Chapter 1

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The world is ending before her eyes. But soon, she will realize that every ending are also beginnings.


It’s the first day of April. The first day of Ji Hyo’s official independence. Walking out of Gangnam Family Court with head held high, she casts one last glance towards the man whom she shared the vow ‘for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part’. She wanted to laugh at the memories. She made a mental note to throw away the wedding picture and anything that will remind her of him. There’s no room for that because the latter part of their relationship brings nothing but a feeling of a bile rising in . She looks back at him with the same intensity as if pouring all the annoyance and bitterness one last time. She lost weight, she had sleepless nights, she gone half crazy in dealing with such dilemma and now that she reached the finish line of their relationship, she wanted to start anew. To start loving herself again until she’s whole.



“Are you happy now, Ji Hyo-yah.”

“Not as happy as you, Jong Kook-sshi.”


Shooting daggers towards the man in front of her, Ji Hyo feels like the years that they spend together were all wasted. The same man who promised her that he can move mountain just to make her happy is the same man who signed the finality of their union. It took less that a minute to sign those papers, but it took Ji Hyo months to finally mustered the courage to face the reality.

Divorce. What a scary word. She can’t imagine that after almost only three years of being together as a married couple, they will end up in the court to sign the paper that will give them their independence. She doesn’t believe in falling out of love until it happened to her. She doesn’t believe in infidelity until she s

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