but how can I stop you blabbering when I am just virtually present?”

“. I called her? I’ll hang up now, Dong Hoon. See you in Seoul.”


Jong Kook is in anguish. He checked his phone to verify what Dong Hoon had said. It was indeed true, Ji Hyo’s number that he knew by heart can be seen in the call log. . He cursed again for the nth times. He doesn’t even remember anything as alcohol consumes his whole being last night. He is hoping that he doesn’t say anything stupid or something that can hurt her even more. Ji Hyo doesn’t like a drunk Jong Kook. He can still remember how she got mad when he went home one night, totally wasted. She got mad the next day, but she still tends to him despite her cold treatment towards him. He made a mental note not to touch alcohol ever again. Never.

He is contemplating on whether to call her again or not when a child, around the age of three or four, caught his attention. The child is just staring at him, looking at him in wonder. Then she shyly walks towards his seat and offered a piece of caramel. He just looks at the child, basking in the innocence that is staring at him. In that moment, a wish of having a daughter came rushing through his mind. A daughter and of course, Ji Hyo will be the mother. A daughter whom he will cherish forever and love beyond eternity.

Jong Kook accepted the piece of caramel and the child ran away after giving it to him. He can see that she ran towards a couple, her parents maybe and he look at them with a smile. His gaze fixates at the complete family and his heart ache knowing that he and Ji Hyo can be like that too if only he didn’t ruin their chance.

Jong Kook is in anguish. He is thinking about the words ‘too late’ and ‘regrets’. Truly, when one side of your life gets better, another side of it falls dramatically into pieces.


It was Jong Kook’s phone call that kept her awake last night. No matter how hard she tried to ignore what he said, the words plays in her head like a broken cassette player. His voice sounded so broken and that sends an unexpected ache in her heart somehow. She wanted him to experience the pain she felt but when she hear

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