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It was always been a normal day for me. I go to school, talk with my friends and go home. Yes, i'm a homebody, I mean who on earth is not inlove with their rooms because I am and I think it's so weird if you're not, don't get me wrong but uh never mind.


"Hey, Hyun", one of my friends called me.


"Yeah?", I simply responded.


"Wanna grab some dinner later tonight at a resto?", she asked.


"Richy rich, aren't you?", I teased.


"I am not. I just wanna treat some friends that came home yesterday", she said.


"Who?", I asked.


"Jen, Hyun don't know them yet. She's not here when they had vacation here the last time. Because Hyunnie is richy rich, she went to Paris for her summer break", Yerim teased me, well kind of irritating me I guess.


"Ah, right, I forgot little sis. My bad", and here's the sister tandem again wanting me to get irritated.


"Hey, couz, what makes you pout over there", my cousin Jisoo just came with Lisa and Wendy holding a bunch of fried chicken and a one is to one coke in can. We going fat right now, I guess.


"Oh she was asking about our friends that came home yesterday", Jennie said.


"Oh. So all of you guys know them? Is it just me that out of place in here?", I asked in sarcastic tone.


"Well duh, miss Joohyun, that's why we're inviting you to come at the late night dinner for you to meet them", Jennie rolled her eyes.


"Well, don't worry, Hyun, they're nice so you can get along with them just fine", Wendy assured me.


"Yeah. It's not like you'll be out of place, one of them is really a crackhead and the other is, what, not so talkative?", Jisoo held my shoulder to assure me too.


"Ah yes, Chaeyoung is really silent, she'll just be HAHA and HEHE while Seulgi won't stop talking same with her other sister, Sooyoung", Lisa said.


"So what, Hyunnie? Are you up for tonight?", Yerim asked me. Then I sighed. I really don't have plan on going out tonight, I just wanna have some privacy with my bed and pillows and comforter and ugh fine. I'll just go. Eating with them won't hurt right?


"Hyunnie, I swear, I know you're talking again in your mind", Jisoo said and she smirked.


"Yeah. Like she always do, arguing in her mind before answering", Jennie shrugged.


"You guys stop teaming me up, i'll come with you", I rolled my eyes and they all laugh. How come I am friends with them? Ugh.


"Okay. Are we finished talking about this and that? Can we eat the chicken now?", Yerim asked.


"Yah! This chicken is not for you!", Jisoo held her chicken.


"What? I thought this is all for us?", I asked in confusion.


"No, but the coke in can is", Jisoo said while shaking her had as an indication of 'no'


"Damn. You want us to have acid, don't you?", Lisa tries to grab that one chicken box.


"Okay. Jisoo if you won't give us any chicken we will never ever give you one if we have some", Jennie challenged her with her arms crossed infront of her chest.


"Yeah. Maybe we'll just buy our own", Wendy added.


"Damn it! Okay fine. Let's just share. I hate to share my chicken but i'm afraid I won't get any", Jisoo pouts and surrender her chicken. Geez. I'm friends with elementary kids, aren't I? I slightly laugh of the thought.


"What's going on Joohyun's mind?", Yerim teased again.


"None! Because she doesn't have someone!", Lisa said then they all laugh. Why they always bully me? Huh? I slap them jokingly and join them laughing. I don't know why.


"So, Hyunnie, you won't ask some details about our friends?", Yerim asked while her both hands holding chicken.


"What is there to ask anyway?", I shrugged.


"About them. Duh", Jennie rolled her eyes.


"How come y'all know them but I don't?", I finally asked.


"Well, because you're smart and don't need to take summer classes. We happen to meet them in the same class. Yerim and Seulgi on the same class while us, excluding Yerim has the same class as Sooyoung and Chaeyoung, by the way they are identical twins", Jennie explained.


"Then how come they're not here already when I came back for another school year?", I asked again.


"Oh. They transferred. I don't know the reason though. Unnie do you know?", Yerim said and directly asked Wendy if she knows.


"Well, I don't know either and I can't even searched on their social medias to ask if they're fine", Wendy shrugged.


"Are you that close? Why is that. You guys just met them in summer class but you're considering it you're so close to them", I asked in confusion again.


"Well, Hyunnie, like what we said earlier, it's really not that hard to be close to them. They have this social attraction, I don't know what you really call that", Yerim said and drink her coke.


"You'll know what we're talking about after you meet them later tonight", Lisa said and drink her coke too.


"Okay. Last question. Why are they here again?", I am so confused right now.


"Ah. Because they transferred again?", Lisa said and I don't know if she's stating the obvious or teasing me.


"I just know they don't have permanent home unnie because their house is not finished yet. But I guess it'll be soon. I'm not sure", Yerim explained and it doesn't help. They're so mysterious and I don't know. Maybe i'll just shrugged it off. Maybe i'm feeling this because I haven't met them yet.


Damn it. I came back to my senses and realized I haven't ate chicken yet but the box is already empty. I guess I will just enjoy this coke in can and have acid reflux later or maybe not. Amp.


"What time will your class be finished, Yerim-ah?", Jennie asked after a moment of silence.


"Oh. I only have one class left after lunch. We have the same class and schedul with Seulgi and we decided to just wait the rest of you", Yerim answered.


"We're all in the same class on the last period aren't we?", Lisa asked.


"Yes. Its good we're with Sooyoung and Chaeyoung on the last period", Wendy said.


"Are we not going home first before going to the resto?", I asked because I want to wash first before having dinner.


"Oh no, Hyun. We need to go directly at the resto", Jisoo said.


"But why? We should wash first and change clothes", they're making me confused.


"Because, their parents are strict, if they happen to go home now, they might not come to our dinner", Yerim finally said.


"Seriously?", I asked in confusion.


"Yeah. But they already told their parents and they said yes. Its good we don't have to worry about it", Lisa said.


"So we should go and have dinner after class so they could go home after. We should not let them go home late", Yerim said.


Before I could ask question again. I heard the bell rang. An indication that lunch break is already over. Yerim bid her goodbye and we went to our different classes. We'll see each other on the last period tho.




I can't concentrate every class until last period. I was thinking about these friends they're talking about. They're mysterious and mysterious? I don't know the exact word but ugh. Maybe i'm just like this because I haven't met them yet. Maybe later i'll be at ease when I already have the guts to talk to them.


I got startled with

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