Heimwee - Epilogue

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An alternate universe where Yeri is a popular celebrity and Jungkook is a successful businessman. Story about someone who lost a purpose of her life and the other who has nothing but greed as his traits. They met through a dream.  


- Read it as direct continuation from the Heimwee SP here


I am posting another one of this because i feel like they deserved a proper conclusion. And there is some unfinished conflicts between them and their own past.



Yeri knows that dream is still affecting both of them really bad, probably more for Jungkook, because even though they already made a conclusion with words, it's been almost an hour that he drives her car without saying anything. The nightmare still affected him and her too, she's just pretend that nothing is wrong from their life because she want it to think that way. Beside, Jungkook still not asking her to leave or anything, so she'll just pretend and act like their relationship with a constant nightmare is bearable.


"I'll drop you home, and i'll take a taxi from there."


The silence finally stopped when he finally talked, already near their destination, her apartment. She closes her eyes and she knows she’ll say something Jungkook would probably hate.


"Can I just stay in your place?"


She tried to act stupid, pretend that she doesn't know Jungkook would hate her for demanding something that is so selfish after she's behaving like she doesn't want him on her life too much for the past few weeks. There is a long silence between them before he says fine and turns around the car.


"Thank you." 


She said it, because she really is thankful that Jungkook is still willing to deal with her after so much mess she made these days.


He probably doesn't hear it because she got no response and the only thing he does is back to driving without talking.


She understands why he's behaving like right now, but she pretends like she is not aware, because she doesn't care about his feelings; she only cares about her own. Can they just go on with this complicated relationship?





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