More Than Just A Kiss

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Jonghyun is trying to play matchmaker for Minho and Kibum by hanging mistletoe all around the dorm. It ends up with Jonghyun making out with Jinki by the end of the night.  


Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄🥂
I enjoyed writing this fic especially Jjong's hyper puppy attitude, I hope everyone likes this fic! 
Special thank you to Doylebaby and Charlot1081 for helping me out ❤
Crossposted from Ao3. 

Lovely background by Charlot1081

My first Jongyu Christmas fic: Start Christmas With A Blast


~~ English is not my first language so I'm sorry for any spelling errors ~~ 

Don't repost, rewrite, steal or copy this fic! 
I've worked hard to write the chapters and they are completely from my imagination.

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