"amber, are you there? it's suzy."
how could you freaking forget you invited suzy here last night? you wanted to curse but krystal beat you to it.
"! it's your girlfriend!" she got up from the bed, looking worried. "what should i do? is it okay for her to see me here?"
her actions are confusing you. "why would you hide?"
"are you stupid?" she asked, picking up her bag and shoes. "i don't want suzy accusing us of cheating on her!"
that made no sense. "cheating? who's cheating with whom?"
she walks up to you and taps your head. "hello, earth calling amber. suzy is your girlfriend, remember? what would she think if she saw us in this situation?"
you blinked in confusion as you watch krystal head to the bathroom. "suzy is not my girlfriend."
she turns to you. "she's not?"
"no. we're not together," you said. "what made you think we're together?"
tok... tok... tok...
"amber?" suzy called again.
you both turn your heads to the door and went back to each other.
"doesn't matter. i still need to hide," she said. "i don't want her to have the wrong idea about us."
now that's a hard blow.
but then you're reminded that suzy hates krystal and her gang because of all the bullying they'd done to her. you really need to hide her now to avoid any issues with suzy.
"should i hide in your bathroom?" she asked.
"no, not in there. suzy always uses the bathroom." you looked around your apartment, thinking.
tok... tok... tok...
"amber?" suzy called you one more time.
"then where should i hide?" asked krystal, panicking now.
your eyes scanned your room, looking for any area where you could fit krystal's frame. and then you saw your closet. "there!"
krystal went inside immediately. you closed the door and whispered to her, "i'll make this quick, i promise. just stay there for a while."
tok... tok... tok...
"hey, suzy!" you smiled after you opened the door.
suzy looked relieved after seeing you. "what took you so long? were you sleeping?"
"yeah. i was. i just woke up."
she peeks over your shoulder. "umm. aren't you gonna invite me in?"
"ah, yeah." you scanned your room first, making sure nothing looks suspicious. "come in."
"what happened here, amber?" you heard suzy ask as you close the door behind you.
"uh, well, i kinda panicked when i heard you knocking so i fell off the bed..." you said, picking up the scattered pillows, shoes, and the bag on the floor.
"i guess that explains the mess here today." suzy turns to you. "why don't you take a bath now while i pick your clothes?"
suzy held your shoulder and pushed you to the bathroom. "take a shower now. i'll pick your outfit for the day."
your eyes widened when you saw her head towards your closet. "suzy!"
she jumped in shock and turns to you. "hey, you don't have to shout. what's the matter with you?"
seeing the opportunity, you ran in front of the closet to block suzy from moving further. "um, i know i asked you to go here today but can we change the plan?"
suzy raised an eyebrow. "change the plan?"
"i mean, i wasn't able to prepare anything since i just woke up," you explained, scratching your head. "it may be best if we'll just go out in the afternoon to hang out. what do you think?"
"yeah. this afternoon. i just need to do some cleaning first. i'll pick you up later."
suzy gave you a scrutinising look. "something's weird with you."
"nah. i'm just having a bad hangover," you said, dismissing her. "i'll pick you up after lunch, is that all right with you?"
but suzy isn't listening. she touched your lips with her fingertip. "what's this?"
you instinctively moved your head back away. it was krystal who last touched your lips and you want to treasure that for the meantime.
"umm. i was too drunk last night. the door frame hit my face," you said.
"really?" suzy chuckled. "sometimes you really are stupid."
"yeah. it kinda hit me bad..." you smiled.
suzy put her fingers back to your lips, caressing the damaged part. "what poor lips you have here..."
you wouldn't want to let her touch your lips again but you are frozen. suzy's just caring about you.
suzy stares for a little while before she presses her lips together. "um. think i better go for now."
you nodded, feeling awkward with her expression.
"i'll be waiting for you later, okay?" she said as you walk her to your door.
"i'll pick you up after i arrange the mess here."
just as when you thought she's leaving, suzy spun around to give a quick peck on your lips. it was too sudden that you weren't able to do anything about it.
"laters..." suzy winked and left.
you stood at your door, blinking. you don't know why but you feel sad. it was krystal who last touched your lips and suzy just erased that for you.
you closed the door and locked it before going to the closet to let out the person who's been running a marathon in your mind for two years now.
she's already smiling when you opened your closet. "not your girlfriend, huh?"
you shook your head, feeling sad and shy. "we're not together..."
"really? is it normal for you guys to kiss even though you're not together?"
"it's just a friendly kiss..." you said, uninterested, rubbing your palms over your lips to mentally erase suzy's kiss. "and that's the first time she'd done that."
"really?" krystal chuckled. "i think i should go now. you still have a date with your 'friend' later."
there it is, your day is getting worse. krystal is leaving soon.
krystal sat on your bed to put her shoes on. "thanks. i owe you one."
you nodded to gesture 'welcome'.
krystal stood up after fixing her hair with her hands. "see you in school."
you forced a smile at her. your dream is finally ending. you don't want to see her leave so you silently stood on your spot with your eyes glued on the floor.
you heard her heeled shoes tapping on the floor. krystal walked up to you. she slanted her body a little to drop her bag beside her feet. then her hands were on your cheeks, lifting your head to face her.
she leans forward and kisses you.
it wasn't simple like suzy's. krystal's kiss is much sweeter. it was almost the same as last night and you had to close your eyes hoping this moment won't end.
krystal's neither drunk nor high. this time she's doing it in her sane state.
but why?
you opened your eyes slowly when she parted her lips from yours. her hand stayed on your cheek. you wanted to say something but no words came out from your mouth.
krystal pressed her lips together and dropped her gaze right away. she bent down to pick her bag and walked straight to the door.
"krystal..." you called.
"i know my way out, don't worry," she said, fixing the bag on her shoulder.
"what's that for?"
she looks away and smiles. "don't think about it too much. it's just a friendly kiss."
you laughed and she joins in.
she held the door and gave you one last look. "see you, amber."
you felt your knees getting weaker after she shut the door behind her. you fell on your bed, head up in clouds. you touched your lips again, still feeling the ghost of her lips on yours.
she kissed you.
yes. krystal jung kissed you.
okay. you should stop smiling now.
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