Chapter 10

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One more week to go and Jong Kook will be back to Seoul. Last night, Dong Hoon informed him about the result of the paternity test. His instinct was right, he is not the father of the child. Relief washed him like rain during summer. Finally, he was able to get over that dilemma. Dong Hoon also informed him about the hostility of the young lady but since the test proves that the baby is not Jong Kook’s, she doesn’t have any right to blackmail him unlike before.


Yesterday, he spent his time in the confine of his hotel room but today, he wanted to go out and breathe some fresh air. He wanted to see also the shops that sells the finest tea and coffee as his mother really like them.


Just after breakfast he strolls around the area of Portobello Market, one particular shop caught his attention. A baby shop. He just stood still, watching the display of white, pink and blue baby clothes. He suddenly remembers the last time he gives attention to such kind of shop- it was during Ji Hyo’s pregnancy. The pregnancy that leads to miscarriage. They were devastated but Ji Hyo suffered the most in that incident. It was a rough phase of their marriage. She suffered depression and it took a lot of time for her to heal. She’s a strong woman but that tragedy tested her in ways she never imagines possible.


Weirdly, his eyes linger in the life like baby mannequin. She’s a baby girl, wearing the cutest pink and white dress. It will be great if we have a daughter. He can remember telling Ji Hyo before. he can imagine a cute baby girl that resembles them. He will spoil her for sure. He sighed sadly as he walks further down the alley, away from the baby store that reminds him of Ji Hyo. Maybe in another lifetime, he’ll have a big family with her.


Ji Hyo observed Hera’s reaction the moment she started playing the song. Strangely, Hera’s fuzziness started fading as she continuously listens to her father melodious voice. Ji Hyo can’t help but shed tears as both of them listens to the voice of Jong Kook.


“Do you like listening to Appa’s voice?”


She soothingly touches her back and whispered encouragement to the sleeping baby girl. Though a week passed by, Hera is still very tiny and fragile. Ji Hyo must trim her nails every other day as she is afraid that she will hurt her by just mere touch. She plays the song repeatedly until she thought Hera is in deep slumber. She can spend the entire day looking at her, she’ll never get tired watching her sleep and grow.


“Ms. Song, how are you?”

“I am fine doctor.”

“That’s good, you can be discharge tomorrow. But of course, baby Hera must stay here for a while. By the way, the result of the test we conducted yesterday came out. Remember what I told you before? We must be ready in case there is a complication in Hera’s birth. In Hera’s case, based on the result, she might have vision problems while growing up. It is not hundred percent certain, but the possibilities are high.”


How can life be so hard to her baby girl? She just came into this world but the series of complications she can encounter in her life started showing one after the other. How can a first-time mother handle all of these?


“No matter what doctor, I will love her will all my heart. If she will have vision problems in the future, I can be her guide. I can be her eyes that will help her no matter what. I know she is a fighter and I too, have to be strong for her.”


Her heart cont

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